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30+ Design & Illustration Tutorials on Tuts+ for Creative Cat Lovers


It's long been established that the human race is run by furry overlords known as "cats". I myself am a slave to two adorable, yet dominant felines who have manipulated my behaviour to overly share their images on social media and make them subjects of many vectors.

For International Cat Day, we at Envato Tuts+ would like to celebrate the awesomeness of cats with a roundup of our favourite tutorials in the Design & Illustration section featuring our feline friends. In addition, our community has shared their own creations for you to check out!

Vector Tutorials for the Feline Fanatic

Photoshop Tutorials for the Crazy Cat Lady

Drawing Tutorials for the Kitty Devotee

Now, I did notice something when I was putting together this list. Monika Zagrobelna and I appear to be the perpetrators of around 80% of cat education on Tuts+ in the Design & Illustration section. Hmmm, let's side-step that for now.  

Submit to Our Feline Overlords!

An article on cat tutorials could not be complete without showing off the art work our community has created. So here's some awesome work from some of our readers. Thank you to everyone who sent me work to show off for this article!

Artwork by Corine G
Artwork by Corine G. You can find her on deviantART and Facebook.
Artwork by Jude Potts
Artwork by Jude Potts. You can find him on Facebook and his website.
Artwork by Kenny Kiernan
Artwork by Kenny Kiernan. You can find him on Twitter and his website.
Artwork by Olga Latif
Artwork by Olga Latif. You can find her on Facebook and her website.
Artwork by Monika Zagrobelna
Artwork by Monika Zagrobelna. You can find her on Tuts+, Twitter and her website.
Artwork by Sharon Milne
Artwork by Sharon Milne (me!). You can find me on Tuts+, Behance and Facebook.
Artwork by Miss Chatz
Artwork by Miss*Chatz. You can find her on Tuts+, Facebook and her website.
Artwork by Asher Benson
Artwork by Asher Benson. You can find her on Tuts+, Facebook and her website.

Show Us Your Cats!

We'd love to see your felines, be it artwork or photographs of your feline friends. Upload them to the comments, and don't forget to leave links to your social media and website for others to check out more of your work.

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