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10 Must-Have Product Mockup Templates

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Highlight the best qualities of your business. Download a premium product mockup to boost sales, followers, and more.

10 Must-Have Product Mockups

A product mockup displays your product with stylish, modern layouts. You can use them to boost your social media profiles or to elevate your personal portfolio.

And there are just so many!

Design for the brand you want. Build an empire with easy-to-use templates that place great design in your hands.

Today, we bring you ten must-have types of product mockups from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Get the latest updates in amazing trends and stay on track with our premium templates.

Need custom work instead? We can help! Enlist the talent of a professional from Envato Studio for all your mockup needs.

1. Billboard/Sign Mockups

Imagine your name in the sky, making your mother proud. Every entrepreneur knows the feeling of their first sign, and you can create the perfect design with a professional sign mockup.

These templates range from cinematic styles to professional, modern layouts. They're great for design studios and all creative beginners.

Build a better portfolio with this poster sign mockup. Explore stylish perspectives that help clients envision your design. This template comes with four easy-to-use smart objects that make switching out new projects fast and convenient.

 Poster Signs on Building Mockup Poster Signs on Building Mockup Poster Signs on Building Mockup
Poster Signs on Building Mockup

Elegant design is so alluring and satisfying. The right balance of antique and modern elements can transform any project. This unique sign template features 50 outdoor signs for boutiques and more. Get high-quality surroundings made from real environments.

50 Signs mockups50 Signs mockups50 Signs mockups
50 Sign Mockups

Update your social media with compelling content. Signs and facades is a brilliant poster template packed with exciting elements. Each mockup features high-resolution images with charming vintage styles. Try it out!

Signs  Facades MockupsSigns  Facades MockupsSigns  Facades Mockups
Signs & Facades Mockups

2. Food Mockups

From Korean mukbangs to the Food Network, we all love food. And food mockups are great for budding chefs and restaurateurs. Display tasty images of ingredients and more, with no photography equipment necessary.

Get the shot you need with a premium scene like this organic food mockup. Scene generators help you create awesome hero images for your website headers. This pack includes fully layered files with drag-and-drop elements. Choose from 27 premade designs, or create your own.

Organic Food Mockup Organic Food Mockup Organic Food Mockup
Organic Food Mockup

Make your images Instagram worthy with stunning environments. This organic food mockup features ten gorgeous scenes with the charm of a local food market. Enjoy five branding mockups along with eight photo presets.

Organic Food Photo MockupOrganic Food Photo MockupOrganic Food Photo Mockup
Organic Food Photo Mockup

Some of the best design appears effortless. There's that perfect mix of rough and soft elements that make a scene shine. That's how I like to imagine this kitchen ready mockup. This download is packed with five customizable Photoshop templates with fully prepared objects and shadows.

Kitchen Ready Mockup Kitchen Ready Mockup Kitchen Ready Mockup
Kitchen Ready Mockup

3. Vehicle Mockups

Vehicle wraps make it easy to place cool custom designs on any vehicle. They're great for food trucks, contractors, and small business owners looking to pick up additional clientele.

Mockups, in this case, are essential for trying out different variations. Avoid major hassles by finalizing your design before sending it out.

Give your clients the royal treatment with this premium van mockup. Designed with fresh, geometric elements, this template comes with incredible details you can quickly customize.

Van MockupVan MockupVan Mockup
Van Mockup

Have a great food truck idea? Test it out and draw customers to your business. With this amazing food truck template, you can copy and paste images into easily editable smart objects that run a designated action to complete the effect. Get a professional vehicle wrap in less time.

Food Truck Mock-UpFood Truck Mock-UpFood Truck Mock-Up
Food Truck Mockup

Trucks and vans aren't the only vehicles you can wrap. From massive delivery trucks to small cars, you can add a vehicle wrap to just about anything. 

This cars mockup template features three types of cars with 21 realistic examples. Control the look of the lighting and shadow with super efficient controls.

