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Meet the Vectortuts+ Author Team

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The Vectortuts+ author team is full of passionate and talented authors who love nothing more to share their knowledge with the Tuts+ community. While some authors may pop by with a single awesome tutorial, we have a variety of authors from different design backgrounds and skill sets who love to stick around to provide you with the high quality content you come to expect from Tuts+. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our current Vectortuts+ author team.

Meet the Vectortuts+ Author Team

Meet the current Vectortuts+ author team, with some long time regular authors and some new faces. All of which are dedicated to providing you with unique, innovative and creative vector content. To put it bluntly, we're all vector geeks! We love nothing more than to talk about future content, ways of giving you new creative ideas and help with those scalable challenges that slow down your workflow.

Sharon Milne

Sharon Milne (aka ChewedKandi) has been passionately working with vector for over 10 years and since 2006, has been obsessed in Adobe Illustrator. She has been writing on a regular basis for Vectortuts+ for over 3 years and has written for other high profile blogs, including the official Adobe Illustrator blog. She has recently published a book called "Adobe Master Class: Illustrator" via Adobe Press/Peachpit.

She lives in the United Kingdom, in the wonderful Northumberland countryside. In her spare time, she is found listening to embarrassing music and singing to her pets (two cats and a dog, who have all been subjects in her tutorials!). You can check out her website portfolio by going to ChewedKandi.net and keep up to date via her Facebook page.

Andrei Marius

Andrei Marius is a self thaught vector artist living in Bucharest, Romania.
He discovered Illustrator during his college years. After almost one year of practice he felt confident enough to launch his own website dedicated to Illustrator: vforvectors.com. He made his debut at Vectortuts+ in April 2010 with one of the longest tutorials ever made available at Vectortuts+. Since then, he has published over one hundred detailed tutorial.

Cheryl Graham

Cheryl Graham trained as a traditional artist in drawing and painting, and has been using Illustrator since version 5. Her Illustrator work has been featured in the "The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book" and "Real World Illustrator." In addition to writing for Vectortuts+ and Tuts+ Premium, she does editorial freelance assignments, specializing in vector portraits.

Martin Perhiniak

Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor, a talented teacher and author on Psdtuts+ and Vectortuts+. Martin has worked as a designer with companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and DC Comics. He is currently working as a freelancer. He is happy to share all his Illustrator and InDesign techniques on Vectortuts+.

Beto Garza

Hello! My name is Beto Garza also known as "Helbetico". I'm from Monterrey, Nuevo León ,Mexico. I've always loved drawing, since I was a kid when I was always doodling with crayons all over my house walls, and now it is my line of work professionally. For me drawing has been more than just a profession since I can always express myself about anything I want and be fully satisfied. My inspiration has and will always be cartoons, comic books and videogames.

What I like about vector is that I can produce images that I can't by hand, that's because of my geometric style and it's very fun to abstract things with just a few lines. For me it's an honor to be a writer for Vectortuts+, because most of the things I've learned were watching from their tutorials. I hope you get some cool tips in my tutorials, because I really enjoy sharing my vector knowledge, so let's keep on drawing.

Ashley Benson

My name is Asher Benson/Asher Bee I work as a freelance vector artist currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona but born in Wilmington, Delaware. My work has been featured in the newly published Adobe Master Class: Illustrator

and I've been working in the program for the past seven years. I'm thoroughly in love with all things colorful and I'm so happy I get to fill my life with it on a daily basis. As a new writer, I hope that I can inspire and encourage others to fill their vector worlds with color, and in turn use this wonderful opportunity to learn from my fellow authors. If you'd like to see more of my work, you can find me on DeviantART and my website: AsherBee.com.

Chris Carey

Chris Carey is an avid vector enthusiast that hails from the Bahamas on the island of Nassau. He works in a variety of mediums including web design, graphic and vector illustration, and CSS/HTML.

Nastasia Peters

Nastasia Peters is an Illustrator and Writer. Having had artists for parents, she has had the opportunity to grow up learning about art and being encouraged to try her hand at it herself. Her illustrations are a way to translate the imaginary worlds and characters that roam in her mind. When she isn't drawing, she'll either be writing, reading a book in her to-be-fixed car, running after her dogs or playing a game.

Mary Winkler

Illustrator and jewelry/textile designer filling the planet with sunshine and sparkles. Focused on fashion, urban gear, and kooky character design. Most of my vector work is gradient-heavy, graphically inclined, and brightly colored. I really dig the versatility of vector and sharing how I use various programs keeps me writing whatever I can for Vectortuts+. Follow on Tumblr.

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