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Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You

Every day here at Tuts+ we publish fantastic tutorials in the Design & Illustration section, written by a variety of artists. And every day readers like you take the time not only to comment on these tutorials, but also to recreate the designs and techniques being taught and to share them with the rest of the community. Check out an assortment of tutorial results below created by you, our readers!

Vector Tutorial Results

The first set of pieces were taken from the comment sections of vector tutorials, ranging from illustrations to icons to text treatments. Check out the results below!

How to Create a Winter Candle Lantern in Adobe Illustrator

Abdullah Hill Muhaimin created a lovely winter lantern using this festive tutorial by Yulia Sokolova

Winter Lantern created by Abdullah Hill Muhaimin

How to Create Hand-Drawn Frames in Adobe Illustrator

Aline Mariah whipped up this lovely colored frame from Mary Winkler's tutorial, saying:

"Thank you for sharing Mary :) It was very simple to follow, and exactly what I was looking to do in a lazy Saturday afternoon. Now that I have the basis I will draw a lot of beautiful frames for beautiful words."
Handdrawn frame created by Aline Mariah

How to Create a Cartoon-Like Elemental Sword in Adobe Illustrator

Yebin created this golden sword version of Andrei Stefan's tutorial and commented:

"Andrei, thank you so much! I love your design! Since I can not achieve some effects, so I just change it a little! Thanks :)"
Sword illustration created by Yebin

How to Create a Delicious Jelly Bean Text Effect in Photoshop

Sparkle Sapp joined in the fun with this candy colored text effect from Rose's tutorial saying:

"Awesome... I did change the text a little to fit a package design mock up I am working on but I still like it."
Jelly Belly text effect created by Sparkle Sapp

How to Create a Vintage Seasonal Greeting Card in Adobe Illustrator

Tessa added her own spin to this vintage holiday card tutorial by . She added:

"In fact, it got me inspired to make these cutie pies! (: hope you guys like it."
Vintage holiday card designs created by Tessa

Play With Blends and Image Trace to Create a Simple Cat Scene in Adobe Illustrator

Rakhi Jain created this smooth sunset blend in Sharon Milne's Halloween themed tutorial. 

Blended silhouette design created by Rakhi Jain

How to Create a Punk Nouveau Mermaid in Adobe Illustrator

Navid Hasan shared his result from Asher Benson's tutorial, saying:

"Hi Asher! I must say you are really good at this! I tried your tut and it was a real hard one for me, at the same time very much fun. It took me 9 days to finish."
Navid Hassans take on the Punk Mermaid illustration

Create a Propeller Pinwheel Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Duc Su created a trio of pinwheels in a tutorial by .

Duc Su created multi-colored pinwheel illustrations

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

This next set of tutorial results was taken from the comment sections of various Adobe Photoshop tutorials published here on Tuts+, and range from text effects to patterns and more! Check out the results below.

How to Create a Clean, Glossy Plastic Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Trúc Hồ made this plastic-like text effect with 's tutorial.

Truc Hos version of the plastic-like text tutorial

Tu Nguyen took on the challenge of creating a caricature photo manipulation with a tutorial by . He added:

"I may have to make some practices to make a perfect one like the tutorial's. And this is my first one. Big thanks for the tutorial! <3"
Tu Nguyens photo manipulation result

Comparing the Logo Creation Process Between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

User Peachybones created her own version of this ice cream shop logo tutorial by .

Peachyboness version of the ice cream shop logo design

How to Create an Isometric Pixel Art Vehicle in Adobe Photoshop

Martin Sasia put his camera aside for a bit to try his hand at creating this isometric car and character in a tutorial by . He added:

"Great tutorial. My first attempt at pixel art. :)"
Pixel art result from Martin Sasia

Create a Weathered, Painted Effect With a Vector Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop

Alan Chou created this fantastic version of Cheryl Graham's tutorial with his own resources. 

Weathered text treatment by Alan Chou

Create an Address Book Icon in Photoshop

Mohamed Fawzy shared his take on 's tutorial with this lovely brown leather version of the icon design.

Mohamed Fawzys leather address book icon

Create a Mobile Downloader App Interface in Photoshop

Arun Antony shared his result from Alan Power's tutorial with fellow commenters in the community and added:

"Thanks Alan for this wonderful tutorial. Make some more."
Arun Antonys take on the mobile downloader interface tutorial

Create a Seamless, 3D, Geometric Pattern in Photoshop

Joyce Hof took on the challenge of creating a seamless geometric pattern with a personalized twist using Grant Friedman's tutorial. She added:

"Mine turned out like this, I like it!"
Joyce Hofs geometric pattern result

Design Results

The final set of results are taken from assorted design tutorials that don't fit in the two previous categories, such as print design, fractals, and more. Check out the pieces users created below!

Design a Victorian Halloween Poster in Adobe InDesign

Commenter Laura created this Victorian styled poster in Adobe InDesign following Grace Fussell's tutorial. She added:

"Thanks for the tutorial, this is the first InDesign tutorial I've tried and it was really well explained and I had fun following it. Great result!"
Commenter Lauras result in creating a Victorian styles poster in InDesign

Fractal Art: Create a Tile Fractal in Apophysis

User beattitudes66 took the the Apophysis program for a spin to create this fantastic tile fractal with a tutorial created by . They added:

"Long time Apo fan - thanks for the great tut not nearly enough of well written ones around. Had fun with this one and have lots of renders as a result. This is one of many."
User beattitude66s fractal art tile

How to Draw Animals: Elephants, Their Species and Anatomy

Lia used Monika Zagrobelna's tutorial as a guide to aid in the painting of this gorgeous elephant. She added:

"Thanks Monika! I'm painting an elephant on my wall and this was really helpful!"...Thank you so much, I also used your tuts on color and shading to help as well. You're really helping me improve!"
Lias elephant painting using the elephant anatomy tutorial

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw the Female Form

Megan Thomas shared her fantastic flapper styled result from Carlos Gomes Cabral's drawing tutorial. She added:

"Thank you for this tutorial, I created my own 1920's pin-up girl based on your process!"
Megan Thomass result using the female form cartoon tutorial

How to be Involved in the Next Showcase

Have you created a piece based on one of our tutorials here in the Design & Illustration section of Tuts+? We're keen for you to share your results with us! Check out the general guidelines below to join in with our community:

  • Your artwork should be similar in some way to the tutorial that you followed or that inspired it. The aim of these showcases are to share what readers have created after following the tutorial.
  • Comment on the tutorial you used, attaching an image of your result. We're keen on all levels of ability: from beginner to advanced!
  • Include a comment about your result, yourself, or your process. We like knowing about you and what you're sharing.
  • Share the tutorial when you share that artwork elsewhere on the web. If you've posted your piece on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Behance, link back to the tutorial so that other users know your source and can join in on the fun.

Many thanks to the users highlighted above who shared their results with the Tuts+ community. I look forward to checking out your brilliant versions of our tutorials in the near future, and welcome users new and old to participate in upcoming showcases.

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