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Free Preview: How to Use Photoshop's Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting



To paint digitally, you need a digital brush. In Adobe Photoshop we use the Brush Tool for this purpose, but unsurprisingly, it's not a very faithful copy of a traditional brush. In traditional art, the paint on the canvas, if too wet, gets mixed with the pigment on the brush. It's both a curse and a blessing as you can't paint with white on wet black canvas, but at the same time it lets you create a very natural kind of blending. In this quick Coffee Break Course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Monika Zagrobelna will show you how useful the Mixer Brush is and why you should be using it in your digital paintings today!

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1.How to Use Photoshop's Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting
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How to Use the Mixer Brush Tool for Digital Painting