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Calligraphy fonts are some of the best things you can use on your Cricut machine. It's difficult to do calligraphy by hand and requires lots of practice to get it perfect, which is why being able to do it easily on your Cricut is such a blessing. We are going to be covering the best calligraphy fonts on Cricut!

Calligraphy fontsCalligraphy fontsCalligraphy fonts
There are so many different calligraphy fonts to choose from, so you will definitely find what you are looking for

With so many Cricut calligraphy fonts to choose from on Envato Elements, you will definitely find the right font to use for your project. There are many different types of calligraphy Cricut fonts, and we will be comparing a few of them, from classic calligraphy fonts to Cricut calligraphy fonts with swashes.

At the end of the article, I will be covering some details on how to get a calligraphy font to work on your Cricut machine, so be sure to check that out for some cool calligraphy font tips!

Top Handwritten-Style Calligraphy Fonts

1. Alyssa (OTF & TTF)


This is a Cricut calligraphy font that has all of the typical markers of a calligraphy style but looks so natural, which is what I love about it the most.

2. Fendysa (OTF & TTF)


This is a true Cricut classic calligraphy font which could fall into a few categories, but its thickness is something that makes me love it for this category. It has some movement in the lines, which makes me think it is more of a handwritten type font.

3. Pangestu (OTF & TTF)


This font I can picture someone writing with a quill and ink set—do you agree? This is fast becoming one of the best Cricut calligraphy fonts for me.

4. Something (OTF & TTF)


Though this one looks as if it has super clean lines, there is some of the movement and unevenness that you'd expect from a handwritten font type, making it look super authentic.

5. Anythings (OTF & TTF)


I almost feel as though this one has been done with ink and a paintbrush, so although not quite handwritten, it has all the attributes I would use in this category.

6. Butterfly (OTF & TTF)


The roundness of the letters here makes it easy to see why this font wouldn't be something that would come out of a calligraphy pen, but it makes it an incredibly soft and beautiful Cricut calligraphy font.

7. Mariogalo (OTF & TTF)


I love nice, chunky calligraphy fonts to use on my Cricut machines. I know it will mean fewer problems with vinyl sticking down and lasting long term, and this is certainly one of my favourite candidates for so many different projects.

8. Flames Script (OTF & TTF)

Flames ScriptFlames ScriptFlames Script

I love this slightly more refined font because of its movement, and also the letters are very easy to read.

9. Elizabeth (OTF & TTF)


I absolutely love the rough edges on this font. It has all the markers of a brush type font, but it is so subtle you may not even notice it at first. It definitely makes my list of some of the best Cricut calligraphy fonts.

10. Brigan (OTF & TTF)


Picture this font being written out by a nice calligraphy brush tip marker, only perfectly done because it was cut with your Cricut! 

11. Somalia (OTF & TTF)


The unevenness of the letters (as you can see in the 'm') is why I have chosen this font for the handwritten collection. It has beautifully thick letters, with the classic thin calligraphy upward strokes.

12. Springlake (OTF & TTF)


This is one of the calligraphy fonts on Cricut that could likely pass as a classic calligraphy font. However, I added it to the handwritten section because it still has more markers of a handwritten font.

13. Theodore (OTF & TTF)


I love the trio of thicknesses we have in this font. From the heavily weighted bottom of the font letters to the narrower tips to the thin upward ticks of this calligraphy Cricut font—what's not to love? I also almost forgot to mention the ever-so-slight texture that this font has—it is divine!

14. Rantliyer (OTF & TTF)


This clearly handwritten font has a beautifully light and airy feel to it, perfect for your whimsical projects. It adds such a level of class to your project.

15. Willow (OTF & TTF)


This is officially going to be a staple font in my projects going forward. The lines are thick enough to easily cut on my Cricut, while having some beautiful flourishes and enough 'misalignment' in the lettering to add a handwritten calligraphy flair to my projects.

16. Milstage (OTF & TTF)


The brushstroke effect and the subtle flourishes make this a perfect addition to a list of the best calligraphy fonts on Cricut.

17. Sobriquet (OTF & TTF)


This one is a little bit messier, which can suit so many different projects, and it still has all the hallmarks of a perfect calligraphy font.

18. Magical Feather (OTF & TTF)

Magical FeatherMagical FeatherMagical Feather

Something about the even distribution and weighting of these letters makes this font very pleasing to the eye. It is also very subtly imperfect, which makes it a lovely handwritten font to round off this list with!

Best Classic Calligraphy Fonts

The type of Cricut calligraphy font you might be looking for may lean a little bit more towards the classical type of calligraphy. I tend to think of a 'perfect' font—something that you may see an expert in penmanship casually doodling on a page. It's something I could only aspire to do myself (coming from someone who could classify as a doctor if handwriting were the only criteria). Luckily we can use our Cricut machines to do all the heavy lifting for us. Work smart, not hard! 

1. Roxborough (OTF)


The serif style makes this a very classic calligraphy Cricut font. It has all the classic markers of a calligraphy font and would be a lovely challenge to cut, but be sure to check out my tips at the end of the article on how to cut small letters with your Cricut!

2. Agnetta (OTF & TTF)


A softer classic calligraphy font, this could also pass as a handwritten calligraphy font, but I have included it here because it is a lot more regal than many of the handwritten fonts on that list. 

3. Mandilla (OTF & TTF)


Even though this font identifies itself as a handwriting script font, I wanted to include it here under the classic calligraphy fonts because of the tall, thin, clean lines it has. It is a perfect candidate for both Cricut calligraphy font categories. 

