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Learning how to use glyphs in Cricut Design Space can take your lettering design to the next level. Choosing the correct font with glyphs is crucial to the success of your project, but there are also so many fonts that can make your project so much better. Being able to even further customise the font you have chosen is amazing!

There are so many Cricut fonts with glyphs that you can use to take your project to the next level, like the ones you find in the Envato Elements library. Did you know this subscription-based marketplace offers you unlimited font downloads? Here we'll explore exactly how to add glyphs to your Cricut project, and we'll check out some top Cricut fonts with glyphs from Envato Elements.

Script fonts with flourishesScript fonts with flourishesScript fonts with flourishes
So many script fonts have glyphs that you can use to enhance the project you are working on

The process of adding a glyph to your Cricut project is a very simple one, and we will slowly walk through the different steps to make sure that you can add glyphs to your projects easily. Make sure to check out the suggestions on font glyphs for Cricut for many different projects, as well as some other methods of adding glyphs to your projects.

How to Use Glyphs in Cricut Design Space

Step 1

On a Windows computer, open up your Character Map (which you can do by using the search bar, or using your Programs menu to find it), and select your Font from the dropdown at the top. I am using Aaron Script for this tutorial because of its beautiful glyph flourishes!

Open Character MapOpen Character MapOpen Character Map

Step 2

At the bottom of the window, tick the box next to Advanced view to open up some more options.

Select Advanced ViewSelect Advanced ViewSelect Advanced View

Step 3

In the Group by drop-down menu, select Unicode Subrange

Group By - Unicode subrangeGroup By - Unicode subrangeGroup By - Unicode subrange

Step 4

A little popup should appear; scroll down to the bottom and select Private Use Characters

Select Private Use CharactersSelect Private Use CharactersSelect Private Use Characters

Step 5

Scroll through the letters. You can make them bigger by clicking on them, and then click Select to add them to the Characters to copy section. Then click Copy.

Select SubrangeSelect SubrangeSelect Subrange

Step 6 

In a new project in Cricut Design Space, click on Text, and a text box will open.

In Cricut Add TextIn Cricut Add TextIn Cricut Add Text

Step 7

Paste the characters that you have copied onto your canvas. As we haven't yet changed the font, it will look like a block. This is totally normal. Paste in as many glyphs as you want here.

Click on the dropdown underneath Font to change the font.

Paste what you have copiedPaste what you have copiedPaste what you have copied

Step 8

Make sure to click on System, and type in the name of the font you want to use. Repeat steps 5 and 7 as many times as you want, until you have all of the Cricut fonts with glyphs you need!

Change FontChange FontChange Font

Congratulations! You Know How to Add Glyphs in Cricut!

You have successfully finished adding glyphs in Cricut. Here is an example of a project that you can make, and how you can use a few different letter glyphs in your Cricut project together to make a fun-looking word!

Picture of End productPicture of End productPicture of End product

Let's Look at Some Cricut Fonts With Glyphs From Envato Elements

With these font glyphs for Cricut, you'll be able to follow the above steps and add your own flourishes and glyphs to your project. I have tested every single one, and they will all work beautifully with many different Cricut projects you will make!

1. Angelova (OTF & TTF)


First on our list is a nice classic script font with some beautiful glyphs. This is a perfect font to start with when you want to learn how to use glyphs in Cricut Design Space.

2. Snowbound (OTF & TTF)


This is more of a handwritten font, and has a lot more variation in the thickness of the letters, so while it is another perfect Cricut font with glyphs, it works with so many different types of projects.

3. Sophia (OTF & TTF)


A combination of the first two, this font has a very handwritten feel to it and would work so well on upmarket projects where you may want to add a bit of flair.

4. My Sunshine (OTF & TTF)

My SunshineMy SunshineMy Sunshine

This is a font that would suit so many different types of projects but is the most perfectly suited to the wedding industry because of the beautiful font glyphs you can add with your Cricut!

5. Aaron Script (OTF & TTF)

Aaron ScriptAaron ScriptAaron Script

The thicker lines and the clean yet manageable swashes that these glyphs allow you to incorporate make for a beautiful font for many different projects. It is definitely one of my new favourites!

6. Sarmilla (OTF & TTF)


When learning how to add glyphs in Cricut, this modern script font is a great font to learn on! The lines on this font also mean that it won't be too tricky to cut with vinyl, yet it will pose a slight challenge, which I always appreciate!

7. Billyjo (OTF & TTF)


When adding glyphs in Cricut, this handwritten font is the perfect font to end off a nice letter, as the glyphs on this font make it look perfect for a signature-type project!

8. Brightshine (OTF & TTF)


This is one of the more challenging fonts to use if you are cutting a small vinyl decal. This font is a very classy option to use for your more upmarket projects.

9. Gardenia (OTF & TTF)


Now on the other end of the spectrum, this font has some nice thick lettering as well as some beautiful flourishes added to the font glyphs.

10. Swashington (OTF & TTF)


This is another classier version of a font with glyphs, which reminds me of a very popular Netflix series! It is one of my favourite clean and classy projects.

11. Harmonie (OTF & TTF)


There's a super simple flourish on this clean calligraphy font, with some great glyphs to add a handwritten and almost signature-like effect to any project you may make with this great font!

Dual Font Bundles With Glyphs

Here are a few fonts that may not have glyphs in the font itself, but what I love about them is that these fonts come with a dual font bundle. So instead of following the above steps I outline, you can simply install both fonts and add the different glyphs or swashes to your project.

1. Bananito (OTF & TTF)


This is easily my favourite out of the entire bunch—not only for the flourishes, but also for the font itself. It is very easy to read, and the glyphs you can add to your Cricut project really are very sought-after glyphs.

2. Pixie Ring (OTF & TTF)

Pixie RingPixie RingPixie Ring

Moving on to a slightly more fun font bundle, though this may not have simple flourishes or glyphs, it has a more of a dingbat-type approach to one of the fonts available.

3. Beauty Heart (OTF & TTF)

Beauty HeartBeauty HeartBeauty Heart

Another slightly more fun font bundle, this is the perfect accentuation to an interesting, fun project.

4. Marthina (OTF & TTF)


This would be a very challenging font to cut with vinyl on your Cricut, but it has some beautiful glyphs you can add to your Cricut project. This separate font has some beautiful swashes and flourishes that few other glyphs have! 

5. Chocolate Heart (OTF & TTF)

Chocolate HeartChocolate HeartChocolate Heart

This font bundle has several different options that you can use, and you can combine all of these glyphs into a stunning project with your Cricut.

6. Nirmana Brush (OTF & TTF)

Nirmana BrushNirmana BrushNirmana Brush

Nirmana is a slightly easier font if you want to practise adding glyphs in Cricut Design Space and cutting with vinyl. It has thicker letters, which means it is slightly easier to use, but the glyphs you can add would create a slight challenge in using this font.

Putting a Cricut Project Together

With so many different types of fonts, flourishes, and glyphs available, you can easily turn a project that looks good into one that stands out from the crowd. With many people relying on their Cricut machines for an income, it's very important to be able to be different to your competition, and these glyphs will help you get there!

If you want to learn some new skills to complement the fonts above, I would highly suggest checking out some of these tutorials, as they will really help you level up your Cricut game.

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