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How to Make a Mockup Without Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

Learn how to make a mockup without Photoshop by using the online mockup generator at Placeit to create a mockup online.

Mockups are a very effective way of showing a design in its intended form without actually investing any time and money in its production. You don't have to print your design on a T-shirt to see how it looks—you just need a mockup. 

But how do you create mockups? For years, designers have been using Photoshop for this task, but it's not necessary anymore. In this short tutorial, I will show you how to make a mockup without Photoshop, in a few simple steps. I'll use a T-shirt mockup and an iPhone mockup as examples.

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What You Will Learn in This Mockup Tutorial

  • How to use Placeit, an online mockup tool
  • How to create a mockup online, without using Photoshop
  • How to create a T-shirt mockup online 
  • How to create an iPhone mockup

1. How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup

Step 1

Go to the online mockup tool at Placeit.net. Find the Mockups tab and go to T-Shirt Mockups to create a T-shirt mockup online.

tshirt mockups placeit

Step 2

Click Upload Your Design Here and select the image you want to see on the templates. Give it a moment to upload. I used this image.

upload design to create mockup

Step 3

When it's uploaded, you'll be asked to crop it. In my case, it looks fine as it is, but you can easily change its size with the slider. When you're ready, click Crop.

crop the design

Step 4

The online mockup generator will now apply your design to all the templates automatically. The image you have uploaded will be adjusted to each T-shirt in terms of the position, shape, lighting, and even colors. 

Now simply scroll through a whole library of mockups presenting your design. If you find one that looks particularly nice to you, just click it to see it better.

tshirt mockup templates

Step 5

Here, you can still edit the design as you wish. You can change the color of the T-shirt to see if the design works for other colors, and you can still crop the image differently if you need by clicking this icon. I decided that my image would look better if it was placed slightly higher, so I changed it.

tshirt mockup template smiling man

Step 6

If you're happy with how the mockup looks, and you want to show it to the client without the watermark, just scroll up and click the Download button. Here you can purchase the image or download it as a part of your unlimited subscription.

download mockup template
purchase mockup template

10 Awesome Free & Paid Templates to Get You Started

Now that you understand how to use a T-shirt mockup template, here are some terrific apparel templates you can start practicing on to get you started. You will create a mockup online in no time and very easily.

1. Young Woman Wearing a Snapback Hat Video Mockup Standing Against a Brick Wall

Video is everywhere these days, and we would be remiss if we didn't include a video mockup. This one is a nine-second clip featuring a young woman standing against a brick wall. The camera pans slowly from left to right as the woman smiles at the camera.

2. Folded T-Shirt Mockup Lying Next to a Camera and Clothes on a Bed (FREE) 

Folded T-Shirt Mockup Lying Next to a Camera and Clothes on a Bed

Maybe you want to show off a fashion brand or a travel logo. Either way, this free T-shirt mockup template is another great way to incorporate a real-life context with a neatly folded T-shirt lying on a bed next to other items. The perfect flat-lay to show your designs to their best advantage.

3. Man Wearing a T-Shirt Video at a Parking Lot

One of the best advantages of using our awesome online mockup tool is that you can also see how your mockup looks in video, not only in an image. Like this pretty cool video of a man walking through a parking lot and wearing a T-shirt. Take advantage of this feature and make a T-shirt mockup online!

4. Hoodie Mockup With Couple

Hoodie Mockup with Couple

Looking for just the right couple to show off your hoodie design? This mockup of a cool young couple can be used for a myriad of purposes, including edgy hairdressing salon, tattoo parlor, laidback clothing line, and more.

5. Video of a Woman with Bangs Wearing a Hoodie

Next up, we've got this video mockup of a woman wearing a hoodie. This is a great opportunity to see your own hoodie design in action. Go create a mockup online at Placeit!

6. Woman Wearing a Round Neck T-shirt Mockup (FREE)

Woman Wearing a Round Neck Tshirt Mockup

Featuring a young woman standing behind a counter, this free T-shirt mockup template uses a real-life context to bring your designs to life and help people visualize themselves wearing your T-shirts. This is a simple and effective T-shirt mockup online.

7. Hoodie Video of a Girl Hugging Her Mom at a Park

If you've browsed our online mockup generator, I'm sure you've found an extensive variety of options for your mockup. We also have mockups for kids' clothes, like this girl wearing a hoodie. Check this cool video for your next mockup online.

8. Sweatshirt Mockup with Couple

Sweatshirt Mockup with Couple

Here's a cool sweatshirt template of a couple, one of whom is wearing a sweatshirt and facing the camera directly, which allows your design to be seen clearly. Another great feature of creating this mockup online is that you can change the background to whatever colour you want. 

9. Volleyball Jersey Maker - Woman Receiving the Ball

Volleyball Jersey Maker - Woman Receiving the Ball

If you need a stylish jersey design mockup for volleyball, this is a great template to consider. The image in the template is shot against a black background, and you customize everything from the color of the shorts to each color in the ball. Our online mockup tool has plenty of customization options for you.

10. T-Shirt Mockup Featuring Man Wearing a Yellow and Green Bracelet (FREE) 

T-Shirt Mockup Featuring Man Wearing a Yellow and Green Bracelet

This simple, free T-shirt mockup template with its neutral background would be a great way to show off products or services targeting a male audience. Just upload your image, select the desired T-shirt color, and you’re done.

