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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to How to Work With Dynamic Symbols in Adobe Illustrator, a Coffee Break Course that will show you how to work with dynamic symbols within Adobe Illustrator CC. Dynamic symbols let you create multiple instances of a master symbol that retain their link to the master symbol even when their shape and visual attributes are altered. This is a really handy new feature and will certainly help to streamline your workflow.

1.How to Work with Dynamic Symbols in Adobe Illustrator
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Working with Dynamic Symbols


1.1 Introduction

[MUSIC] Dynamic symbols are a neat new feature in Adobe Illustrator CC. With dynamic symbols, you are able to easily create and adjust your creations. Change them independently right here in your art board. And still have them linked to your master symbol. So you can still update over all changes to all instances of your symbol. Hi, I'm Simona. And in the course for invite to Tuts Plus I'll show you how to dynamically change your symbol attributes and streamline your creation.

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