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19 Best Small Fonts (Pixel & Tiny Fonts to Download Now)

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With the growth of smartwatches, e-books, and a plethora of hand-held mobile devices, the need for fonts that retain legibility when reduced to micro sizes is on the rise.

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font
Just one of the many premium small fonts available at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

Unfortunately, not all fonts translate well when reduced to micro sizes because as fonts become smaller, spacing is reduced, and details can get lost as the characters blend together. 

If you are looking for fonts that retain readability when reduced in size, then you need to check out these 19 tiny fonts from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver that we're featuring today. 

Premium Small Fonts at Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer high-quality small fonts to help you create first-rate projects, but each service is a bit different from the other. 

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Envato Elements is hard to beat when it comes to premium small fonts. What makes this service outstanding is that it offers you thousands of gorgeous fonts by the most talented designers in the field. And you can also download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee. 

Now isn't that a great deal? One low monthly fee = unlimited access to the best fonts available on the internet today. What's more, that monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of premium digital assets like logos, graphic templates, mockups, photos, business card templates, and much more.


Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

One of the most readable small fonts, HAMLIN is a modern sans serif typeface dedicated to simplicity. Inspired by classic geometric fonts, HAMLIN comes in four weights: light, normal, bold, and extra bold. The file includes complete OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

2. Fibon Sans

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Here's a modern tiny font for those small projects that are close to your heart. Fibon Sans is a sans serif type family that offers loads of flexibility for reduced print size with its six different weights, from light to heavy. This geometric and highly legible typeface is very well suited for both display and small text use alike. 

3. Metrisch

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Metrisch is a sans serif typeface that works extremely well as a tiny font. That's because the type family offers seven different weights, some ideal for display text and others perfect for small text. This smooth and refined font includes OpenType features such as stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, fractions, small capitals, etc., making it a super versatile typeface. 


Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Looking for the perfect small caps font? Look no further than SIGNAL, a new-age typeface for both big headlines and small text. This all-caps typeface comes with five weights: light, normal, bold, extra bold, and heavy. The file includes OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

5. Oliver Sans Font

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Oliver Sans Font is one clean and cool small caps font that will work equally well whether you need bold, striking headlines or readable micro text. The font comes in three weights—light, regular, and bold—and the pack includes OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

6. Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack is an awesome collection of geometric sans serif fonts that comes in four weights: regular, bold, extra bold, and black. The lighter weights make perfect tiny fonts because they offer high legibility, whereas the heavier weights are perfect when you need an attention-getting display font. The pack includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and various non-Latin characters. 

7. Albori Sans-Serif

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

One of the most readable small fonts, Albori Sans-Serif is a contemporary OpenType font that prides itself on its legibility at smaller sizes but retains its impact at larger sizes as well. That means that this clean typeface will perform equally well for displays as it will for e-books and on mobile apps which require readable small text. Albori supports Latin, Extended Latin, and Cyrillic languages.

8. Catesque

Tiny FontTiny FontTiny Font

Catesque is a stand-out font that is another candidate for the most readable small font category. Like so many fonts here, it is offered in several weights from light to black, with each weight including a matching italic version. This makes Catesque wonderfully versatile because it is highly legible as small text and quite distinct as display text. The Catesque file includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and various non-Latin characters. 


Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

BROOKLYN is a modern sans serif typeface that comes in four weights—normal, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. These make BROOKLYN a versatile font that offers legibility in the lighter weights for those times when you need a small caps font and eye-catching boldness in the heavier weights when you need a display font. The collection includes four italic versions and comes with OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts.

10. Focus Grotesk

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Focus Grotesk is a stunning sans serif typeface that is an excellent choice when you need a font for both body text and headlines. That's because the font comes in five weights, from thin to heavy, with five equivalent italic versions to match. You can use the lighter weights when you need a small text font for mobile apps, fine print on packages, etc., and use the heavier weights for headlines and displays.

11. Prox

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

When you need a small text font for your mobile app or other micro text projects, Prox is a great choice. This contemporary sans serif typeface uses a narrow width and slightly square proportions that are well suited for small text. The file includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and various non-Latin characters and symbols. 

12. Deron 

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Whether you need small caps fonts or just small text fonts, Deron can help. This geometric sans serif typeface offers five weights, from regular to black, with an italic equivalent for each. The set includes upper and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation, and several non-Latin characters as well.

13. Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light is a clean, condensed sans serif font inspired by similar retro fonts from the 1950s. It comes in regular and small caps versions, making it ideal when you need a small caps font for your next project. The file includes stylistic alternatives as well as letters for Cyrillic, Greek, and other Central European languages.


Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

FOSTER is an all caps modern typeface that is great when you need both a big and small text font. That's because FOSTER comes in four weights: light, regular, bold, and black. Use the lighter weights when you need a small caps font for your micro text projects, and use the heavier fonts when you need to grab attention with a bold, standout font.

Pixel Fonts

If you need small text fonts specifically for use online, consider using a pixel font. A pixel font, as the name suggests, is made up of small pixels which display text in simple blocks, instead of lines and curves like regular fonts. This means that when used on websites that require small text legibility, the small sizes of the font will appear crisp and clear, making them among the most readable small fonts around. 

15. Bitbybit Font

Pixel FontPixel FontPixel Font

Let's kick things off with the aptly named Bitbybit Font, a retro-looking pixel art font that comes in regular and bold styles. Inspired by retro gaming culture, this font is an excellent choice when you need tiny fonts for various projects. The pack includes OTF, TTF, and Web fonts.

16. Kleyn

Pixel FontPixel FontPixel Font

Kleyn is another great pixel font that works well when you need a tiny font for web apps and various web projects. This bitmap font is available in two weights: regular and bold. 

17. Tiny Timmy

Pixel FontPixel FontPixel Font

Here's another retro-inspired pixel font that you can use when you need a small text font for your projects. Tiny Timmy includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and various non-Latin characters. 

18. Video Game Font

Pixel FontPixel FontPixel Font

Looking for a cool pixel art font? Check out Video Game Font. Aside from the usual alphabet and punctuation, the font includes a wonderful collection of dingbats which you can access by using the caps lock. Letters are accessed once the caps lock is turned off. The pack contains OTF, TTF, and Web fonts.

More Premium Pixel Fonts From GraphicRiver (Buy One at a Time)

Small FontSmall FontSmall Font

GraphicRiver is another service that offers thousands of premium small fonts. But it works differently from Envato Elements. 

While Elements is the best source when you want to buy many fonts and other resources, GraphicRiver is better for those who are on a budget and only want to buy one font set at a time. 

So if you're interested in purchasing just one font instead of experimenting with several, then GraphicRiver may be a better choice for you. You can download a single font for one-time use for a low fee. Let's take a look at one of the top-quality offerings there. 

19. Pikzel

Pixel FontPixel FontPixel Font

A terrific pixel art font designed specifically for game creators, Pikzel is clean, flexible, and crisp. The set includes 343 glyphs, including Latin letters, numbers, punctuation, and various international characters and accents.

Choose Your Favourite Small Fonts Today 

Envato Elements is an excellent resource for gorgeous small fonts that are versatile and easy to use. If you also regularly need mockups, icons, and other design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

Alternatively, if you just want to buy a single small font, GraphicRiver is an excellent source for high-quality fonts. Head over to either site today to choose your favourite font

And finally, if you want more information on other terrific font styles, check out these really helpful articles below: 

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