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Trending Cricut Projects for 2023: What's the Next Big Thing?

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Trending projects for 2022 made for quite a wild ride—there were so many different trends that it was hard to keep up. I have a feeling that 2023 will be going in a completely different direction, and we can already tell which things are going to be wildly popular, although of course there will be a few that will come out of left field and totally surprise us as always.

With quite a few new releases in the Cricut world this year, there are so many new things that will become big Cricut trends for 2023. These new releases usually take a little while to pick up steam, while people get used to them and obsessed with them, so by 2023 these projects will be all over the place.

Example of things you can download on ElementsExample of things you can download on ElementsExample of things you can download on Elements
A snapshot of some of the things we will be covering in this article

Luckily, for every single one of the trending Cricut projects for 2023, there is the perfect pairing of fonts, graphics, and things you can use in your project. Envato Elements always has something I am looking for when I am making something on my Cricut.

Using Watercolour Pens With Your Cricut

Watercolours will definitely be on that list with the brand new watercolour pens and cards that have just been released. They are already picking up steam as people explore the new products and how they are going to be able to use them in their Cricut projects. 

Watercolor designs will be one of the big Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)Watercolor designs will be one of the big Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)Watercolor designs will be one of the big Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)
Watercolor designs will be one of the big Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)

There are two main routes that watercolour pens can take (though I have no doubt people will be getting really creative and making some things I could never have possibly thought of), and that is making titles and drawings. With so many fonts to choose from on Envato Elements, there are many that would work very well.

We want to try looking for a font that isn't narrow, so that we can add in some colour and not have the water bleed into each of the letters. 

Perfect Fonts for Watercolour With Your Cricut

1) Black and White (OTF & TTF)

Black and WhiteBlack and WhiteBlack and White

This font duo is perfect for watercolour titles with your Cricut not only because of the hand-brushed style of the font, but also because when you change this font operation to Pen, it will look so stunning in watercolour—especially if you change your letters to different colours.

2) Lovile (OTF)


I think all of the handwriting font styles are so perfect for your watercolour projects to become real Cricut trends in 2023, and this font is no exception. The soft, uneven edges allow for a lovely free-flow movement of the water to provide a perfect style accent!

3) Shallom (OTF & TTF)


Even the graphics on this image show just how perfectly suited this font is to watercolour. The flowy style of this calligraphy font makes it perfect for watercolours. There is even a bonus graphic pack of images that you can use as your inspiration or an addition to your project.

4) Patrick (OTF)


This may seem like an odd addition, but all of the parts inside the font make it perfect for watercolours. You can use this in one of two different ways. The first way is to use one colour pen for every line (bearing in mind the outside line that would usually be cut would be drawn), and have each letter the same colour. Another way would be to use a different colour pen to write the inside bits and have a cool multicolour title!

5) Sweetie Summer (OTF & TTF)

Sweetie SummerSweetie SummerSweetie Summer

This is another font that you can separate and use two different colours to create some awesome different looks. The advantage of this font is that it is two separate fonts that you use, so it is a lot easier to separate. Just be sure to slice the two fonts so that you don't get the drawing overlapping each section!

6) Pathout Script (OTF & TTF)

Pathout ScriptPathout ScriptPathout Script

This is easily one of my favourite fonts to use, and I'm looking forward to using it for a watercolour Cricut trend in 2023. The flowy nature of this font is absolutely perfect for use with any watercolour project.

7) Bouquet (OTF & TTF)


This is another perfect option for a script font, also because it comes with a swash font for any kind of accents that you want to add to your project. It also means that you can have words with different-coloured letters a lot more easily.

Graphics to Use With Your Cricut Watercolour Pens

In addition to titles, names, and fonts, there are a number of different graphics that go very well with a watercolour project. The kinds of projects you are looking for here are ones that use flat colours and that are relatively simple. Often, the more complex graphics wouldn't be very easy to use for a watercolour drawing, so there are a few things we need to look out for.

