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25+ Best Free PSD Mockups (Photoshop Templates for 2023)

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This post is part of a series called Mockups (Resources, PSDs, Generators and More!).
25+ Best Free Photoshop (PSD) T-Shirt Mockup Templates
10 Must-Have Product Mockup Templates

Want to be an awesome T-shirt designer? See your art applied on high-quality materials, and discover the best free Photoshop mockups available.

But first, consider some professional mockup PSD files with a little more flair! Try one of our amazing premium mockup templates currently available on Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download subscription service that's perfect for creatives. Enjoy unlimited downloads of mockup templates, premium fonts, graphic templates, stock images, and more with your subscription.

10 Premium PSD Mockup Templates

1. Soda Can Mockup Set (PSD)

Soda Can Mockup SetSoda Can Mockup SetSoda Can Mockup Set

Are you designing the branding for a new drink? Then this Soda Can Mockup Set is perfect for you. Showcase your design ideas to your clients with clean can mockup templates. Easily edit this PDF mockup file in Photoshop. Just place your design inside the smart layer and click save! This download features:

  • five can mockup files 
  • high resolution (6000x4000px)
  • each layer is properly named
  • PDF help documentation

2. Branding Mockup Essentials Vol. 4 (PSD)

Branding Mockup Essentials Vol. 4Branding Mockup Essentials Vol. 4Branding Mockup Essentials Vol. 4

You won't need anything else to showcase your design with this download. You'll get a package of Photoshop mockups with stationery scenes. Change the colors and backgrounds to match your brand. Simply place your designs using smart objects, click save, and you’re done! This mockup template includes: 

  • five PSD files
  • all object & shadows separated
  • full customizable color options
  • selective foil stamping
  • changeable background
  • perfect for light and dark designs 

3. iPhone Mockup Template (PSD)

iPhone Mockup Template (PSD)iPhone Mockup Template (PSD)iPhone Mockup Template (PSD)

Are you looking for an iPhone mockup template to show an app or website? This is one of the best Photoshop mockup templates for the job. The download includes:

  • four professional mockup PSD files
  • well-organized layers
  • files based on smart objects

4. Summer Vibes: Product Mockups (PSD, JPG)

Summer Vibes PSD MockupSummer Vibes PSD MockupSummer Vibes PSD Mockup

Share your artwork, postcards, and products with this fun template. You can easily add your designs with Smart Object layers. The premium PSD files have a beach theme shown in high resolution and are based on real photos. Use this amazing Photoshop mockup template to showcase your designs! 

5. Minimal Frame Mockup (PSD)

Minimal Frame MockupMinimal Frame MockupMinimal Frame Mockup

The best way to sell a product or artwork is by placing it in a realistic scene. Check out this beautiful Photoshop mockup template with a frame placed in different locations and with realistic lighting. Mockup templates like this one will make it easier for you to sell your prints and designs. This download features:

  • high-res mockup files (4500x3000 px)
  • print-ready 300 DPI
  • changeable background color
  • fast and easy editing with smart object
  • shadow adjustment with color
  • organized layers

6. Cosmetics Mockup (PSD, JPG)

Cosmetics MockupCosmetics MockupCosmetics Mockup

Live out your dreams with a stylish cosmetics mockup. Great for beauty gurus or designers with a love of makeup, this template helps you apply logos and other brand elements to three simple bottles. Experiment with the background style for more flair!

7. Ice-Cream Packaging Scene Mockup (PSD)

Ice Cream Packaging Scene MockupIce Cream Packaging Scene MockupIce Cream Packaging Scene Mockup

Who doesn't love ice cream? Check out this PSD mockup file to showcase your design for an ice-cream brand. You'll get a set of layered and fully editable PSD mockup files ready for you to add your design. It's quick and easy to edit them by simply double-clicking the Smart Object layers and saving the changes. You're all set! 

8. Coffee Doughnut Mockup (PSD)

Coffee Doughnut MockupCoffee Doughnut MockupCoffee Doughnut Mockup

Sinfully sweet, this doughnut and coffee mockup will have you saying "Starbucks who?" This awesome download includes ten realistic photo mockups featuring delicious treats and drinks. Just choose the photo scenario you like best to apply your logo or branding.