Cars Mock-upCars Mock-upCars Mock-up
Cars Mockup

4. Brand/Stationery Mockups

Could your portfolio use a redesign? Update your work with stunning mockups. 

Brand designers know the power of a great logo. And they use mockup templates to help clients visualize logos as official corporate identities. 

This stationery mockup, for instance, has a bold, masculine design. It includes individually layered elements with options to control shadow and more. You can even create custom closeups to make the camera angles more dramatic.

Stationery  Branding Mockup Stationery  Branding Mockup Stationery  Branding Mockup
Stationery / Branding Mockup

Logos, letterheads, and envelopes are just a few of the graphic elements you'll need for corporate branding. Consider a clean design with minimal accents like this corporate stationery template. This design features a full professional suite with six Photoshop files, international sizes, and changeable backgrounds.

Corporate Stationery Branding MockupCorporate Stationery Branding MockupCorporate Stationery Branding Mockup
Corporate Stationery Branding Mockup

Are your mockups looking a little basic? Jazz up your designs with inviting environments made from actual photos. This cafe branding mockup lets you see your logo on mugs, business cards, and more.

Cafe Branding MockupCafe Branding MockupCafe Branding Mockup
Cafe Branding Mockup

5. Book/Magazine Mockups

Looking to write the next best seller? Explore different book covers with fully editable templates. Whether you're looking to publish a book or magazine, mockups make it easy to see your dreams come to fruition.

This book mockup creates a beautiful hardcover design complete with high-resolution details. Simply switch out the background to try it out with different colors and surfaces. You can also choose from four artistic filters to create additional effects.

Book Mockup Book Mockup Book Mockup
Book Mockup

Alternatively, you can use mockups to show off your drawing skills. This sketch book template offers four Photoshop files with multiple angles for your drawings. Keep in mind, however, that the minimum software is Photoshop CS4.

Sketch Book MockupsSketch Book MockupsSketch Book Mockups
Sketch Book Mockups

Magazines are another type of publication that allow creatives to express themselves. So why not start the next big online publication with a brilliant magazine mockup? Designed to look like a realistic lunch scene, this glamour magazine mockup offers ten photo-realistic presentations for a glamorous result. Try it out now!

Magazine Mock-Up Glamour EditionMagazine Mock-Up Glamour EditionMagazine Mock-Up Glamour Edition
Magazine Mockup Glamour Edition

6. Poster and Art Mockups

Hang your beautiful work on a modern, elegant wall. Or update your portfolio with unique displays. Poster mockups are the perfect display solution for all creatives alike.

Artists usually use mockups on social media sites like Behance and more. Create your own gallery viewing with a minimal poster template. This design features several background options along with easy-to-use smart objects and filters.

Minimal Poster MockupsMinimal Poster MockupsMinimal Poster Mockups
Minimal Poster Mockups

This poster and flyer template offers sleek and modern designs perfect for newbies to Photoshop. They're great for websites and presentations, and include four trendy setups.

Poster and Flyer MockupPoster and Flyer MockupPoster and Flyer Mockup
Poster and Flyer Mockup

Round out your toolkit with a stunning art wall mockup. These templates are fun for interior design enthusiasts and artists. They also contain awesome movable objects!

Art Wall Mock UpArt Wall Mock UpArt Wall Mock Up
Art Wall Mockup

7. Flag Mockups

Flags often represent symbols of patriotism, sports, business, or important directions. Boost your marketing campaigns with a fascinating flag mockup! These templates require experience with layer masks and smart objects, so update your skills before you begin.

Get started with a photorealistic flag mockup. Created with 11 photo-realistic flags, this template has a simple structure for replacing the flag images. Adjust the backgrounds, add texture, or play with multiple angles to explore more looks.

