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13 Best Movie Poster Templates


Movie posters are used to advertise upcoming shows, but they’re also incredible works of art and collector's items. If you want to learn how to make a good movie poster, then the first thing you need to do is study movie posters. 

How to Create a Movie Poster: 1st Step

Try to identify the qualities you think make the poster successful and the qualities that don’t work. Study the poster from back to front. What kind of images does the designer use? What do they tell you about the genre of movie being advertised? What mood do they create in the poster? Great movie posters start with great images.

Next, look at the colours used. Are they bright and cheerful or dark and foreboding? What impact do they have on you?

If graphic elements like lines or shapes are used, what's their purpose? What do they add to the meaning of the poster or to its mood?

Finally, look at the style and size of the fonts used in the text. What information is emphasised by the font, and what information is minimised by small fonts or excluded altogether?  

Movie Poster Template: 2nd Step

In movie posters, all these elements—images, colours, graphic elements, and fonts—tell you everything you need to know about the movie and help to build anticipation and desire to see the movie, or cause you to lose interest altogether. And if you want to learn how to make a movie poster yourself—a successful one, that is—you’re going to have to be aware of how all these elements combine to tell a visual story about the movie and drive potential audience interest.   

If this sounds daunting, don’t worry. We have just the right tool to help you create awesome posters. Poster Maker is an incredible movie poster generator from Placeit that shows you how to make a movie poster online without any specially designed software like Photoshop. 

With several movie design ideas to choose from, all you need to do is select your favourite design, enter your chosen text into the movie poster template, customise your design with available fonts, colours, graphics, etc., and Placeit will generate a great movie poster for you. If you have no idea even where to start, the Poster Maker also offers a number of template presets in your chosen design that you can either use as is or customise to suit your tastes. 

Movie Poster Maker

As you create your poster, you can make use of Placeit’s state-of-the-art mockup tool at the bottom of the page, which shows your poster in a range of real-life scenarios. 

Mockup Tool

If you don’t see a template for the movie you have in mind, no problem. I’ve covered all of the most popular movie genres to show you how the available movie poster templates can be adapted to create posters in other genres. 

13 Best Movie Poster Templates

1. Thriller Movie Poster

If you want to create a movie poster for a thriller, the Poster Maker has an awesome template you can use. Movie Poster Template for a Psychological Thriller Movie has a number of dark and forbidding images that are just right for thrillers. 

Customise your poster with a bold text of your choice—in a colour like red, which has violent associations when combined with disturbing imagery—and you have a movie poster that starts to build discomfort and anticipation in the minds of your potential viewers. 

Thriller Movie Poster

2. Romantic Comedy Movie Poster

Romantic comedies, better known as rom-coms, are among the most popular of movie genres. There’s a rom-com movie poster template, but I'm using that elsewhere, and in any case I prefer the Movie Poster Template for an Indie Horror Film, which is well suited to be adapted for this genre. 

You will need to upload your own photo, change the movie title font to something more playful and romantic, add your movie information, and you’ll have a rom-com movie poster you’ll be proud of. 

Romantic Comedy Movie Poster

3. Crime Movie Poster 

The Movie Poster Maker for a Suspense Film is the ideal template for creating a crime movie poster. That’s because the genres are so closely related. The template has lots of dark, moody photos that communicate mystery and danger. Perfect for a chilling, attention-grabbing crime poster. 

Romantic Comedy Movie Poster

Westerns are such a perennial favourite. Who can forget contemporary classics like Django, The Revenant, and No Country for Old Men? Instead of using an image, as the posters for those movies do, the Old Western Movie Poster Design Template uses illustration instead. In doing so, it presents a simple and easily identifiable image of the gunslinger as lone wolf. 

The text reinforces this clean, minimalist approach by just naming the main actor, the movie title, and the director. If this is just a bit too pared back for your needs, you can always upload your own photograph, but if you need more text you’re better off adapting one of the other templates covered here. 

