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20+ Best Fantasy Football Team Logos (To Rule Your League)

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Many of us take fantasy football super-seriously. Just like our favorite teams out in the real world, branding can be key when you’re building out the perfect fantasy bench. When we imagine our favorite teams, a big part of what we see is that presence that they build. Colors, mascots, you name it—the best teams have that unforgettable feel that inspires us year after year.

There’s no reason your fantasy league should be any different. But fantasy football is supposed to be for fun, so you probably don’t want to work too hard to brand your team. That’s where pre-built logos from Placeit come in. There are a ton of fantasy football logos available for download with your Placeit subscription. All you have to do is choose your favorite, drop in your team name, and download the finished product! From there, the possibilities become really limitless—everything from mugs to custom shirts can show off your ultra-unique fantasy football logo.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

18 Best Fantasy Football Team Logos (From Placeit)

Placeit is a design and mockup tool that allows you to create beautiful brand mockups, designs, and logos quickly and easily. There's no need for expensive graphic design software. You can customize designs for a wide variety of industries and organizations, including sports organizations.

fantasy football logosfantasy football logosfantasy football logos
You'll find dozens of cool football logos on Placeit that'll work well for your fantasy football team.

If you've got a fantasy football team, Placeit is the perfect tool to create a cool logo for your team.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your logo. The first is actually all about the words—you need a catchy team name to really make things pop. Then, be sure to choose a mascot that complements your fantasy team name. And finally, opt for bold and striking colors that'll instantly be associated with your very own fantasy team. Each of the logo templates you’re about to see offers all of these customization options, and more. It’s up to you to choose the winning combination!

Now, on to the best fantasy football logos!

1. Knights Sport Logo Maker

Knights Sport Logo MakerKnights Sport Logo MakerKnights Sport Logo Maker

There’s no winner quite like a knight in shining armor. Make one the mascot for your fantasy team with this sharp logo. Several other icons are included featuring all things hand-to-hand combat in a variety of colors and styles.

2. Reapers Sport Logo Maker

Reapers Sport LogoReapers Sport LogoReapers Sport Logo

Down with the competition on the virtual field—that’s what these slick logo apparitions announce to other teams in your league. Reap all the on-field success you can find by using one of the many reaper icons included in this fun pack.

3. Aggressive Animal Sports Logo Maker

Aggressive Animal Sports Logo MakerAggressive Animal Sports Logo MakerAggressive Animal Sports Logo Maker

You often have to pursue an aggressive strategy to rise to the top of a competitive fantasy league. And a big part of this can be reflected in your branding. Choose one of the aggressive animal logos here to snarl your intentions of success to all the competition.

4. Sports Team Logo Maker - Human Characters

Human Characters Sports Team Logo MakerHuman Characters Sports Team Logo MakerHuman Characters Sports Team Logo Maker

Pirates, vikings, and cowboys—oh my! Bring a human face to your team with these cool, stylized logo icons. Set yourself apart as a lone cowboy or pirate on the run, in search of success on that virtual field. You’ll find dozens of great options right here.

5. Sports Logo Maker with Erupting Volcano

Erupting VolcanoErupting VolcanoErupting Volcano

Fire from the ground; fire on the field. All the same, right? Set your fantasy season alight with this volcanic logo. Customize the colors of this fiery theme and you’ll have a totally unique brand for your fantasy team in a heartbeat.

6. Clever Animals Sports Logo Template

Clever Animals Sports LogoClever Animals Sports LogoClever Animals Sports Logo

Lions, tigers, and bears are used in sports so much they often seem cliché. But what about dinosaurs, rabbits, and birds? They’re big, they’re strong, they’re fast, and they fly down the field—why not make one of them the choice for your fantasy football logo?

7. Sports Logo Maker with Fast as Lightning Graphic

Sports Logo Maker with Lightning GraphicSports Logo Maker with Lightning GraphicSports Logo Maker with Lightning Graphic

Speed is key when racing to success in football. And nothing is quite as synonymous with speed as a lightning bolt. This fast lightning bolt graphic is the ideal visual illustration of this visceral concept. Charge to success at lightspeed by using this fun logo for your fantasy team.