4. Badegan (OTF & TTF)


If you are looking for a font that covers a bit more ground than others (we all know those annoyingly wide and short projects where no fonts work!), then this is the perfect regal Cricut calligraphy font for the job.

5. Dayland (OTF & TTF)


The texture on this font would make for a very interesting look, and I could not avoid adding this font to the list as it is such a classically beautiful font.

6. Symphony (OTF & TTF)


A slightly more rough calligraphy font, this one is still very true to the core style of classic calligraphy fonts on Cricut. 

7. Gold Fill (OTF & TTF)

Gold FillGold FillGold Fill

This classic calligraphy font has a slightly more modern look to it, while it still carries all the clean elements one would expect to see from a typical calligraphy font.

8. Washington (OTF & TTF)


I love the slightly more brush-like style of this font, while also keeping true to the essence of what a calligraphy font actually is. It is also super easy to read, which is a big advantage for me.

9. Quennsland (OTF & TTF)


A slightly more modern-looking font, with a bit of a thicker feel to it, this is an extremely clean and perfect calligraphy script font.

10. Atlantic Extended (OTF & TTF)

Atlantic ExtendedAtlantic ExtendedAtlantic Extended

Though the image has a very three-dimensional effect, this font has some lovely thin lines and would benefit from some subtle flourishes too!

11. Spotless (OTF & TTF)


Though this one has many hallmarks of handwritten fonts, I would still say it has classic calligraphy markers, and it really is a fantastic font for your calligraphy project.

12. Designest (OTF & TTF)

Designest CalligraphyDesignest CalligraphyDesignest Calligraphy

Rounding off this list is another perfect example of a calligraphy font. This one is another one that would be nice and challenging if you are cutting a small label or title.

Top Cricut Calligraphy Fonts With Flourishes

One of the amazing things we can add to our calligraphy Cricut fonts is a flourish. These flourishes really can take our project to the next level and help us stand out from our competition.

1. Greybridge (OTF & TTF)


Starting out with some subtle flourishes on this one, these flourishes and glyphs are perfect to add a little something extra to your project.

2. Regalhisa (OTF & TTF)


This calligraphy font has some very fun flourishes you can add, while also having a very clean look to it.

3. Valentina (OTF & TTF)


Another one of my new favourite fonts, Valentina works beautifully with flourishes and has a perfect classic look to it, while also having a fun flair.

4. Wyndscot (OTF & TTF)


This font has a slightly harder look to it, and these letters have very nice, subtle flourishes. The vintage style of this font makes it an interesting candidate for this calligraphy list.

5. Black & Shadow (OTF & TTF)

black and shadowblack and shadowblack and shadow

This handwritten calligraphy font is another one that has subtle flourishes, which works well as it is a much thicker font, and having thinner flourishes wouldn't work as well on this one. It is a perfect font for your bolder projects that need a slightly feminine touch.

6. Wonderscript (OTF & TTF)


This is a very fun calligraphy font, and it made this list because all of the letters have small little flourishes on them, but you could also add flourishes from another font to really take it to the next level.

7. Madelican (OTF & TTF)


These are the typical flourishes you would expect to see here, and there are so many stunning additions you can make to this font. It is perfectly suited for so many different wedding projects, or any projects that you want to add an extra layer of class to.

8. Monogram (OTF)


Monogram is an unusual font to make this list for sure, but this is a combination of a few of my favourite things when it comes to a Cricut calligraphy font. Monograms, calligraphy, and flourishes—we can't ask for much more!

9. Montheylin (OTF & TTF)


This is a very elegant calligraphy font with unique flourishes, and this font has nice thick letters. Because the flourishes are quite thin, it is a perfect font for a very elegant project.

10. Grossley (OTF & TTF)


This font is a perfect font to add flourishes to, as it has many different areas where flourishes would work, and it would really up the level of this project.

11. Madista (OTF & TTF)


I really love the way this font is easy to read as well as being a script calligraphy font. It also has room for many subtly beautiful flourishes, and even just this picture of the name of the font is stunning! It's definitely near the top of my list of favourite Cricut calligraphy fonts.

Tips for Calligraphy Fonts

1. Use an Offset to Make Thin Lines Thicker

When you are working with a font whose lines are a bit too thin, try adding a 0.03 (or smaller if you are dealing with a very small project) offset to your words to make it easier to cut.

Adding an offset to thin words will make them thicker, and easier to cutAdding an offset to thin words will make them thicker, and easier to cutAdding an offset to thin words will make them thicker, and easier to cut
The thinner lines on the right, with the offset word on the left—it will be easier to cut!

2. Glyphs Take Your Project to the Next Level

Adding glyphs to your words can really add a whole new dimension to your project. Adding glyphs can be a little bit complicated, but with the easy-to-follow steps in the article below, you will easily be adding all kinds of glyphs in no time!

3. Combine Fonts to Elevate Your Project

Don't be afraid to use more than one font for your project. This allows the project to seem a lot more professional and can draw the user in. There are many things that one should consider when combining fonts, so check out the resources below to refine your process. 

Combining fontsCombining fontsCombining fonts
Combining fonts can be tricky, but it is so rewarding once you have gotten right. (Mockup from Placeit)

4. Contour Out Any Unwanted Texture

If you use a font with some texture that you don't want, you can use the contour feature to remove some of it. This will make the words slightly easier to cut.

Discover More Amazing Cricut Tutorials and Resources

If you want to learn any of the above skills, including learning how to get a calligraphy font on Cricut, make sure to check out these articles as they will help you take your Cricut Design Space game to the next level!

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