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40 Most Popular Fonts of 2020


As a designer, it can be hard to find just the right font for your project, but there's one surefire way to cut through all the noise to find the best fonts out there. 

Evoque : vintage serif font family
One of the popular fonts you can find at Envato Elements

Using the power of consumer choices, we've identified the 40 most popular fonts of 2020 at Envato Elements. So whether you're looking for decorative fonts or cursive fonts, serif or sans serif, you'll find just what you're looking for here.

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Let's take a look at some of the most popular fonts for 2020 at Envato Elements.

10 Most Popular Serif Fonts of 2020

Courteous - Ligature Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Courteous - Ligature Serif Font

You have to admit, this is elegance personified. Courteous is a semi-condensed serif font with straight and consistent shapes in every letter. Add the available ligatures where you want to create your own unique look. An excellent font for branding, logos, signage, and posters.

Qualey - Elegant Serif Font (TTF, OTF)

Qualey - Elegant Serif Font

Qualey is a modern serif font that features relatively high stroke contrast. It offers uppercase Latin characters, standard ligatures, numbers, punctuation, and various foreign language characters and accents.

Orlande - Luxury Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Orlande - Luxury Serif Font

This gorgeous serif font uses the language of stencil fonts to create a distinctive font that has been quite popular in 2020. An excellent font for branding projects, logos, titles, signage, etc.

Palash - Serif Font (TTF, OTF)

Palash - Serif Font

Palash is a great display font for those times when you need to create distinct posters, signage, logos, and more. The font features both upper- and lower-case Latin characters.

ATHENA - Serif Font (TTF, OTF)

ATHENA - Serif Font

When you want to make a bold statement, Athena is the font for you. This modern serif font is offered in uppercase characters only but does come in three styles: bold, italic, and semi-bold.

Westlake-Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Westlake-Serif Font

Westlake is another terrific serif font that's a great choice for branding, logos, signage, and more. The font includes upper and lowercase characters, standard ligatures, swashes, punctuation, and numbers. 

Themagic Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Themagic Serif Font

Looking for a traditional serif font with a bit of a quirky edge? Then Themagic may just be what you are looking for. This wonderful serif font includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, multilingual characters and accents, and over 60 ligatures and alternatives. Not bad, eh?

Magnita Serif Font (TTF, OTF)

Magnita Serif Font

When you need a font that says luxury, choose Magnita, a serif font that includes both upper and lowercase characters and works best for large-scale projects like posters and signage.

Evoque : Vintage Serif Font Family (TTF, OTF, WOFF, SVG)

Evoque : Vintage Serif Font Family

Evoque is a bold and beautiful uppercase serif font. It's perfect for magazine titles, signage, branding projects, and more.

Bristain Rought Serif Font (TTF, OTF)

Bristain Rought Serif Font

If you're looking for fonts with a bit of texture, you'll love this serif font. Bristain Rought font includes upper and lowercase characters, foreign language characters and accents, numbers, and punctuation. It's a great choice for posters, apparel, badges, labels, emblems, etc.

10 Most Popular Sans Serif Fonts of 2020

Bastomi Sans Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Bastomi Sans Serif Font

Continuing the theme of textured fonts but this time with a sans serif font, Bastomi offers uppercase characters in a vintage style that's perfect for T-shirts, signage, labels, stationery, and more.

Albori Sans-Serif (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Albori Sans-Serif

Looking for something clean and contemporary? Albori is for you. Albori is a sans serif font with thin lines, smooth curves, and round corners. It offers both uppercase and lowercase characters that can be used in a wide range of projects.  

Apolline | Sans Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Apolline | Sans Serif Font

From thin to thick, Apolline offers a different approach to Albori above, with thick lines and sharp edges. Apolline is a great display font for those times when you need to go big, like advertisements, magazine titles, signage, posters, and more.

Etna Sans Serif (TTF, OTF)

Etna Sans Serif

This sans serif font offers a whopping 415 glyphs for greater versatility. An excellent display font for billboards, signage, branding, and more.

Nordams Sans Serif (TTF, OTF)

Nordams Sans Serif

Looking for a font family that offers tons of versatility? Then NORDAMS may be just what you need. The font is available in several styles, from thin to bold, and is great for all sorts of purposes from fine print to headlines.

Roku - Modern Sans Serif (TTF, OTF)

Roku - Modern Sans Serif

With its fusion of geometry and optical balance, Roku is everything a modern sans serif font should be: striking, unique, and clear. Roku offers uppercase Latin characters only, as well as numbers, punctuation, and standard ligatures.


HEROES Sans Serif

If you're going to call a font Heroes, then it has to look the part. Luckily for this condensed sans serif font, it does. Elegant and modern with a unique style, Heroes is perfect for branding, logos, cover text, signage, and more.

Porcelain Sans Serif (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Porcelain Sans Serif

Here's another condensed sans serif font with a subtle dip-pen texture that creates a personal hand-lettered feel. Porcelain offers upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as foreign-language characters and accents and tons of other glyphs and ligatures. 

Avantgarde Sans Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Avantgarde Sans Serif Font

It's not hard to see why Avantgarde has been so popular in 2020. The beautiful sans serif font is the perfect choice for titles and headlines as well as other projects when a distinct display font is needed. It comes with both upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and foreign-language characters, and it's offered in three weights. 