These graphics are just some examples of what you can expect to find on Elements, but there are honestly so many more, so definitely take some time to browse around and provide a really unique aspect to your projects. 

1) Line Drawing Botanical (PNG, EPS, SVG)

Line Drawing BotanicalLine Drawing BotanicalLine Drawing Botanical

Botanicals and watercolours go together just so well, and this is only one of so many different botanical graphics that would work so incredibly well for watercolour pictures. You could even slice up the images to use different colours on the stems, leaves, and the centres of the flowers too.

2) Drawings Holidays (JPG, PSD)

Drawings BotanicalsDrawings BotanicalsDrawings Botanicals

Simple line drawings work really well, and though these ones have a few sections I would use the contour feature to remove, these would be perfectly suited to colour in as they have thin lines and wide open internal spaces. 

3) Set of Linear Garden Elements (AI, EPS)

Garden ElementsGarden ElementsGarden Elements

This set of images is a lot cleaner and easier to work with in Cricut Design Space. They will be nice and easy to convert and use in so many different projects.

4) Line Drawing Leaves (AI, PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG)

Line drawing leavesLine drawing leavesLine drawing leaves

These are some of my favourites, not only because you get so many different formats, but also because it is so beautifully broken down and so versatile to use. These are the perfect accent to any project you can make on your Cricut with the watercolour pens!

5) Chalk Drawing Ribbons and Elements (PSD, PNG, EPS, SVG)

Chalk Drawing Ribbons and ElementsChalk Drawing Ribbons and ElementsChalk Drawing Ribbons and Elements

There are quite a few elements here that I can see being used in so many different Cricut watercolour pen projects. In this particular file, I would stick to the files that have a single line border as those will be easier to colour in with your watercolour brush!

6) Flower Stickers (PNG, EPS, SVG)

Flower StickersFlower StickersFlower Stickers

Now this one is for those who are up for a challenge. This one has some extra elements in it which you may not want to watercolour, like the text, but with some contouring you will easily be able to change this into the perfect project for hopping on the Cricut trends of 2023!

Writing Fonts Will Finally Have Their Moment in 2023

Cricut has recently introduced a few new sets of pens, papers, and even writing mediums. Writable labels for the Explore and Maker machines, as well as transparent writable vinyl—this is a huge game-changer, and of course will mean that many more people are going to be looking for writable fonts to use on these new writable vinyls, and to use their new pens with!

The new transparent writable vinyl will be one of the trending Cricut projects of 2023. (Image source)The new transparent writable vinyl will be one of the trending Cricut projects of 2023. (Image source)The new transparent writable vinyl will be one of the trending Cricut projects of 2023. (Image source)
The new transparent writable vinyl will be one of the trending Cricut projects of 2023. (Image source)

Writing fonts can be used in so many different ways, and with all of these pens and new writable mediums available, I expect that the Cricut trends of 2022 will be eclipsed by the writing trend of 2023. Luckily, there are a few ways we can let these kinds of projects shine and hop on to the trending Cricut projects train!

A typical writing font is very thin, and the lines are practically on top of each other, so you don't want to choose a font that is similar to the ones we chose for the watercolour section, which are wide. Here are some tips about working with thin fonts:

There are so many very thin writing fonts that are available on Envato Elements, and below is just a very small sample of fonts that will work perfectly for these projects. This is one trend I am absolutely here for.

1) Burford Line (OTF & TTF)

Burford LineBurford LineBurford Line

Burford is the perfect font for so many reasons—but there are also so many different slight variations of this font that are available for all of your labelling projects. I can't wait to write up some awesome labels that I can use on my kitchen jars, or even to see the professional labels people are going to create for candles and so many more projects.

2) Moon Line Script (OTF & TTF)

Moon Line ScriptMoon Line ScriptMoon Line Script

If you're looking for a slightly fancier font to use on your projects, then this is the perfect font to use. It has some slightly thicker elements to make it look a little more like a calligraphy font. It also has some alternates that you can use to make your writing project look super pretty.

