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32 Best Modern Serif Fonts (Bold, Clean, & Elegant)


Find the perfect modern fonts for your project in this list of modern serif fonts. From simple modern fonts to modern bold fonts, there's plenty to see and download today. 

modern serif font
This beautiful modern serif font and a library of other modern font styles are available on Envato Elements.

Serif fonts can be such a classy, timeless addition to your collection. However, there's a lot of variety out there, and many modern elegant fonts use serifs, so there's plenty to choose from. Keep things clean with a modern minimalist font or check out some cool modern fonts that take a new spin on serifs.

Or, better yet, download them all!

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20 Best Modern Serif Fonts From Envato Elements

1. Aviatica Modern Bold Fonts

Aviatica Modern Bold Fonts

If you're looking for modern bold fonts, check this one out. It's got a classy, modern feel, and could work well for logos, packaging, posters, and more. 

2. Roger & Lavienna Ligature Serif Cool Modern Fonts

Roger  Lavienna Ligature Serif Cool Modern Fonts

Isn't this font magical? It includes stylish ligatures and stars too, for a beautifully, classy look and feel. It's a perfect fit for those in the market for modern elegant fonts. Whether you dabble in the mystical or you're designing for a high-end brand, this one's a great fit.

3. Modern Elegant Fonts Serif Type

Modern Elegant Fonts Serif Type

This is definitely a great example of modern elegant fonts. The serifs, paired with the decorative flourishes, make for such a classy aesthetic. Use it for invitations, branding, and more.

4. Giroud Modern Block Font Serif

Giroud Modern Block Font Serif

This modern block font has such a strong, bold feel. Use it in your branding, packaging, and other projects. It commands attention, perfect for emphasis, but is clean and legible enough for supplemental copy too.

5. Modern Elegant Fonts Anaximander Serif

Modern Elegant Fonts Anaximander Serif

When it comes to modern elegant fonts, it's all about that classy aesthetic. This font has long, beautiful strokes, decorative flourishes, and is an excellent choice for headlines, titles, and even logo design.

6. Pierson Modern Font Styles

Pierson Modern Font Styles

Here's one of the most versatile modern fonts on this list. It's no surprise that this is a very popular one on Envato Elements. This font family is a perfect addition to a wide variety of projects, as it has the versatility to serve so many purposes.

7. Caringin Cool Modern Fonts

Caringin Cool Modern Fonts

Stylish, modern serif fonts often make use of flourishes and decorative elements, in addition to the presence of a more traditional serif. This font is an excellent example. It's stylish and a little earthy, but also brings some elegance to the table.

8. Moriarty Serif Thin Modern Fonts

Moriarty Serif Thin Modern Fonts

This classy font is web-font ready and comes in two different styles. These are a perfect fit as modern logo fonts, but it's also versatile and legible enough to act as a supplement in your design work too.

9. Rosemary Clean Modern Fonts

Rosemary Clean Modern Fonts

This pair of modern serif fonts works wonderfully together. Download them both, and use this font duo as a perfect set of simple modern fonts. Or use them individually to bring a clean, sophisticated aesthetic to your work.

10. Buckley Thin Modern Fonts

Buckley Thin Modern Fonts

This lovely display font is a great example of decorative, thin, modern fonts. From its interesting texture to the organic nature of the strokes, this one has a lot of personality. It's a great choice for a hand-drawn look and feel.

11. Kuraiso Modern Sleek Fonts

Kuraiso Modern Sleek Fonts

Here's a great example of a modern block font with serifs. It's not heavy in its blocky look and feel, but it's still bold and attention-grabbing. Download this one today and try it in your next design project. 

12. Moongarz Modern Block Font

Moongarz Modern Block Font

Here's another stylish slab serif font. Modern bold fonts, like this one, can be a wonderful fit for logos, headlines, and other type that needs to command attention. This one has such a memorable, fun aesthetic.

13. Carentro Modern Elegant Fonts

Carentro Modern Elegant Fonts

Isn't this a classy modern font? The long, decorative flourishes bring another level of luxury to the overall aesthetic. Modern elegant fonts are a great fit for high-end products, important engagements, and celebrations.

14. Vicenza Thin Modern Fonts

Vicenza Thin Modern Fonts

Here's another take on thin modern fonts. The variation between thick and thin strokes gives this visual interest, as well as a touch of class. This one is likely strongest as display type. Imagine it on packaging, business cards, and more. It's an elegant choice.

15. Brilliantly Elegant and Stylish Serif Font

Brilliantly Elegant and Stylish Serif Font

Isn't this a pretty font? The serifs, combined with the beautiful flourishes, make for a modern take on a somewhat vintage look. Bring class and sophistication to your publications, packaging, and branding with this serif font.

