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We're Looking for Instructors: Print Design, Cricut, Fonts, InDesign, and Procreate!

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We're looking to pay writers to create written and video content in a variety of content spaces, including InDesign, print design, Cricut and more!

We Want Instructors!

We're looking for skilled designers to create written and video amazing educational content in the following areas:

  • Print Design Pros: Can you create awesome flyers and brochures? We need you on the team! We're especially interested in InDesign, Photoshop, and Affinity Publisher designers to join our team.
  • Procreate & Affinity Software Fans: We're looking for those who love to paint small and complex illustrations and/or photo effects/photo manipulations. 
  • Cricut Gurus: Looking for people who love their Cricut and love teaching how to use it. As well as showing how to use Design Space. 
  • Font Geeks: We're looking for font geeks who love nothing more than talking about the ins and out of typography and fonts. 

We want people who are passionate about creating educational content and can use their software in a creative way.

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Image taken from a Social Media Photo Manipulation tutorial by Melody Nieves

What Skills Do You Need to Be an Instructor?

We welcome beginners and pros to our team, as we provide some training/guides as you continue to write for us. There are, however, some skills which are essential or desirable:

Essential Skills

  • You must be comfortable with the English language. We can proof your content, but we can't rewrite everything for you. 
  • It's best if you've previously written tutorial or article content. If you're new to writing articles and tutorials, this is fine. We'd always recommend you try publishing something on free platforms (blogs, social media) to show us your style of writing. 
  • As we publish on a daily basis, we need to rely on our instructors to hit deadlines which are self-set. 

Desirable Skills

  • SEO knowledge! We do offer some basic training, but it's a bonus if you're already comfortable with SEO.
  • We'd love you to get in touch if you're fluent in German, Spanish, French, Russian, or Portuguese. Knowing more than one language is not essential, but it would be of interest. 
  • We're eager to get more video creators on our team. As we expand and create more content, we want to add more video content to our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel (currently over 600k subscribers!). 

Think these are what you're able to do? Check out our Teach for Us page and find out how to apply.

What We Offer

There are many benefits to becoming an Envato Tuts+ instructor:

  • We are passionate about diversity and inclusion in our content, and this is reflected in our instructor team and the content we create. We actively challenge stereotypes in design and seek to keep on pushing boundaries in our community.
  • Getting paid for a subject you're passionate about is always rewarding. Depending on the content type and subject, you could be billing thousands per month! We pay $300 USD for a standard length tutorial (around 25-30 steps/images). Video content starts from $250 USD. This is paid via PayPal or Payoneer on a monthly basis.
  • We have in-depth guides to help you put together your posts, from formatting to tone to screenshot presentation. So if you're new to tutorial writing, this is a great place to start!
  • Several of our instructors have written for us for years and contribute on a monthly basis. 
  • We have strong domain authority, making us a valuable source for linking to your portfolio and more. 
  • If you create assets for Envato Market or Envato Elements, then use this opportunity to help promote your items!

Pitch a Tutorial!

While I can tell you which areas we're specifically looking into, it all comes down to which areas are your strongest and what you feel most confident in teaching. If you are interested in becoming an Envato Tuts+ instructor, get in touch via our Teach for Us page. We have plenty of content and ideas ready, we just need you!

This post was last updated on 31st August 2021 with our current call for writers in specific areas of interest.

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