3) Junior (OTF & TTF)


This font I can see easily being used for pantry labels as it is super easy to read at a glance, and still stands out very nicely. I would suggest using it for titles and nothing more than a single line of text.

4) Thin Line Font (OTF & TTF)

Thin Line FontThin Line FontThin Line Font

This thin line font I can see being used in a slightly more technology-based project. Perhaps that's because of the style of the letters, how it looks a bit more like the lines you would see on a computer motherboard, but this project is perfectly suited to technology and minimalistic styles.

5) Amazing Line (OTF & TTF)

Amazing LineAmazing LineAmazing Line

This is a bold, authentic display font, and it could look incredible as a writable branding type on glass jars, labels, or even instruction labels.

6) Amorie Font Extras (OTF, TTF, SVG)

Amorie FamilyAmorie FamilyAmorie Family

While this isn't technically a writing letter font, it is still a font that you can use to take your writing font projects to the next level. This one can pair well with absolutely any writing font project as a flourish, and it's probably one of the best ones to have in your arsenal of writing projects.

Cricut Joy Projects

While we all know that the larger machines take up the majority of the Cricut market, the Cricut Joy is quickly gaining in popularity. Many people are buying one not only because of the low cost, but also because of the wide range of things you can do with this little powerhouse machine, and the fact that you can easily take it anywhere.

With the wide range of projects you can make with this machine, there are of course many different fonts and graphics that pair well with the many many different projects. The card projects are extremely popular, but require a certain approach in order to be successful.

If you love making cards, this will be one of you favorite Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)If you love making cards, this will be one of you favorite Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)If you love making cards, this will be one of you favorite Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)
If you love making cards, this will be one of your favorite Cricut trends of 2023! (Image source)

Fonts for Cricut Joy Card Making

1) Hillary Room (OTF & TTF)

Hillary RoomHillary RoomHillary Room

This is one of my favourite stencil fonts as it barely even looks like a stencil font, so it's perfect when you want to create an amazing card with a cool-looking font to make even the plainest of cards look incredible!

2) Aqila (OTF & TTF)


This super clean stencil font will work perfectly for keeping up with the Cricut trends of 2023. This thin, clean font is another one where you don't even realise that it is a stencil font. 

3) Vangba (OTF & TTF)


I'm sure you can see why this font made the list. I'm sure this was on a few trending Cricut projects of 2022, but it definitely will be a strong feature in the trending Cricut projects for 2023.

4) Helomate (OTF & TTF)


The soft edges of this font and rounded typeface make it perfect for fun Cricut Joy card projects for insert cards. This font is a great all-round font for titles, logos, and product designs, and it will help us all understand how this will be a great trending Cricut project.

5) Davinci (OTF & TTF)


This is a much stronger font that will help your title stand out on a high-contrast background and create a lovely modern look to your Cricut Joy Insert card trending project.

6) Eiosaka (OTF & TTF)


This beautifully elegant font can turn any normal project into a classically fancy one. It's perfect for creating something for people who you want to remind just how special they are to you, and to bring an aspect of luxury to your project.

Citristrip Branding a Powder-Coated Cup With Your Cricut

One of the biggest Cricut trends of 2022 is being able to apply a name, monogram, or even image onto a powder-coated cup by using a vinyl stencil and Citristrip. What we can all expect is that this project will absolutely be continuing into 2023. There are so many different applications and useful resources you can check:

6 Monogram Fonts Perfect for Citristrip

Here are some amazing monogram fonts from Envato Elements you can use for trending Cricut projects:

1) Monogram Calligraphy (OTF & TTF)

Monogram CalligraphyMonogram CalligraphyMonogram Calligraphy

This font is perfect for any kind of Citristrip project where you want to brand something easily. It has a few small flourishes, but these flourishes aren't too small, which means that you won't lose any details here. It is also a split monogram, which means you don't have to do too much work.