9. Poster Mockup Template (PSD)

Poster Mockup TemplatePoster Mockup TemplatePoster Mockup Template

Now that your poster is done, all it needs is a compelling background! Give this stunning scene a shot with this creative poster mockup. This bundle features ten photo-realistic styles with high-resolution images you can update fast. Change the background and more for a new effect.

10. Sweatshirt Mockup (PSD)

Sweatshirt MockupSweatshirt MockupSweatshirt Mockup

Maybe you're looking for an even more realistic setting for your products. If you're trying to sell your designs in T-shirts and sweatshirts, this pack of mockup templates is ideal for you. With this download, you'll get three photo mockup files with image placeholders in Adobe Photoshop. Included with this download:

  • three photo mockup files
  • 300 DPI
  • clearly organized and labeled layers
  • easy to customize

25 Best Free Photoshop Mockup Templates

Still looking for free mockups for Photoshop? Find free mockup templates for everything from T-shirts and business cards to vehicle wraps and more.

Check out this incredible selection of free Photoshop mockup templates:

1. Free PSD Packaging Box Mockup

Even a box needs a little primping every now and then! Customize your branding materials with this amazing Photoshop template product mockup. This template features several interesting angles to choose from, with built-in smart objects for easy navigation. Check it out!

 Free PSD Packaging Box Mockup Free PSD Packaging Box Mockup Free PSD Packaging Box Mockup

2. Free Event Frame Banner Mockup

Envision a large advertisement for your company or product with this mockup in Photoshop for free. Take advantage of this clean, professional event frame Photoshop background mockup. It comes with fantastic smart objects for easier editing.

3. Poster Mockup PSD

Here is a simple, yet effective, poster Photoshop background mockup for Photoshop. It works with older versions of the program and is high-resolution. Try out this Photoshop mockup template for free!

4. Natural Magazine Cover Free Mockup

This setup frames your magazine cover well. The Adobe Photoshop mockup free download features a simple desk scene with plant life in the shot. You'll love the clean look of this natural magazine mockup template!

5. Free iMac Pro PSD Mockup

Many designers love to show off their workspace and designs. Now you can have a stylish desk too with this stunning iMac Pro mockup. Included is a brilliant product mockup Photoshop file with all the elements you need to enjoy this sophisticated color scheme. Try it out!

 Free iMac Pro PSD Mockup Free iMac Pro PSD Mockup Free iMac Pro PSD Mockup

6. Skin Care Bottle Mockup

Set your brand in this contemporary scene! This skincare bottle product mockup Photoshop file is perfect for luxury brands. It's very detailed and features space for your logo. Test out this stylish mockup in Photoshop for free before running your ad!

7. Essential Stationery Branding Mockup

Looking for stationery free mockups for Photoshop? Every major company needs an official letterhead. Show your client how the final design appears on paper, envelopes, and more with this essential stationery branding kit. Featuring a high-quality Adobe Photoshop mockup free download with many editable objects, this kit is simple and easy to use.

Essential Stationery Branding MockupEssential Stationery Branding MockupEssential Stationery Branding Mockup

8. Classy Interior Poster Mockup

Display your art against a clean white wall to show off your creativity. This classy interior space is a smart fix for any creative. Just use the convenient smart objects to replace the center with an image of your own. Works best with portrait photos and paintings. It's one of the best Photoshop mockups for free you'll find online. 

 Classy Interior Poster Mockup Classy Interior Poster Mockup Classy Interior Poster Mockup

9. Realistic Lamp Post Banner Mockup

Do you aspire to show at a major convention? Then give this realistic Adobe Photoshop mockup free download file a try. Featuring a photo with two placeholders for images, this Photoshop mockup will help save you valuable time and money. Use it to show your designs in real-world perspectives. Try out this Photoshop mockup template for free!

 Realistic Lamp Post Banner Mockup Realistic Lamp Post Banner Mockup Realistic Lamp Post Banner Mockup

10. Metalic Signboard Free Mockup

Place your logo or shop name directly on this sign for an instant street-style setup! This photo-based Photoshop file is created from an actual photograph, so you won't be able to move too many elements around. Try it out on your presentations to win over any client!

11. Business Card Free Mockup

Looking for stationery Photoshop mockups for free? This minimal business card mockup is very easy to use. The Adobe Photoshop mockup free download file features multiple rows of cards over a neat desktop. Add your designs to the mockups, and choose from a light or dark background to display them on. 