8. Online Sports Logo Maker with Angry Snowman Graphic

Angry Snowman FantasyAngry Snowman FantasyAngry Snowman Fantasy

Remember that football team with the angry snowman logo? Maybe not yet, but anyone would if they’d ever seen one. The angry snowman is quirky and fun, readily transcending all of your “average” football mascots. Bring this frozen ferocity to your team right now.

9. Sports Logo Maker - Peculiar Things

Lady Liberty, a stylized musical note, and a talking ice cream cone—what do they have in common? To start, they’re all a part of this fantasy football logo mega-pack. You’ve probably never seen them before, and they’ll make delightfully unique mascots for your team. Just pick your favorite, drop in your team name, and go!

10. Sports Logo Maker - Fruits and Vegetables

Sports Logo Maker Fruits and VegetablesSports Logo Maker Fruits and VegetablesSports Logo Maker Fruits and Vegetables

Build a fantasy team logo that’s good enough to eat. Carrots, peaches, radishes, and strawberries—each one and more is transformed into a striking, edgy action figurine in this logo pack. These unconventional logo icons are sure to make your team one to remember.

11. Sports Logo Maker for American Football

Sports Logo Maker for AMerican FootballSports Logo Maker for AMerican FootballSports Logo Maker for AMerican Football

This pack includes a wide variety of icons, and one is sure to be the perfect mascot for your league. You’ll find everything from racehorses to boxers to dinosaurs here. There’s a look and feel for everyone’s style here. Check them all out!

12. Sports Logo Maker with Football Mascots

Sports Logo Maker with Football MascotsSports Logo Maker with Football MascotsSports Logo Maker with Football Mascots

Take your style airborne with the many flight-inspired logos found here. Start off with the raven and then try some of the others included in this mascot fantasy logo pack. One favorite features a cardinal arriving with a football on its back—right into the end-zone!

13. Sports Logo Template with Fireball Icon

Sports Logo Template Fireball IconSports Logo Template Fireball IconSports Logo Template Fireball Icon

Aiming for a spark of success? The fire-inspired icons in this logo package are the perfect starting point. Light the flames of fantasy football glory by making one your own mascot.

14. Sports Logo Maker with Snake Art

Sports Logo Maker with Snake ArtSports Logo Maker with Snake ArtSports Logo Maker with Snake Art

Snakes evoke a strong reaction in many people. And that’s exactly what you want your branding to do. Choose a snake as your mascot and you’ll instantly stand out. Here you’ll find a pair of aggressive snake options for your fantasy logo.

15. Sports Logo Template Featuring Tornado Clipart

Sports Logo Template Tornado ClipartSports Logo Template Tornado ClipartSports Logo Template Tornado Clipart

Reap the whirlwind of gridiron glory by building a tornado logo. There are multiple styles and options here to help match the look you’re going for. Each is a unique and fun choice for your team.

16. Animal Logo Maker for Sports Teams

Animal Logo Maker Sports teamsAnimal Logo Maker Sports teamsAnimal Logo Maker Sports teams

Spiders, sloths, chipmunks, and roadrunners—they’re all here. And each could be the next logo for your fantasy team. Unorthodox, perhaps; memorable and cool, absolutely! Between the plethora of animals and the virtually unlimited color options, the possibilities are truly endless.

17. Sports Logo Maker with Funny Graphics

Sports Logo Maker Funny GraphicsSports Logo Maker Funny GraphicsSports Logo Maker Funny Graphics

A smiling piece of toast. Your computer rolling its eyes. A slice of pizza staring back. No one could forget vivid images like that—so why not put one in your fantasy football logo? You’ll find all these eclectic choices and more here.

18. Dynamic Logo Maker with Animal Graphics

Dynamic Logo Maker Animal GraphicsDynamic Logo Maker Animal GraphicsDynamic Logo Maker Animal Graphics

Last but certainly not least, dive into this wild mix of animal logo graphics for your fantasy football logo. It’s easier to describe what isn’t included—the variety possible here is truly limitless, left only to your own imagination.

How to Build Your Own Fantasy Football Logo on Placeit

As you can see, there are a ton of custom fantasy football logo options ready for you on Placeit. What’s great about Placeit is that you don’t need fancy editing software to use the templates. Instead, all of the customization is done online. All you've got to do is make your changes in a web browser and click Download. The finished product will be ready for use as an image file. No need to worry with complicated and time-consuming edits after the download.