11 Photorealistic Flag Mock Ups11 Photorealistic Flag Mock Ups11 Photorealistic Flag Mock Ups
11 Photorealistic Flag Mockups

Wave your brand as a mighty flag with this brilliant pack of flag mockups. Try out nine premade flag angles with photo-realistic effects.

Flag Mock UpFlag Mock UpFlag Mock Up
Flag Mockup

Want more templates? Check out this sports-themed flag mockup. Great for any sports fan, this template includes several lighting effects and epic blurred backgrounds.

Flag Mock UpsFlag Mock UpsFlag Mock Ups
Flag Mockups

8. T-shirt Mockups

Showcase your designs with a t-shirt mockup that will give your customers a hint of just how great your designs look like when being worn. This t-shirt mockup features a beautiful young woman smiling and pointing right at your design. Make the most of it by choosing a custom color for the garment, all straight from your browser, thanks to Placeit. 

T-shirt mockup from PlaceitT-shirt mockup from PlaceitT-shirt mockup from Placeit

This t-shirt bundle includes six different camera views with both female and male models. Enjoy fully editable smart objects and a convenient help video for more instruction.

Man and Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle Man and Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle Man and Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle
Man and Woman T-Shirt Mockup Bundle

Rock an urban look with this t-shirt mockup template. Designed for that trendy, hipster look, this template includes customizable colors, textures, and lighting.

T-Shirt Mockup Urban EditionT-Shirt Mockup Urban EditionT-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition
T-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition

Everyone loves a simple white tee. So add this essential design to your toolkit with a white t-shirt presentation mockup. Designed for professional presentations, this template is perfect for websites, apps, or online stores.

White T-Shirt Presentation Mock UpWhite T-Shirt Presentation Mock UpWhite T-Shirt Presentation Mock Up
White T-Shirt Presentation Mockup

9. Bottle and Mug Mockups

Could your favorite drink recipe be the next big thing? Rock your next presentation with a bottle mockup!

Display delicious organic recipes with this juice or tea bottle mockup. In just three simple steps, you can customize a professional bottle with a logo and nutritional facts.

Juice or Tea Bottle Mockup Juice or Tea Bottle Mockup Juice or Tea Bottle Mockup
Juice or Tea Bottle Mockup

No champagne bottle is complete without an official label. Make your mark in the vineyard country with this premium champagne mockup. This template features high-quality bottles with front and back views. Try it out today!

Premium Champagne Bottle Mockup Premium Champagne Bottle Mockup Premium Champagne Bottle Mockup
Premium Champagne Bottle Mockup

Mockups reflect what's popular in pop culture. And who doesn't love coffee? Download this coffee mug mockup to explore incredible gradient backgrounds.

White Coffee Mug Mock-UpWhite Coffee Mug Mock-UpWhite Coffee Mug Mock-Up
White Coffee Mug Mockup

10. Logo Mockups

Our last must-have product mockup is dedicated to logo themes. Not to be confused with branding mockups, these templates display your logos on different surfaces and backgrounds. They even include epic 3D effects!

Win your clients over with a modern logo mockup. This template features high-quality logo cards with various angles and backgrounds. It's easy to use, so you won't need to be a Photoshop expert!

Logo Mockup Logo Mockup Logo Mockup
Logo Mockup

Create awesome 3D logos with popular retro effects. This alternative logo template features six photo-realistic scenes with changeable objects. Add fire, chalk, and wood burning effects for fascinating results.

Alternative Logo MockupsAlternative Logo MockupsAlternative Logo Mockups
Alternative Logo Mockups

Let's close out this selection with this epic hand lettering logo mockup. It's the perfect way to create that handmade aesthetic without any actual mess. Give your work that rustic look with this brilliant pack!

Hand Lettering Logo MockupsHand Lettering Logo MockupsHand Lettering Logo Mockups
Hand Lettering Logo Mockups


This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. For additional help with all your mockup needs, enlist the skills of a talented professional by choosing one of the amazing designers from Envato Studio.

And with loads of product mockups available, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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