Design & Illustration Courses

What if you could become a better designer by learning directly from the experts, having them show you what to do via comprehensive, well-structured video courses? Well, you can!

Whether you want to learn photo manipulation or text effects, magazine design or 3d design, you’ll find a course here to teach you the design skills you need. You can also take courses that take you through the major graphic design software, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, from start to finish. Each course is structured with a particular learning goal in mind, so you’ll end up with valuable new skills after each one. What will you learn today?

All Design & Illustration courses:

  1. Pro Print Design Workflow

    Pro Print Design Workflow

    Course Intermediate

    In this course, you’ll learn how to work through any print design project; from the initial client brief, to revisions and final delivery. Follow Nicki...

  2. Designing Booklets

    Designing Booklets

    Course Beginner

    In this course, Nicki Hart will guide you through the design of a small, multi-page booklet. You'll see every part of the process, from the outer covers to...

  3. Comic Book Art: The Human Form

    Comic Book Art: The Human Form

    Course Beginner

    The human form is one of the hardest things to master when it comes to comic book art, yet one of the most rewarding. In this course you'll learn how to...

  4. Vector Portraits for Beginners

    Vector Portraits for Beginners

    Course Beginner

    Regardless of the medium, portraits are always a popular subject matter. They can range from the basic to the complex and abstract. In this course, we’ll...

  5. Advanced Photo Manipulation: Movie Poster Effects

    Advanced Photo Manipulation: Movie Poster Effects

    Course Advanced

    Kirk Nelson is back with another course on advanced photo-manipulation techniques. This time he'll take you on a creative journey through the world of...

  6. Introduction to Package Design

    Introduction to Package Design

    Course Beginner

    This introduction course to Package Design, will give you all the basics you need to get started designing 3D packaging. You’ll design the box, bottle and...

  7. Designing Posters

    Designing Posters

    Course Intermediate

    The poster is a huge part of a movie’s promotional campaign — some might even say more so than the plot. But what if you want to build your own movie...

  8. Introduction to Inkscape

    Introduction to Inkscape

    Course Beginner

    Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor that do many of the cool things that more complex and expensive programs do. But how do you use Inkscape?...

  9. Digital Figure Drawing: Beyond the Basics

    Digital Figure Drawing: Beyond the Basics

    Course Beginner

    Figure drawing takes skill and technique, but once you’ve gotten the basics down, where do you go from there? Right here, where Kirk Nelson will show you...

  10. Introduction to Cartooning

    Introduction to Cartooning

    Course Beginner

    In this series, Justin Dike introduces you to cartooning. We’ll look at drawing heads, backgrounds and lots of other cartoonish elements. Now let’s get to it!

  11. Designing Professional Business Cards

    Designing Professional Business Cards

    Course Beginner

    The business card represents who we are and what we do, and with the right design, it can bring in more clients and make better contacts. They key,...

  12. Introduction to Digital Figure Drawing

    Introduction to Digital Figure Drawing

    Course Beginner

    Whether you’re an artist or not, drawing the human body is a complex and difficult task. Drawing it digitally is a whole other ballgame! This course will...