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What Makes for the Best Movie Poster Font?

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Type plays a starring role in movie poster design, with movie poster fonts enticing audiences into cinemas from the earliest days of cinema. From classic blockbuster fonts to modern-day indie flicks, great movie fonts have always helped to set a cinematic mood and foster a brand identity for studio releases. 

Movie fonts are most recognisable from posters and marketing campaigns, but they can also feature throughout movies in captions or chapter headings, and on opening and closing credits too.  

Here, you'll discover the secrets behind some of the most iconic movie fonts, pick up tips for designing your own movie type, and find recommendations for great movie poster fonts to use in your designs. 

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devant pro fontdevant pro fontdevant pro font
A perfect action movie poster font: Devant Pro.

A Brief History of Movie Fonts

Early in the 20th century, movie studios realised that the memorability of a film title and its accompanying poster were key to enticing audiences into cinemas. They created eye-catching movie titles for posters and credits, often themed on the genre and narrative of the film. 

By the 1970s, movie fonts had become bigger, bolder, and brighter, designed to make movies more memorable and exciting for potential audiences. Today, movie fonts are an important part of movie branding and marketing, with bespoke typefaces and titles often created to make a film appear more distinct and attractive than its competitors.  

Fonts have become such an integral part of cinema that many directors and franchises have become defined by their use of typography, making the titles instantly recognisable to fans. Star Wars is known for its authoritative sans serif logo type (which was inspired by 1930s fascist-era fonts, as requested by George Lucas), while indie director Wes Anderson uses typography as an intrinsic part of his beautifully styled movies, with design favourites Helvetica and Futura being used particularly frequently.   

star wars posterstar wars posterstar wars poster
The original poster design for Star Wars (1977), with the logo type designed by Suzy Rice. 20th Century Fox, 1977.

While movie poster fonts are hugely diverse, there are a few key features that every great movie font has in common:

  • The best movie poster fonts are instantly recognisable—their success lies in promoting memorability with audiences, and part of this is because they have a distinct and unique identity. 
  • This distinction must be balanced with an element of genre-appropriate design. In some way, the font must share characteristics with other titling in the same movie genre, whether it’s sci-fi, horror, or comedy. 
  • Effective movie fonts stand out—they have high visual impact, are extremely legible, and often have features that make them appear more noticeable, such as slab lettering, all-caps characters, shadowing, or texture.

When these three features combine in perfect unison, you’ve got a winning formula for a blockbuster poster font. 

Read on to discover the fonts used on the posters of some of the best-known movies of all time, including Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park. You'll also get some top tips and font suggestions for a wide range of movie genres.

1. Classic Movie Fonts

It all started with the classics—before digital fonts were invented, movie poster designers created type and titling by hand, resulting in some of the most iconic and trailblazing movie typefaces that still influence poster designers today. 

Classic movie poster fonts created during the 1940s were designed with heavy shadowing and chunky lettering, to allow titles to stand out just as well on black-and-white opening credits as on lithographic-printed colour posters. By the advent of Technicolor in the 50s, movie poster fonts had evolved into ultra-vivid, 3D-style designs, with the epic titling for major releases like Ben Hur setting the bar for movie type of the future. 

ben hur posterben hur posterben hur poster
The huge, epic type on the movie poster for Ben Hur (1959), created by artist Reynold Brown, set a precedent for epic, stone-inspired type styles on posters in the 1960s. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1959.

While these early titles established many of the rules of movie typography, it wasn’t until later that movie poster type became an intrinsic part of a movie’s brand identity. Some of the most recognisable and enduring movie fonts and movie brands were created during the 1970s and 1980s. This was the era of the big-budget blockbuster, with adventures like Star Wars, The Goonies, Jaws, and Indiana Jones sparking a trend for comic-inspired type styles. 

