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30 Best Fantasy Football Team Logos (To Rule Your League)

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Many of us take fantasy football very seriously. Cool fantasy football logos can take your team to the next level. But fantasy football is supposed to be for fun, so you probably don’t want to work too hard on a fantasy league logo. That’s where pre-built fantasy league logos from Placeit come in. 

All you have to do is choose your favorite, drop in your team name, and download the finished product! From there, the possibilities are limitless—everything from mugs to custom shirts can show off your fantasy football team logo. 

Check out this collection of logos for fantasy football teams that you can customize right now! Change the colors, the type, and even move elements around to create the best fantasy logo.

knights logoknights logoknights logo

Check out this fun fantasy league logo. If you like the style but wish it was a different color, it's easy to jump in and swap colors. You can change the text and even move things around in the design. You can do it right in your browser too!

reapers logoreapers logoreapers logo

Prefer something a bit spookier? Why not start your fantasy football team logo with this fun reaper design? Remember, the text can say anything you prefer, and you can change up the colors too. You can even choose a new font if you'd like to try one out.

animal logoanimal logoanimal logo

Animals are often a popular choice for team logos, and fantasy football is no exception. Try this logo in different combinations to create the perfect look and feel for your fantasy team. Or, if you like it as is, make some simple edits and your logo is complete!

pirates logopirates logopirates logo

How about a pirate design for your fantasy football team? It's another fun one that you can fully customize. Just like the team itself, logos for fantasy football teams should be all about your top choices. Why not jump in and try customizing this logo?

volcano logovolcano logovolcano logo

Fantasy football league logos can be a lot of fun to dream up. How about something energetic, like a volcano, for your fantasy team? It's got a ton of energy, and can imply an "explosive" team! Imagine this one with your fantasy team's name on it.

animal logoanimal logoanimal logo

It's never been easier to create cool fantasy football logos. If you see an example here you really love, you can jump right into customizing it in your browser. However, you aren't limited. You can make all kinds of design edits too, with no software needed! It's easy.

lightning logolightning logolightning logo

A lightning-themed logo could be a unique choice when you're looking for fantasy team logos. It's a great candidate for all kinds of color options too. Imagine pink lightning or maybe a fun neon orange. How would you customize this logo design?

snowman logosnowman logosnowman logo

A snowman logo can be a really fun and creative choice too. Remember, the best fantasy football logos are the ones that resonate with you and your picks. Try using a theme that really resonates with you, because it's all about having fun with it.

liberty logoliberty logoliberty logo

Here's another fun idea you could try if you're exploring team logos. Fantasy football is all about your picks and preferences, so why not try a symbol, monument, or other icon that resonates with you? Here's an example. This one could work great for an American team.

banana logobanana logobanana logo

Maybe consider something silly, like this fun banana-themed logo. Whichever logo or icon you decide to go with, it should be something special that resonates with you and your picks. It's your fantasy team, so your logo should reflect your tastes.

stallion logostallion logostallion logo

Check out this fantasy football team logo. Remember, these are just starting points. All of these logo concepts, this one included, can be fully customized in your browser. You can move things around, change the colors, add your own text, and more.

ravens logoravens logoravens logo

Birds are often a popular choice for sports logos, so it's no surprise that they work so well for fantasy football league logos too. This is another one that would be a fun choice for American fantasy football. Try this one out in different colors.

fire logofire logofire logo

Check out this mischievous little fire mascot! It could be a really fun choice, and it would look great on a variety of items, like sweatshirts, T-shirts, and more. You could have a lot of fun with this one—imagine the fire in different colors, for example. 

snake logosnake logosnake logo

Here's a bold fantasy league logo that really commands attention. Remember, these are completely customizable logo concepts. Think of them as a starting point for your custom design. It's easy to jump in and make it your own.

tornado logotornado logotornado logo

A tornado could also be a memorable choice. This sports team logo has plenty of personality and could work well in a number of colors. You could also try out some different fonts to change up how this logo looks. Give it a try!

