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Producing and Selling Vector Stock

What is Stock?


Think you’re ready to start selling vector stock art?Illustrating for stock and selling your work on sites such as GraphicRiver can be very rewarding, whether you’re doing it for fun, for extra income, or as a full-time job. But there’s a lot more to it than simply uploading some files then kicking back and watching the money roll in. Cheryl Graham gives you an in depth guide to the world of selling vector stock and to best prepare and submit your vector art for sale. Cheryl will walk you through the entire sale process and get you up and running.The course includes:

  • Exploring and joining various stock marketplaces, including GraphicRiver, iStockphoto, and others
  • Understanding specific requirements for submission
  • Preparing your vector art for submission
  • Understanding copyright and licensing laws
  • Submitting your file and understanding the review process
  • Understanding and responding to feedback
  • What to do once your file’s been accepted
  • …and more!