Sprout - Sans Serif (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Sprout - Sans Serif

Condensed sans serif fonts have been very popular in 2020, and thin condensed sans serifs are at the top of the pack. This font is delicate enough for invitations, wedding albums, and stationery, but robust enough for headlines, titles, and posters.

10 Most Popular Script and Handwritten Fonts of 2020

Astriany - Script Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Astriany - Script Font

Astriany is a beautiful handwritten font that can be used for signatures, stationery, or wherever an elegant handwritten font is needed. The script contains both uppercase and lowercase Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and several ligatures and alternates. 

Figuerola - Script Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Figuerola - Script Font

Check out this incredibly thin script font. An excellent choice for projects that require a handwritten touch, especially if your own handwriting isn't up to scratch.

Northrow - Handwriting Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Northrow - Handwriting Font

Northrow is as elegant as script fonts can get. A great choice for personal branding, signatures, and more, Northrow includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual characters, as well as 94 ligatures and 13 swashes.

Qalistha Script Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Qalistha YP Script Font

Qalistha Script Font is an elegant and very legible script that can be used in a wide variety of projects. It includes an upper and lowercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, swashes, alternate styles, and ligatures. 

Righton - Script & Serif Font Duo (TTF, OTF)

Righton - Script & Serif Font Duo

Righton contains two fonts—a script and a serif—that work perfectly together. The set contains upper and lower case, punctuation, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternates, ligatures, and more. 

Amarylli Modern Script Font (TTF, OTF)

Amarylli YH - Modern Script Font

Go with the flow when you use Amarylli Modern Script Font. The font is perfect for creating personal logos, wedding stationery, and fashion apparel branding. Have fun adding swashes and ligatures to your characters to create your own unique look.

Wolington Script Sans Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Wolington Script Sans Font

Wolington Modern Font is an elegant script font that would be great for wedding invitations, fashion logos, badges, and much more.

Birdside Script Font (TTF, OTF)

Birdside YH - Wedding Script Font

Birdside Script Font is a stunning font that mimics natural handwriting and would work well for personal branding, wedding stationery and invitations, apparel, logo design, etc. The set includes beautiful swashes and ligatures to make your text pop.

Fabienne Handwriting Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Fabienne Font

Fabienne Handwriting Font is a sophisticated signature-style font with strong, straight lines. The font offers both upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, glyphs, and ligatures.

Simplemind YH - Modern Handwriting Font (TTF, OTF)

Simplemind YH - Modern Handwriting Font

There is nothing simpleminded about Simplemind Script Font. Quite the contrary, this modern handwritten font is wonderfully stylish and perfect for personal branding projects and more.

10 Most Popular Decorative Fonts of 2020

Vanberg Blackletter Font (TTF, OTF)

Vanberg Blackletter Font

Vanberg Blackletter Font is an incredible Gothic font. Use it on many cool projects, from clothing merchandise to vintage posters and books!

Amira Beauty (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Amira Beauty

How fabulous is this font? According to its designer, Amira is inspired by a flower that grows only in the highlands in Indonesia. Use this beautiful font sparingly and for important projects that require a WOW font. 

Oliva Serif Font Trio (TTF, OTF)

Oliva Serif Font Trio

This is another decorative font with plenty of wow factor. Modern and unique, the font offers enough swashes and ligatures for you to really make it your own.

Griskay Decorative Font (TTF, OTF)


Griskay Decorative Font is a fancy serif font that's perfect for branding, package design, posters, signage, and all those other projects when you need a strong, stand-out font. It includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, multilingual characters, and accents.

Belle Story - Decorative Font Family (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Belle Story - Beauty Serif Family

Here's another darling of a font to make you swoon. The high-contrast display font consists of two styles: display and regular. Each offers ten weights, from thin to heavy. That's a lot of options for you to create something really special.

Moody Blue Typeface (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Moody Blue Typeface

Inspired by vintage art, Moody Blue is one of those fonts that commands attention. Whether your project calls for the romantic or scary or plain old fun, this is such a versatile font that it will reflect the mood perfectly.

Moalang Pro + Ornaments (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Moalang Pro + Ornaments

An Art Deco influenced font, Moalang Pro is an excellent font for signage, titles, posters, T-shirts, and more. It includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, multilingual characters and accents, as well as plenty of alternates and ligatures. 

Rockstar- Vintage Decorative Typeface (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Rockstar- Vintage Decorative Typeface

Rockstar indeed! A great choice for banner ads, events, greeting cards, posters, postcards, branding, and more. It includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, and multilingual characters and accents.

Revij Anovik - Decorative Serif Font (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Revij Anovik - Decorative Serif Font

This decorative serif font includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation, multilingual characters and accents, and plenty of stylistic alternates for you to have some serious fun creating a look that's uniquely yours.

Carter Decorative Typeface (TTF, OTF)

Carter Typeface

Decorative fonts need to have tons of extra elements that other fonts don't have, so that you can create a masterpiece. Well, that's exactly what Carters offers. It offers 300 unique glyphs, swatches, contextual alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and more. The sky's the limit with this font. 

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We hope you've enjoyed our roundup of the 40 most popular fonts available at Envato Elements. We know you have probably found some irresistible choices among this list, so head over to Envato Elements today to download your favourites. Don't forget: for one low monthly fee, you can download as many fonts as you want, as often as you want.

And if you’re looking for other cool fonts in different categories for your next project, check out these great articles, which break fonts down by style.

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