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Back to School: 28 Easy Inkscape Tutorials


No matter how advanced or novice of an Inkscape user you may be, the basics are absolutely essential. Let's go over some of the best Inkscape tutorials and courses to get caught up on everything you need to know.

Basic Tools and Methods

There's plenty of tools and methods to become overwhelming, so these are the tutorials you'll want to take a look at for learning the foundation of Inkscape.

Fun Tricks With Inkscape's Polygon Tool

The Polygon tool in Inkscape has a slight learning curve, but can be an excellent way to speed up the creation of complex shapes. In this quick tip, we'll go over some neat tricks to make the Polygon tool more useful with your designs.

How to Create Gradient Fills and on Stroke in Inkscape

The first time you open Inkscape, it may take a while to finally discover gradients. When you do, they can be rather overwhelming and confusing at first. Check out this quick tip to learn some tricks with Inkscape's gradients, Gradient Editor, and Gradient Tool. While I'm using linear gradients in this tutorial, the same principals apply to radial gradients.

Group/Ungroup vs. Combine/Break Apart in Inkscape

The fact that Group/Ungroup and Combine/Break Apart are two sets of complete synonyms, you might not think that Inkscape would have these as separate functions. While these are pretty similar at first, I'll show you just how different they actually are.

Tips and Tricks For Working With Inkscape's Nodes

There are so many things to learn when it comes to nodes, but this quick tip should get you on the right track to properly using and manipulating your nodes, and ultimately, your artwork in Inkscape. Let's check out some neat tips and tricks with nodes!

How to Export Your Artwork in Inkscape

So you've spent hours on end drawing a magnificent design in Inkscape and now you want to publish it once and for all! Thankfully, Inkscape has a ton of options to export your artwork to more friendly and compatible file types. We'll also go over a couple of neat tricks you might not have known.

Helpful Align and Distribute Tips When Using Inkscape

When you begin doing some serious work in Inkscape, you're going to want to keep your work properly aligned. Let's go over a few cool things with Inkscape's Align and Distribute to make your designs as professional as they can get!

Shadows, Blurs, and Other Useful Filters in Inkscape

As soon as you open the filters menu in Inkscape, you'll notice that there's a ton of them! When filters are introduced, they present a lot of quick and easy ways to make advanced drawings. Let's learn about a few useful filters, the filter editor, and check out some cool design ideas.

Tips on Using Inkscape's Fill and Stroke Options

Fill and Stroke is the heart and soul of Inkscape - it's all just lines and nodes until some style is applied. In this quick tip, we'll check out some of the best stuff Fill and Stroke has to offer!

How to Create Tapered Lines in Inkscape

I love tapered lines in Inkscape because you can make them as simple as you want, or as complicated as you need them. This quick tip will go over the basics of tapered lines, using the Path Effect Editor, and a neat drawing comprised of tapered lines entirely.

What are Clipping and Masking in Inkscape?

Clipping and Masking are fantastic little operations that can make your complicated objects conform to another element of your design by changing their entire shape quickly and easily. Let's go over the differences, benefits, and some neat tricks in this quick tip.

Using and Modifying Brush Strokes in Inkscape

There's a lot that goes into brush strokes in Inkscape, but it pays off with beautiful results. Let's break down the many options available for brush strokes in Inkscape and also go over a few tricks that are sure to keep brush strokes part of your designing.

Using Layers and Blend Modes in Inkscape

Once you start creating more elaborate designs in Inkscape, you'll probably find yourself struggling to click certain things without selecting something else. This is where Layers come in. Let's go over this simple menu and how to use it (along with a couple tricks).

Duplicate, Clone, or Copy and Paste?

These three ways of creating identical artwork may sound similar, but they all have completely different uses. Let's go over duplicate, clone, and copy and paste in Inkscape to see which ones fits best in each situation.

Repeating Patterns Made Easy in Inkscape

In this quick tip, we're going to go over a tool called Create Tiled Clones. It's a very useful menu with tons of options for creating large amounts of identical, yet dynamic objects, such as patterns. It can be used for so many things, but let's just dive right in!

Connect the Dots With Visualize Path in Inkscape

Before you think Inkscape doesn't have something, check the Extensions menu. You'll be surprised to see that there are a bunch of these additional dialog menus - and they're pretty helpful most of the time. Let's look at Visualize Path in this Inkscape quick tip.

Fun With Objects to Marker in Inkscape

In this Inkscape quick tip, we're going to go over a neat object menu option called Objects to Marker. It's a really neat way to use custom designs if the prepacked ones just don't cut it. Let's jump right in!

Kerning, Spacing, and Other Text Tricks in Inkscape

Inkscape has a lot of nice built-in features for quickly editing text and font. We'll go over these as well as a few neat tricks to really get the most from your text.

Warping and Sculpting Fun in Inkscape

There are a ton of ways to draw in Inkscape, but sometimes you need to bring in reinforcements to really get that special shape. Sure, you could probably freehand it just fine, but we're going to go over a tool that allows a controlled the controlled use of warping and sculpting.

How to Optimize Inkscape with Zoom and View

If you've worked with advanced drawing in Inkscape before, you may have noticed that Inkscape starts to seriously slow down. In this quick tip, we'll go over a few ways to get your document back up to speed.

Have You Tried These Handy Inkscape Extensions?

Did you know you can easily create things like barcodes and calendars with a single click? Let's take a look at these Inkscape's Extentions and more!

Tutorials for Beginners

When you've got all of the basic tools and methods down, it's probably a good idea to jump into some great tutorials!

Use Inkscape to Create a Pair of Sunglasses With Ease

In this tutorial, we'll be designing a cool pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses use a lot of different shapes comprised from multiple techniques throughout Inkscape. We'll cover simple things such as drawing shapes, to some more complex things like path operations. So, how about we jump right in?

How to Create an Easy Geometric Aztec Pattern in Inkscape

Let's learn how to use Inkscape's Grids and Pen tool to create a geometric Aztec pattern. While this may seem like a tedious design, we'll also go over a few tricks to shorten things up!

How to Create a Cartoon Rocketship with Inkscape

This will teach you how to create a cartoon rocket ship with some nice lighting using only basic shapes like rectangles, circles and a triangle. This is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

How to Illustrate a Saw Blade with Inkscape

This will teach you how to create a saw blade with a shiny disc using just basic shapes like rectangles, circles and triangle. This is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners as well.

Create an Adorable Hedgehog with Basic Tools in Inkscape

In this tutorial, we'll be using basic shapes in Inkscape to create a hedgehog character. We'll also go over some neat concepts such as custom tapered lines, random object scattering, and shape manipulation.

How to Create a Vector Light Bulb Icon with Inkscape

Today we'll be learning how to create a vector light bulb icon with the free, open source vector program Inkscape. We'll be following a Tango style of design for this project. Read on to learn more about the Tango Desktop Project and to learn how to create this icon.

Video Courses on Inkscape

As of now, there are 2 great video courses that cover the basics and advanced in Inkscape. With more than 90 minutes of pure learning goodness in each course, these lessons are sure to make you a pro.

Introduction to Inkscape

Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor that does many of the cool things that more complex and expensive programs do. But how do you use Inkscape? Let’s find out.

Advanced Techniques in Inkscape

In this course, we'll be getting into some of the more advanced tools, menus, and methods for vector design. This is a great course for those who want to expand from their basic understanding of Inkscape.

Class Dismissed!

So there's our great list of fantastic tutorials. For beginners and advanced users alike, this will be a great way to learn Inkscape or at least brush up on the basics. Thanks for reading!

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