2) Nayla Monogram (OTF & TTF)

Nayla MonogramNayla MonogramNayla Monogram

Here's another split monogram, with a few more flourishes that add a certain type of flair to this project. While these small sections may mean it is a little more difficult to work with, you will still be able to achieve perfect results with this font on your Citristrip trending Cricut project for 2023.

3) Georgia (OTF & TTF)


This is a super simple monogram font that you can use on your cup. It looks modern, while also having an incredible flair that makes it worthy of a gift to anyone. Let's continue this trending Cricut project into 2023.

4) Flanela (OTF & TTF)


The Flanela font pairs beautifully with some line art, as well the botanicals we covered at the beginning of this article. It is a simple monogram, but it is also an extremely powerful one as the numbers and letters are different and really add a completely different feel to a monogram type font.

5) Clarissa (OTF & TTF)


If you like the above font but want something a little bit more, then the Clarissa font is an amazing font to use for your Citristrip project, as it has some extra pieces to it that work beautifully.

6) Ramsey Split Monogram (OTF & TTF)

Ramsey MonogramRamsey MonogramRamsey Monogram

This is another split monogram font that is a bit more challenging to use on a Citristrip project. If you are looking for a challenge and want to keep up with the trending Cricut projects of 2023, then this is definitely the type of font you want to try.

Glow-in-the-Dark Projects With Your Cricut

This is one trend we will see picking up big time in 2023. There are so many incredible applications for Glow in the Dark vinyl on both T-shirts as well as for use on adhesive vinyl projects.

Glow-in-the-Dark iron-ons are a huge Cricut trends 2023! (Image source)Glow-in-the-Dark iron-ons are a huge Cricut trends 2023! (Image source)Glow-in-the-Dark iron-ons are a huge Cricut trends 2023! (Image source)
Glow-in-the-Dark iron-ons are a huge Cricut trend for 2023! (Image source)

Though it is a little bit pricey to buy, it will definitely be a trending project type, just because of all of the applications this can have in so many different areas, from the morbid to the uplifting and fun.                           

1) Anubis Illustration (AI, EPS, JPG & PNG)

Anubis IllustrationAnubis IllustrationAnubis Illustration

Placed on a black T-shirt, this would look absolutely breathtaking, and we can only imagine how much this is going to start a very cool trend in 2023.

2) Watercolour Paint Drops (SVG, EPS, & PNG)

Paint DropsPaint DropsPaint Drops

This is a bit more of a fun one, but imagine how these paint splatters would look at night, with the subtle glow emanating from all of the little drips everywhere. It is definitely a project I want to make very soon!

3) Crescent Moon Eyes (AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, JPG & PNG)

Crescent Moon EyesCrescent Moon EyesCrescent Moon Eyes

This is one project that I absolutely need to make very soon. These designs are so stunning, and when you think about how beautifully the moon glows at night, this would be an incredible tribute.

4) Dead Days Halloween Decor (Vector AI, JPG & PNG)

Dead Days Halloween DecorDead Days Halloween DecorDead Days Halloween Decor

A list of Glow in the Dark items would not be complete without at least one skeleton on it! This is not only fit for a Halloween costume, but also for anyone who likes to veer into the slightly more morbid things. This is going to stir up major chatter and become a trending Cricut project.

5) Astronaut With Lamp Glow (EPS & JPG)

Astronaut With Lamp Glow VectorAstronaut With Lamp Glow VectorAstronaut With Lamp Glow Vector

I have never wanted to make something more than this project, so this is something that we will definitely be seeing more of in 2023 as Glow in the Dark vinyl gains popularity and becomes a trending Cricut project! This is definitely a bit more advanced, and not for the faint of heart, but very likely to cause a stir.

6) Light Bulbs (JPG & PNG)

Light BulbsLight BulbsLight Bulbs

This one may be a bit cliche, but still... a great idea! You could even lean into the cliche and have a really silly saying paired with this one too!

Learn Some New Cricut Skills

If you are looking to learn some new skills to try some of these new projects, check out some of these articles to help take your projects to the next level!

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