16. Storystone Modern Block Font

Storystone Modern Block Font

This font is bold, strong, and a lovely fit for a number of projects. It's also a strong fit if you're in the market for modern number fonts. Try out the included variants, and give this versatile font a try today.

17. Scarl Modern Bold Fonts

Scarl Modern Bold Fonts

Here's another modern reimagining of a classic aesthetic. It has a bold style, chunky serifs, and could work well in a wide variety of projects. The angled edges lend themselves well to a modern aesthetic.

18. Avone Stylish Modern Stencil Serif Font

Avone Stylish Modern Stencil Serif Font

Isn't this an interesting take on a serif font? It's got a bold modern block font look mixed with a stencil. Stand out with this stylish display type. It's unusual, visually interesting, and a fun one for experimentation.

19. Morjuis Clean Modern Fonts

Morjuis Clean Modern Fonts

Display modern fonts, like this one, are both trendy and versatile. Note the slight curve on some of the capital letters. It's visually interesting in a subtle way. However, it's ambient enough to act as a supplement, too.

20. Kingstyle Modern Serif Fonts

Kingstyle Modern Serif Fonts

Playful, cool modern fonts can be an exciting addition to your design project. This one is a great fit for energetic projects or projects that might benefit from an eccentric, decorative aesthetic.

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12 Best Modern Serif Fonts to Download Now

1. Quelity Simple Modern Fonts Family

Quelity Simple Modern Fonts Family

This beautiful font family contains 16 different font files for you to experiment with and enjoy. It's a perfect collection of modern serif fonts with a quirky, organic edge.

2. Meritta Serif Modern Font Styles

Meritta Serif Modern Font Styles

This beautiful typeface is another great example of a classic aesthetic given a modern makeover. Use the stylish alternate characters included to craft the perfect logo or headline.

3. Rostemary Serif Modern Elegant Fonts

Rostemary Serif Modern Elegant Fonts

Here's another stylish serif font. This download is web-font friendly and has some really beautiful ligatures. Download this one today; it could be an elegant addition to a number of design projects.

4. Merova Classic Serif Simple Modern Fonts

Merova Classic Serif Simple Modern Fonts

These modern font styles are classy, versatile, and an excellent addition to any collection. Check out all of the different included styles in this clean modern font family. There's a lot to see and work with here.

5. Karelle SVG - An Organic Serif

Karelle SVG - An Organic Serif

How about cool modern fonts with texture and an organic vibe? Check out this fun font. It has a number of beautifully crafted alternates, so why not employ these lovely extended strokes in your work.

6. Fipty Serif Thin Modern Fonts

Fipty Serif Thin Modern Fonts

Here's another modern serif font with interesting variations. Bring a little magic or romance to your work—it's a fun twist on the traditional look and feel of a classy serif font. 

7. Loverica Modern Logo Fonts Family

Loverica Modern Logo Fonts Family

Thin modern fonts can be such a classy choice, and this font family is no exception. Work with these varied modern font styles to craft an elegant aesthetic for your brand, packaging, or publication.

8. The Stegris Serif Modern Bold Fonts Family

The Stegris Serif Modern Bold Fonts Family

This collection of modern font styles includes various weights to try out. Go with bold, modern, sleek fonts, or try out some of the thin modern fonts in this family.

9. Audrey Mirages Modern Fonts Serif

Audrey Mirages Modern Fonts Serif

This modern serif font has softened, organic edges, giving it a weathered feel. It could be a welcome addition for handmade goods, indie brands, and other projects that benefit from a softer, earthy touch.

10. Lea Thin Modern Fonts Serif

Lea Thin Modern Fonts Serif

Isn't this a fun font? Check out all the organic variation in the strokes. It definitely captures that hand-drawn look and feel, but still acts as a stylish serif font. This is a great alternative to the norm when it comes to serifs.

11.  Willson Clean Modern Fonts Serif

Willson Clean Modern Fonts Serif

If you're looking for a modern spin on a classy serif font, check out this one. As far as clean modern fonts go, this one is a mix of elegance and the unexpected. It's quirky, fun, memorable, and a great candidate among modern logo fonts.

12. Rosvelit Ligature Modern Fonts

Rosvelit Ligature Modern Fonts

Here's a modern serif font family that also adds some classy variety. Use the ligatures for key characters, or keep things traditional and consistent with the included regular, italic, and bold styles.

What Serif Font Will You Download Today?

What are the perfect modern serif fonts for your project? Maybe you prefer a clean, modern, minimalist font. Or maybe you prefer cool modern fonts with interesting variants—maybe you love it all! Download unlimited modern serif fonts on Envato Elements, and you can have them all today. Why choose one when you can have them all?

But if single downloads are more your style, you can check out all the best modern fonts on GraphicRiver. It's the perfect choice when you're only looking to download one or two fonts. 

Love discovering new fonts? Check out these additional font collections for more font finds.

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