spider logospider logospider logo

Spiders can have an intimidating vibe. However, it might be the perfect icon for a custom fantasy team logo. It's a memorable choice too. You can change the placement of the text and imagery if you'd prefer something a little different.

silly logosilly logosilly logo

Sometimes, a silly vibe can be exactly what you're looking for. Isn't this funny sandwich logo great? The best fantasy logo is going to be the one that most resonates with you and your fantasy team. It doesn't have to be too serious—you can have fun with it!

raccoons logoraccoons logoraccoons logo

Animals are a popular choice for sports logos. It could be a fun idea to choose an animal local to your area, or even a favorite animal! A great way to jazz up a concept is with custom colors too. Try this logo out with some different color schemes.

lion logolion logolion logo

This logo looks like a proud shield, doesn't it? It could be a fun choice for building your own fantasy sports logo. Logos for fantasy football teams are all about bringing your personal picks to life. Try a concept like this one to bring it all together.

hyena logohyena logohyena logo

If you're looking for fantasy team logos with a ton of energy, this concept could be a perfect fit. The lines add so much here, and the type is bold and eye-catching. However, if you only like parts of this design, you can easily change it up. Customize it your way.

koala logokoala logokoala logo

Fantasy teams are not necessarily limited to American football. There are all kinds of cool fantasy football logos out there to choose from. Remember, these logos can be  customized in your browser too. Let your imagination run with it!

blue jay logoblue jay logoblue jay logo

Like an animal mascot, but you want something simple and clean? Then a logo like this one might be the perfect starting point for the logo of your dreams. This is a blue jay, but you could easily change it into a green jay with this easy-to-use online tool.

eagle logo makereagle logo makereagle logo maker

This is such a bold, memorable bird illustration. It would look great printed out in both large and small sizes. Imagine it on a sweatshirt or a tote bag. It could be such a fun way to celebrate your fantasy team.

wolf logo makerwolf logo makerwolf logo maker

An emblem-style logo can be a great choice, especially if you want to make some custom items for yourself. It's easy to imagine this one on a shirt or a banner, perfect for displaying at home. Why not try this one out with your favorite colors and type?

geese logo makergeese logo makergeese logo maker

Check out this goose! It's absolutely ready to get in there and fight, right? It's such a fun choice, and it could make a really cool fantasy league logo. Keep in mind, the key text here can be completely changed. Imagine this with any name you prefer!

bulldogs logobulldogs logobulldogs logo

Love basketball? There are plenty of basketball-themed logo concepts you can jump in and customize today too. This one would be great for a dog person. Keep in mind, you can mix up the imagery here too if you like. Move items or add new ones to this design.

shark logoshark logoshark logo

Sharks or other creatures from the oceans can also be a great choice for team logos. Fantasy football is extra fun because you can take it in any direction! Want something serious? Try this in realistic colors. Or mix it up with a colorful shark!

owl logoowl logoowl logo

Here's a stylish, clean logo that has so much potential. Look at it as a design base, ready for you to customize. Everything here can be changed, and it's really simple to do so. You can even add additional design elements to the logo design.

falcon logofalcon logofalcon logo

Is baseball your sport of choice? There are plenty of logos you can customize for your fantasy team too. Here's a great baseball fantasy logo. You could try this out in so many different ways too. Open it in your browser and try out some options today.

tiger logotiger logotiger logo

This sports logo rather looks like a badge of honor! Isn't it a fun one? Did you know you can even change up the imagery in these custom logo maker designs? You can! The best part is, you don't need any extra software. It's free and easy to jump in and experiment.

Prefer checking out the best fantasy football logos in a video? Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Which is the best fantasy logo for your dream team? Fantasy team logos can be a ton of fun because you can use them in so many creative ways. Put your fantasy football league logos on T-shirts, mugs, and other merch for you and your friends.

Looking for even more logos you can customize right now? Check out these collections, right here at Envato Tuts+.

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