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Ready to Learn Some Advanced Photoshop Techniques?

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Are you looking to take your Adobe Photoshop skills up a notch? Do you struggle with translating your vision to the digital canvas? Our Advanced Adobe Photoshop Techniques course is designed to help! 

What You’ll Learn

In 18 detailed videos from Tuts+ instructor Kirk Nelson, you'll explore advanced Photoshop techniques used by the world’s leading digital artists and see how you can use those same techniques to increase the quality of your digital artwork. 

Kirk will take you through a quick chapter on learning the concepts behind these techniques, and then you'll work on applying them to a project blending photo manipulation and digital illustration into a single fantasy scene. 

Here are some free lessons from this course, as a preview of what you can expect:

Content Aware Tools

The Content Aware features within Photoshop are fairly recent technology. With these tools, Photoshop automatically samples the pixels surrounding an area to fill a selection. This can be a huge time saver. In this lesson you will explore the applications of this technology that feels more like magic than science!


Actions allow you to create your own automated processes in Photoshop. This is a powerful means of speeding up tedious or repetitive tasks in the program. In this lesson you'll learn how to record, test, and use a Photoshop Action.

Final Touches

This video from the end of the course will give you an idea of how the final product looks, and some of the finishing touches you'll be applying to give the scene a final, polished look.

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