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We're Looking for Instructors in Print Design, Typography, and Microsoft Word


We're looking to pay writers to create content for Print Design, Typography and... Microsoft Word. We're looking for written and video content.

We Want Writers!

We're looking for skilled designers to write amazing educational content in the following areas:

  • Print Design: Can you create awesome flyers and brochures? We need you on the team!
  • Typography: From the basics to amazing designs, we're looking for people to create regular typography content.
  • Adobe InDesign: Not just knowing the software, but being able to show people how to create awesome designs with it.
  • Microsoft Word: Do you think Word is the unsung hero of templates and can actually make amazing designs? We wanna pay you to prove this!
  • Adobe Photoshop: There are people who still only use Photoshop to create their print design content, and we want to make sure we reach those people.
  • Affinity Software: Do you want to show the world what designs you can create in Affinity software? 
  • Other Software? As long as you can create print design in it, we want to hear from you.

We want people who are passionate about writing educational content and can use their software in a creative way.

Write for Envato Tuts
Image taken from a Social Media Photo Manipulation tutorial by Melody Nieves

Your area of expertise not listed? We never turn a good application down!

You must also be comfortable with the English language. We can proof your content, but we can't rewrite everything for you. 

We're looking for content from quick tips to in-depth tutorials. Most of all, we want instructors who can explain themselves clearly and accurately and produce quality end results. 

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion, and this includes design and trends from all corners of the globe. If you want to contribute to our ever-expanding Global Influences content, please send us a pitch.

If you want to know more, please check out this insightful comment on our previous call for new instructors.

If You're Interested in Creating Video Content

We always welcome new instructors who wish to create video courses or even quick tip videos for our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel.

What We Offer

There are many benefits to becoming an Envato Tuts+ instructor:

  • Getting paid for a subject you're passionate about is always rewarding. Depending on the content type and subject, you could be billing thousands per month! We pay $250 USD for a standard length tutorial (around 25-30 steps/images).
  • We have in-depth guides to help you put together your posts, from formatting to tone to screenshot presentation. So if you're new to tutorial writing, this is a great place to start!
  • Get your name out into the community. This is especially good if you're just starting your freelance career.
  • If you create assets for Envato Market or Envato Elements, then use this opportunity to help promote your items!

Pitch a Tutorial!

While I can tell you which areas we're specifically looking into, it all comes down to which areas are your strongest and what you feel most confident in teaching. If you are interested in becoming an Envato Tuts+ instructor, why don't you pitch us an idea? We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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