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1.3 Conclusion

I hope you've learned something during this Coffee Break Course. My name's Simona, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

1.How to Work with Dynamic Symbols in Adobe Illustrator
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Working with Dynamic Symbols


1.3 Conclusion

[SOUND] So, now you got a little bit of an insight into dynamic symbols here in Adobe Illustrator CC. Although we've worked with symbols before, and we know that we have master symbols. And we can make changes to it, and all instances will be updated on the art board. But I like to feature that with the naming symbols, I can change my creation on the on board individually. For example, we've changed the color of this little robot here to read and the other one to green. But then if I want one feature that applies to all of them, I can just go back and add it into the master symbol, and it will update all of my instances on the art board. I think dynamic symbols have a really good place if you want to create a assents for that, for example, and you have on-and-off button stages. And all you have to do is create one master icon, and then you can make alterations directly onto the art board without having to create several symbols.

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