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How to Make a Mockup Without Photoshop

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Mockups are a very effective way to show a design in its intended form without actually investing any time and money in its production. You don't have to print your design on a T-shirt to see how it looks—you just need a mockup. 

But how to create a mockup? For years, designers have been using Photoshop for this task, but it's not necessary anymore. In this short tutorial, I will show you how to make a mockup without Photoshop, in a few simple steps. I'll use a T-shirt mockup and an iPhone mockup as examples.

Follow along with me over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel:

1. How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup

Step 1

Go to Placeit.net. Find the Mockups tab and go to T-Shirt Mockups.

tshirt mockups placeit

Step 2

Click Upload Your Design Here and select the image you want to see on the templates. Give it a moment to upload.

I used this image.

upload design to create mockup

Step 3

When it's uploaded, you'll be asked to crop it. In my case, it looks fine as it is, but you can easily change its size with the slider. When you're ready, click Crop.

crop the design

Step 4

The site will now apply your design to all the templates automatically and magically. The image you have uploaded will be adjusted to each T-shirt in terms of the position, shape, lighting, and even colors. 

Now simply scroll through a whole library of mockups presenting your design. If you find one that looks particularly nice to you, just click it to see it better.

tshirt mockup templates

Step 5

Here, you can still edit the design as you wish. You can change the color of the T-shirt to see if the design works for other colors, and you can still crop the image differently if you need by clicking this icon. I decided that my image would look better if it was placed slightly higher, so I changed it.

tshirt mockup template smiling man

Step 6

If you're happy with how it looks, and you want to show it to the client without the watermark, just scroll up and click the Download button. Here you can purchase the image or download it as a part of your unlimited subscription.

download mockup template
purchase mockup template

2. How to Create an iPhone Mockup

Step 1

Creating an iPhone mockup is just as easy. Again, go to Placeit.net and navigate to Mockups > iPhone Mockups.

iphone mockups placeit

Step 2

Click Upload Screenshot and select the image that you want to see on the screen of an iPhone.

upload screenshot for mockup

Step 3

Give it a few seconds to upload, and then crop the image if necessary. When you're done, click Crop and see how the image is applied to all the templates in real time. All of this will happen automatically, and you just have to wait and let the magic happen.

co design to fit iphone

Step 4

Scroll through all the mockups to see if you like one of them more than the others. When you find it, click it to open a bigger version.

iphone templates online

Step 5

Here, again, you can edit the picture, but if you like how it looks, just scroll up and click the Download button to buy the mockup.

download iphone template

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a T-shirt mockup and an iPhone mockup without Photoshop. But you may also be interested in some of our other tutorials about mockups:

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