Western Movie Poster

5. Science Fiction Movie Poster

If you’re wondering how to create a movie poster for a science fiction (sci-fi) movie, the Horror Film Poster Template is an excellent choice. To adapt it, all you need to do is upload an image which screams sci-fi, add your movie information, select a font and font colour that work best with your theme, and you’ve got yourself a science fiction movie poster. 

Science Ficton Movie Poster

6. Horror Movie Poster

If you want to know how to make a movie poster for a horror movie, check out the Movie Poster Template for a Slasher Movie. Since slasher movies are a sub-genre of horror, the images provided for this template range from scarily demented to absolutely terrifying. Select your image, add your movie details, and experiment with font choices to find one that fits your needs perfectly. 

Horror Movie Poster

7. Action/Adventure Movie Poster

I really loved the Horror Movie Theater Poster Design Template for an action adventure movie poster, primarily because of the template’s very minimalist style. I used the template to create a big, bold, bright title and added a silhouetted image of a special forces officer, abseiling down the side of a building with his weapon drawn. The eye bounces back and forth between the title and the stark image and then goes to the smaller text, which identifies the producer of the film secondarily. 

ActionAdventure Movie Poster

8. Theatre Classic Movie Poster

There are a few different ways you could approach creating a movie poster for a theatre classic like Macbeth, Waiting for Godot, or any other renowned play. The drama and the minimalism of Suspenseful Movie Theater Poster Template work perfectly for this genre. The theme uses illustrations rather than photos, and there are only three places for adding text, which contributes to the theme's stark power. Try it, you may like it too. 

Theatre Classic Movie Poster

9. Indie Movie Poster

Indie movies are the province of the DIY moviemaker who, creating outside the established centres of moviemaking around the globe, can turn out some rather innovative and exciting productions. 

If you're looking to create a great indie movie poster, take a look at Movie Poster Template for a True Story Horror Movie. I know the title sounds like an unlikely choice of template, but don’t let that fool you. It has all the text placements and font customisation needed to create a great indie movie poster. You’ll most likely need to upload your own image, but there are a few in the Poster Maker library that might work well, bearing in mind that indie films cut across a wide range of genres.

Indie Movie Poster

10. Documentary Movie Poster

Adapt the Cool Theater Poster Design Maker for your documentary movie poster. Simply upload your own photograph, change the text, select the colours that work best for your project, and voila—your job is done.

11. Comedy Movie Poster

The Rom-Com Movie Poster Design Template is a great template to use to create your comedy movie poster. You’ll need to upload your own image, and after you’ve entered your movie details, experiment with the font selections to find ones that work best for you. 

Comedy Movie Poster

12. Fantasy Movie Poster

Fantasy is very popular today, making a resurgence as a result of movies like Lord of the Rings. Create your own fantasy movie with the Frankenstein Movie Poster Design Maker template. To adapt it, I uploaded a fantastical image, added some fictional text to support my image, changed the colour of the text, and created my own fantasy movie poster. 

Fantasy Movie Poster

13. Drama Movie Poster 

Just to make the point how versatile these templates are, I repurposed Movie Poster Maker for a Suspense Film for the final template in my list. True, there is some similarity between the suspense and drama genres, but in truth the template is so versatile that with the right image choice and selection of fonts and colours, it is possible to create all the genres featured here with this template alone. That, however, would make the article 1 best movie poster template, and since I subscribe to the old adage that variety is the spice of life, I stick by the wonderful versatility on offer in all 13 of the movie poster templates featured here.

Movie Poster Drama

Which Movie Poster Template Works Best for Your Project?

So now that I’ve shared the 13 best movie poster templates available at Placeit, I want you to have a play with them and create a movie poster in your favourite genre. Make sure that the background image, font choice and colour scheme you choose all convey the theme of your movie and the genre you’ve chosen. Use the mockup tool to place your poster in a real life situation, and share your creations in the comments. Would love to see what you come up with!

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