Unique, novelty fonts, such as Jurassic Park’s stencilled logo (designed by John Alvin, who also created iconic titles for E.T., Blade Runner, and Gremlins), helped to craft bespoke branded identities for movies, cementing them in popular culture for decades to come.  

Discover faithful and quirky alternatives to some of the most iconic old movie poster fonts, from vintage horror font Fright Night to Hitchcock-tribute Hitchcut.

Fright Night

The perfect font for channelling a retro Hammer Horror vibe, Fright Night is full of vintage character. 

fright nightfright nightfright night
Fright Night font.


A futuristic font with a gritty, industrial edge, Derelict is reminiscent of classic dystopian movies like Mad Max and Terminator

Derelict futuristic font.


Hitchcut is a fitting tribute to the 1960s poster types designed by Saul Bass for Alfred Hitchcock movies, such as Vertigo and Anatomy of a Murder.

hitchcut fonthitchcut fonthitchcut font
Hitchcut vintage movie font.


Axeon is influenced by the neon-retro fonts made popular by 1980s sci-fi movies like Blade Runner.

Axeon neon light font.


A classic comic book font in the style of Indiana Jones, Zanzabar will conjure a sense of fun and adventure.

Zanzabar adventure font.

2. Horror Movie Fonts

Inspired by ouija, dripping blood or gothic styles, old horror movie poster fonts set the tone for future iconic horror types, such as the Friday the 13th movie poster font (a crimson red brush style). Psycho (1960), with its knife-slashed, condensed lettering, was one of the first great horror movie fonts, with the titling perfectly reflecting the claustrophobic, unhinged mood of the Hitchcock-directed film. 

psycho moviepsycho moviepsycho movie
The aggressive, slashed logo type for Hitchcock-directed Psycho. Paramount Pictures, 1960.

Brush styles in sinister red or black are common type styles for this genre, with the scrawled It movie font an iconic example. 

Supernatural-themed movie posters can be enhanced with fonts that have glow effects or old-fashioned styles, referencing historic ghosts, ghouls, or vampires. The Twilight movie poster font uses some of these techniques, adapting traditional-style serif font Zephyr with a ghostly glow and grungy draft lines. 

These horror movie fonts will make any spooky-themed poster design look suitably ghoulish:


A traditionally spooky Blackletter style, Anemouth is perfect for gothic-themed poster designs.

anemouth fontanemouth fontanemouth font
Anemouth blackletter typeface.


A tribute to the original 1973 movie, Exorcist is a creepy, hex-inspired font for supernatural horror movie posters.

Exorcist display font.


Pandora is a weird and wonderful display type that could be used for posters themed on witchcraft or supernatural horror.

Pandora display font.


Inspired by ouija boards and witchcraft, Haext is a minimal horror font that's perfect for stylish poster design.

Haext font family.

American Frights

Influenced by classic American horror movies like American Psycho, American Frights is simple and graphic.

american frightsamerican frightsamerican frights
American Frights font.

3. Action Movie Fonts 

Action movies are all about giving audiences an immersive, high-octane experience, and the type styles for action movie posters accordingly use design traits that get the adrenalin flowing. 

Heavy, condensed font styles feel strong and unapologetic, while fonts with a sense of movement and energy, such as the 300 movie poster font, also help to give a sense of action and dynamism in a movie poster design. 

300 movie300 movie300 movie
The poster for 300 uses a high-octane, blood-splattered brush font. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2007.

While chunky sans-serif display fonts are widely popular across this category, more traditional serif styles are sometimes used to give a sense of authority or history, depending on the theme of the movie. For example, Gladiator uses Roman-inspired Castellar Std, while the Thor movie poster font is a variation of serif typeface Modi Thorson.

Take a look at these action movie poster fonts that will get the blood pumping:


A good fit for political or police-themed action movies, Conquest is an impactful slab serif available in five different weights. 

Conquest type family.

Devant Horgen

Bold and impactful with retro styling, Devant Horgen is a good fit for historical action films.

devant horgendevant horgendevant horgen
Devant Horgen font family.