If you're interested in other cool mockups for sweatshirts, hats, tote bags, etc., check out these handy roundups of the best apparel mockups:

2. How to Create an iPhone Mockup

Step 1

Creating an iPhone mockup is just as easy as we showed you with the T-shirt mockup online. Again, go to Placeit.net, and this time navigate to Mockups > iPhone Mockups.

iphone mockups placeit

If you're looking for some recommendations, here's our list of the best iPhone mockup templates available:

Step 2

In our online mockup tool, click Upload Screenshot and select the image that you want to see on the screen of an iPhone.

upload screenshot for mockup

Step 3

Give it a few seconds to upload, and then crop the image if necessary. When you're done, click Crop and see how the image is applied to all the templates in real time. All of this will happen automatically, and you just have to wait and let the magic happen.

co design to fit iphone

Step 4

Scroll through all the mockups to see if you like one of them more than the others. When you find it, click it to open a bigger version.

iphone templates online

Step 5

Here, again, you can edit the picture, but if you like how it looks, just scroll up and click the Download button to buy the mockup. And that's it! This online mockup generator is pretty easy to use.

download iphone template

10 More Terrific Free & Paid Templates You'll Love

Next up, let me share with you more awesome mockup templates from Placeit, our online mockup tool. In there, you can create mockups not only on clothes, but also on the everyday objects and gadgets we use. You can create a book mockup online too!

1. Mockup of an iPhone Lying on a Pink Surface with Purple and Yellow (FREE)

Mockup of an iPhone Lying on a Pink Surface with Purple and Yellow

Now that you know how to create your own iPhone mockups, here's a free iPhone mockup you can use to advertise your new app. Shot from above and displayed against a beautiful multicolored surface, this is the perfect mockup to keep all eyes on your design. 

2. Tote Bag Mockup Hanging From a Nail on a Two Colors Wall

Tote Bag Mockup Hanging from a Nail on a Two Colors Wall

This tote bag mockup is perfect for the minimalists out there. The design features a tote hanging on a nail against a duo-tone wall. The cotton bag mockup allows you to change the colour of the bag as well as both colours of the background.

3. Beautiful Woman Reading a Book Mockup While Posing

Beautiful Woman Reading a Book Mockup While Posing

If you want to know how to create a book mockup online, this is the template for you. A terrific paperback book mockup, this template features a stylish young woman reading a paperback on the steps of a building. This very realistic book cover mockup allows you to upload images for the front, spine, and back cover of your book. You can create a book mockup online easily.

4. Template From Above of a Pizza Box on a Wooden Surface With Ingredients Nearby

Template From Above of a Pizza Box on a Wooden Surface With Ingredients Nearby

You've just opened up a pizzeria, and you need a low-cost way of advertising your new venture. Showcasing some of the wonderful freshness of ingredients that go into the making of a pizza, this realistic pizza box packaging mockup is the perfect template for you. 

5. Woman Sitting on Outdoor Patio Using a Black iPad 

Woman Sitting on Outdoor Patio Using a Black iPad

An over-the-shoulder image of a woman using her iPad in an outdoor cafe, this mockup gives the viewer a big, bright, clear view of the screen, with enough blur in the background to keep their attention focused.

6. Cup Mockup Featuring a Coffee Cup on Top of a Kitchen Counter (FREE)

Cup Mockup Featuring a Coffee Cup on Top of a Kitchen Counter

Keep your viewer’s eyes riveted to your design when you use this terrific free coffee mug mockup, which sits in the foreground of the photo and stands out quite clearly against a softly blurred background of a kitchen countertop. 

7. Device Mockup MacBook and iPhone on Wooden Table

Device Mockup MacBook and iPhone on Wooden Coffee

There’s a reason flat-lays are so popular nowadays. They’re a perfect way to display the objects on any surface. What’s great about this particular flat-lay is that it's a perfect phone and computer mockup for showing off how a webpage would look on a computer screen and on a mobile device. A great laptop phone mockup combo for web designers, writers, or entrepreneurs.  

8. Gift Bags Mockup Featuring a Woman on a Bench

Gift Bags Mockup Featuring a Woman on a Bench

What could be better than being able to display your product design labels in a number of styles and dimensions? This gift bag packaging mockup allows you to do just that, with gift bags that range from small to medium to very large. 

9. Mockup of an Open Magazine Lying on a Multicolor Surface

Create a colourful and dynamic background to display your magazine spread mockup against with this multicolour print magazine mockup. First, upload your magazine pages, and then use the colour picker to experiment with colours that would best complement and show off your spread to the best advantage. 

10. Poster Mockup of Pretty Woman Over a Blue Backdrop (FREE)

Poster Mockup of Pretty Woman Over a Blue Backdrop

Why not show off your gorgeous poster design with this awesome poster mockup? The template features a young woman holding a giant poster in front of her and is shot against a beautiful blue background. The free mockup template would be suitable for a wide range of posters, from artistic designs to advertising posters. 

If you're interested in other cool mockups for iPads, laptops, books, magazines, mugs and a whole host of templates, check out these handy roundups of the best mockups at Placeit:

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a mockup online easily and quickly. To learn more, check out our blog post on the hot mockup trends in 2020.

And if you're interested in more tutorials about mockups, you need to see this list of terrific tutorials below: 

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