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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to How to Use the Shaper Tool in Adobe Illustrator. In this Coffee Break Course, you'll learn to draw shapes with loose, natural gestures that transform into perfect geometric shapes.

1.1 Introduction

[SOUND] Hello everybody. I'm Simona, and welcome to the Coffee Break Course, The Shaper Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC here on Envato Tuts+. The shaper tool is the latest new tool with the latest update to Illustrator CC. And, it's a really fun tool. As you know, shapes are the basic foundation of any design, and with the shaper tool you can create some really fun things. The shaper tool is in the toolbar, and again you can create certain geometric shapes. And it works like as if you were working with a pencil, and you're just drawing on the artboard shapes. Triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, and ellipses. Then you can also have hexagons, and you can also create lines. But now let's go and let's see what we really can do with the shaper tool here in Adobe Illustrator CC.

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