12. Apple Watch Mockup

A great place to find free mockup templates is by checking out the creative designers on Behance. This awesome Apple Watch product mockup Photoshop file comes with easy smart objects you can quickly update! Check out your work on awesome new tech for cool merchandise ideas and more.

Apple Watch MockupApple Watch MockupApple Watch Mockup

13. Apple Pro Display XDR Mockup

This is a free PSD mockup that will interest anyone who's on the cutting edge of tech. The Photoshop template product mockup features the latest Apple display as the stage. Use it to promote your client's website or your new online endeavor.

14. Plastic Food Container Free Mockup

Many mockup templates are incredibly versatile, but it's worth having mockups for niche items. This plastic food container product mockup Photoshop file, for instance, lets you apply your designs on the side and lid of the tub. It's great if you or your client sell products at farmers' markets.

15. T-Shirt Mockup

Can't decide on the perfect quote for your T-shirt or apparel? Try a quick T-shirt mockup! This template sets your T-shirt up with a creative design you can customize yourself. Experiment with different fonts, images, and arrangements to make the most out of this template.

T-Shirt MockupT-Shirt MockupT-Shirt Mockup

16. Perspective App Screen Mockup

Win over investors with this sleek app screen mockup. This stunning design features a clever perspective concept that can be easily updated with your own apps. Make any presentation stand out with this efficient, modern design.

Perspective App Screen Mockup Perspective App Screen Mockup Perspective App Screen Mockup

17. Free Wooden Stationery Mockup

Celebrate your new business card designs with a stylish setup. This stationery mockup displays your cards on a natural wooden stump for an interesting perspective. Add a few leaves to your scene or leave them off to highlight the cards. Choose the result you want.

 Free Wooden Stationery Mockup Free Wooden Stationery Mockup Free Wooden Stationery Mockup

18. A4 Flyer Mockup

If you're looking to promote your events or business, this download is for you. It features a unique scene to showcase your design. Easily place your images over these flyer designs. Try it out if you want a simple, free Photoshop mockup. 

19. Tjapitis Flip Flop Mockup

This beach-ready mockup is both laid-back and professionally designed. The free PSD mockup file is fully editable, so you can add your designs and artwork easily. It's a great look for marketing and presentations. 

20. Paper Coffee Cup Free Mockup

This free PSD mockup is very straightforward. It features a paper coffee cup placed on a table. The scene shows off your design, which is perfect for your marketing efforts. It's always useful to have one of these Photoshop mockup templates for free. 

21. Pickup Truck Mockup

Wrap your work truck in a sick visual graphic! This pickup truck template makes it simple to see your designs applied to real-world automobiles. Choose from two separate mockups to enjoy the realistic setup. Try it out now to see the awesome design!

Pickup Truck MockupPickup Truck MockupPickup Truck Mockup

22. Poster on Brick Wall Mockup PSD

Poster art instantly adds style and drama to any wall. Now you can see your designs against a cool contemporary brick wall with this free mockup of a wall poster on a brick wall. Check it out!

23. Free Soda Can Tin Mockup PSD

The summer heat always calls for a refreshing drink. Launch a delicious beverage of your own with this cool soda can mockup template, featuring three soda cans in different colors and fully customizable layers.

Free Soda Can Tin MockupFree Soda Can Tin MockupFree Soda Can Tin Mockup

24. Free Sticker Mockup PSD

Who doesn't like stickers? This free PSD download features organized layers and Smart Objects. Easily insert your designs and other elements while you work. It's perfect for online promotions and marketing.

25. Painted Wood Logo Mockup

Your logo is a work of art all on its own. Show it against a gorgeous wooden floor for a vintage look. This wood paint mockup features a simple signage template that you won't want to pass up. Download this free Photoshop mockup today to add to your creative arsenal.

Painted Wood Logo MockUpPainted Wood Logo MockUpPainted Wood Logo MockUp

Go ahead and try any of these Photoshop mockup templates for free! 

Start Your Design With Mockup Templates Today!

Discover what awaits your career by adding a little finesse to your portfolio. Try out these cool Photoshop mockup templates to bring the best out of your style!

Need more inspiration and resources? Check out these tutorials to learn from our experts at the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel and more!

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