Let’s look at an example. For this, let’s use item #12 from above, the Football Logo Maker.

1. Open the Image

On each template, you’ll see a default icon and text. Each can be customized by using the menus on the left and right sides of the image preview.

Placeit Logo MakerPlaceit Logo MakerPlaceit Logo Maker

2. Replace the Text

To start out, insert your own team name by typing over the text in the placeholders on the left side. You can also change the fonts by clicking the dropdown menus.

Placeit dropdown font menuPlaceit dropdown font menuPlaceit dropdown font menu

3. Change the Colors

You can change the main and accent colors. These options are found on the right side of the image preview. Click each dropdown and select one of the pre-made color options by clicking on a box.

Placeit change colorsPlaceit change colorsPlaceit change colors

Or, if you need total customization, click More. There, you’ll be able to choose a custom color from a color wheel or even input a color hex code.

Placeit adapt color palettePlaceit adapt color palettePlaceit adapt color palette

This is great if you've got a designated color in a branding guide you need to maintain.

4. Download Your Custom Fantasy Football Logo

When you’re done, just click Download right above the image preview. That’s it! Your custom fantasy football logo is ready for use. 

The advantages of Placeit’s online editing tools really stand out here. Many sites require you to download a template and then make changes in third-party editing software. This is all fine for serious creatives, but casual users may not have the time or skill-set needed to use sophisticated apps like Photoshop. That’s where Placeit comes in. Anyone with a keyboard can easily make a one-of-a-kind, fully custom logo with just a few clicks. Notably, it can be done from any computer with internet access. There’s no need to install any other software applications to make the logos work.

Once you download the logo, you’ll have an image file that can be manipulated in a variety of applications. You can upload it to your fantasy league site as your new avatar. Similarly, it can be shared across social media platforms. Or, you can even engage third-party graphics platforms and have custom shirts, hats, and gear produced, starring your very own team.

Fantasy Football Logos From Envato Elements

If you've got an Envato Elements subscription, you've got instant access to Elements. Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for a wide variety of creative assets. Logos, images, project templates—you’ll find it all there. If you’re looking for additional choices for fantasy football logos, Elements can be a great place to start. Remember, unlimited downloads are available for a single flat monthly fee.

envato fantasy football logosenvato fantasy football logosenvato fantasy football logos
You can also find custom fantasy football logos on Envato Elements.

As you can see, Elements offers many fine options for your fantasy football logo project. Here are three of the best:

1. Warriors - Football Team Logo Template

Warriors - Football Team Logo TemplateWarriors - Football Team Logo TemplateWarriors - Football Team Logo Template

This rugged fantasy football logo brings an edgy look to your team’s branding. It’s compatible with Adobe Illustrator to boost creative flexibility. Download, customize, and apply to your fantasy team for a competitive look sure to be unmatched in your league.

2. King Lion Sports Logo

King Lion Sports LogoKing Lion Sports LogoKing Lion Sports Logo

The King Lion Sports Logo is a fierce logo perfect for your fantasy football team. It features fully editable text to add your own team name. A concept image featuring the logo on a helmet shows off the incredible possibilities of this template. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

3. Sharkas - Mascot & Sports Logo

Sharkas LogoSharkas LogoSharkas Logo

The Sharkas mascot and logo pack is another good option for a fantasy football league logo. The blue-and-gold color accents are stylish and cool, while the grinning shark mascot’s glowing eyes will make anyone look twice. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

Wrapping Up

Remember that a logo design is the public face of your team. No matter who’s on your roster, or how many hours you put in building the perfect strategy, the first thing many people will see is the logo. So choose wisely. And it’s never been easier than it is now with Placeit’s many stunning custom logos. Virtually any mascot you can imagine—and surely, a few that you can’t—is represented. 

All it takes is a dash of creative spirit, and a few clicks of your mouse, to build out something truly unique. Placeit’s powerful online editing tools take all the drudgery and guesswork out of graphic design. You can instantly change text, colors, icons, and more. Then just download the finished product and put it to work.

Why wait? Dig into the stunning examples illustrated above and start building your fantasy football team logo today.

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