Cross Bar

Condensed sans serifs are a simple and stylish way to channel the action genre. Try Cross Bar set in vibrant red.

cross barcross barcross bar
Cross Bar typeface.

Brother in Crime

A good match for the brush font used on 300 promotional posters, Brother in Crime is urgent and epic.

300 font300 font300 font
Brother in Crime brush font.

4. Indie Movie Fonts

Independent films often buck the usual type trends which are commonplace across other movie genres, but in recent years, a few clear font themes have emerged on the indie scene. 

Tarantino-directed movies had a huge influence on the indie genre, with many poster designers following suit by using retro, comic-book type styles. Retro movie poster fonts are also a prominent feature of indies, with 70s movie poster fonts being particularly popular. 

lady birdlady birdlady bird
The Lady Bird movie poster uses a blackletter font, Amador. A24, 2017.

Quirk and charm are often prioritised over size or convention in the indie category. The Lady Bird movie poster font is a blackletter style, Amador, which was combined with a clean sans serif on promotional posters, while the Edward Scissorhands movie poster font is the characterful Luther, a fairytale-inspired font that is a common style used by the director Tim Burton, a proponent of Gothicism. 

Try these quirky and retro movie poster fonts to channel indie style in your designs: 

The Mortages

Retro and groovy, The Mortages would be a cool fit for indie movies set in the 1970s.

the mortagesthe mortagesthe mortages
The Mortages display typeface.


Inspired by the comic book type styles popularised by Tarantino movies, Furiosa is a suitably quirky and offbeat brush font.

Furiosa geometric brush font.


A close replica of the font used for the Lady Bird movie posters, Lordish is a grungy, alternative Blackletter font.

Lordish blackletter font.

Losta Masta

Use Losta Masta to give your posters a Wes Anderson-inspired indie look.

losta mastalosta mastalosta masta
Losta Masta serif family.

Neon Desmon

A neon light font with a nightlife-infused mood, Neon Desmon allows you to channel retro style in your poster work.

neon desmonneon desmonneon desmon
Neon Desmon neon light font.

5. Drama and Thriller Movie Fonts

Drama movies, which tend to be serious in tone, use suitably formal and evocative type styles. Serious serifs are commonly used on drama posters, often with generous tracking (letter spacing) to promote a momentous, weighty tone. 

The Lincoln movie poster font and Titanic movie poster font are both variations of Trajan, a formal, Roman-inspired headline serif. The Fifty Shades of Gray movie poster font follows a similar route, using Bauer Bodoni.  

lincoln movielincoln movielincoln movie
The promotional posters for Lincoln use a variation of suitably serious and authoritative Trajan. Walt Disney Movies, 2012.

Clean sans serifs set in all caps are a popular style for setting the titles of thrillers or political dramas, such as Gone Girl, Tenet, and Inception

Discover fantastic movie poster fonts for dramas and thrillers below:


Domani is an elegant and romantic serif that's similar to the Fifty Shades of Gray movie poster font, Bauer Bodoni.

Domani font family.


Clean and modernist, Noirden is serious and unfussy—a good pick for political or journalistic dramas.

Noirden sans serif font family.


A close tribute to the custom typeface used on The Great Gatsby movie posters, Ironclad is a contemporary take on Art Deco type styles.

Ironclad Art Deco typeface.

Norfolk Font Pair

Quiet and subtle, Norfolk would be an elegant choice for wartime movies or period dramas.

Norfolk font pair.

Vancouver Gothic

For contemporary dramas or family-themed movies, Vancouver Gothic is a pared-back font choice with depth and emotion.

vancouver fontvancouver fontvancouver font
Vancouver Gothic font family.

6. Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie Fonts

Science-fiction fonts are some of the most identifiable and consistent, with classic sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, Alien, and 2001: A Space Odyssey defining the genre with space- and robotic-inspired fonts set in stark white or neons. Glitch effects, metallic textures, and futuristic sans serifs are common features of movie fonts in the sci-fi genre. 

blade runnerblade runnerblade runner
The classic sci-f movie poster for Blade Runner uses a custom futuristic-style font paired with a clean sans serif, Akzidenz-Grotesk Extended. Warner Bros., 1982.

Fantasy movies often have more diverse themes, making fonts in this category more thematic and unique. Novelty fonts help to communicate the movie’s theme as well as transporting the viewer to a fantasy world. Fonts in this category are often created as completely bespoke logotypes, such as the magical-inspired lettering for the Harry Potter series or the Middle-Earth-influenced type for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

To lift your poster designs into an imagined land, try out one of our suggested fantasy fonts below:

Death Star

A close replica of the Star Wars logo type, Death Star is a classic and impactful movie poster font. 

death star fontdeath star fontdeath star font
Death Star font.


A contemporary sci-fi font, Dreamscape is a stylish choice for movie posters themed on AI or space travel. 

Dreamscape display font.


Inspired by classic sci-fi horror movies like Alien, Primal is a primitive and minimal font for space-set films. 

primal fontprimal fontprimal font
Primal typeface.

Dragon Fire

For fantasy movie posters, Dragon Fire is a novel display font inspired by the type styles favoured by historic-fantasy movies like The Lord of the Rings.

dragon firedragon firedragon fire
Dragon Fire display font.

7. Comedy Movie Poster Fonts

The comedy genre often shares crossovers with the indie category, in which comic movies are a common theme. Audiences go to see comedies for light-hearted relief—the opposite effect of serious dramas—so type styles for comedy movies are amongst the most informal and optimistic of movie poster fonts.

Ultra-legible, familiar sans serifs outlined in cheerful primary colours are popular for mainstream comedies, such as the Step Brothers movie poster font, which uses Helvetica, and Bridesmaids, the poster for which uses Gotham Ultra. 

The promotional poster for Bridesmaids uses familiar and legible Gotham Ultra. Universal Pictures, 2011.

Cartoon-inspired comic fonts and bouncy, handwritten styles which lend a touch of childlike naivety to comedy posters are also popular for independent comedies or black comedies. Handwritten fonts give the impression of informal conversation, making the film poster feel more open and friendly. 

Find the perfect comedy movie poster font from our edited selection:


A subtle brush script font with retro 1980s flair, Shelda is nostalgic and light-hearted. Use it to channel a Breakfast Club vibe in your poster designs.

shelda scriptshelda scriptshelda script
Shelda brush script font.

The Alora

A retro-infused, hand-painted font with a bouncy, optimistic personality, The Alora would be a great fit for comedy movie posters.

the alorathe alorathe alora
The Alora handpainted font.


Rough-cut and anarchic, Buster is full of rebellious, comedic character.

buster fontbuster fontbuster font
Buster font.


A sans serif family with seven weights, Noiche is a versatile poster font which is ultra-legible.

Noiche sans serif font family.


Inspired by comic-book styling, Bullate is bouncy, blobby, and bold.

bullate fontbullate fontbullate font
Bullate blobby bold font.

Conclusion: The Best Movie Poster Font

Although all movie fonts aim to be memorable and impactful, the world of movie fonts is incredibly diverse. With indie movies promoting unique and thematic typestyles, movie posters are some of the most creative forms of graphic art being produced today. 

While it pays to be genre-appropriate, creativity and memorability are rewarded over convention and tradition. No movie poster font can be deemed the very best, although it’s clear some movie fonts have had a major historic impact, influencing the font choices of poster designers decades later. 

So the lesson is: be bold and brave with your movie poster fonts. You never know, you might create the next trail-blazing movie poster design! 

Find more type ideas for your poster designs with these awesome movie fonts on Envato Elements. Pick up more tips for designing movie posters and choosing great movie fonts with these unmissable articles and tutorials: 

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