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22 Best Photo Filters and Effects for Photoshop for 2021


Want the latest photo effects for 2021? Check out this list of awesome Photoshop resources.

Duotone Photoshop Actions
Duotones is just one of the top premium photo effects you'll find from this list.

22 Best Photoshop Filters and Effects

Jump into 2021 with the best content around! Create inspiring Instagram timelines that will grab your followers' attention with gorgeous photo filters and effects.

To kick things off, we're bringing you one of our amazing collections of creative Photoshop photo effects and cool Instagram-like filters from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Boost sales and drive traffic to your page with colorful imagery that will wow your audience. Make the most out of these high-quality Photoshop effects to save time and creative energy.

Here are our favorites!

Top Photo Effects From Envato Elements for 2021

1. Royal Wedding Pro Photoshop Actions (ATN)

How will you remember your special day? Design a wedding series inspired by the royals with this exclusive pack of pro Photoshop actions. Made especially for wedding photography, this pack includes a one-click action to achieve magical effects.

Royal Wedding Pro Photoshop Actions

2. 21 Vintage & Retro Color Effects (PSD)

Vintage photography is alluring and gorgeous, so why not apply the same photo effect to your pictures? Try it out with this lovely set of vintage and retro color effect actions. This set includes 21 different color schemes you can easily combine for a whole new look.

21 Vintage  Retro Color Effects

3. Wanderlust Photoshop Action (ATN)

Ready to travel the world with your camera in hand? Check out this next set of Photoshop actions to bring the best vibes out of your photography. Great for bloggers, social media influencers, and more, this set includes three actions for regular, light, and dark effects.

Wanderlust Photoshop Action

4. Oil Paint Animation Photoshop Action (ATN)

Oil painting has never been easier than with professional Photoshop actions. Developed with an eye for detail, this animated action turns your photos into moving oil paintings you'll love. Upload them quickly to Instagram or other profiles to watch them at work.

Oil Paint Animation Photoshop Action

5. 25 Bridal Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Look as heavenly as a bride, even when it isn't your wedding day! This luxurious set of Photoshop actions includes 25 photo effects for dreamy results. Produce high-quality portrait and lifestyle pictures perfect for both print and web media. Add it today!

25 Bridal Photoshop Actions

6. MicroPro Fantasy Pink Photoshop Action (ATN)

Another popular trend making its round is infrared photography. This effect creates bold, colorful results to transform landscape and nature pictures. This particular MicroPro fantasy pink action is very easy to use and creates a vibrant pink effect in just seconds!

MicroPro Fantasy Pink Photoshop Action

7. Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN, PDF)

Duotone effects aren't going anywhere for 2021. And you'll still be able to hop on this cool trend with this set of duotone Photoshop actions. This pack includes 36 actions made with editable gradient maps for quick results. Achieve all kinds of photo effects with one quality pack.

Duotone Photoshop Actions

8. Monochromatic Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Perhaps simplicity is the key to making the right impression online. Curate your own stylistic set of monochromatic images with this exceptional pack of Photoshop actions. Get a total of 18 actions for monotone, sepia, and cyanotype-styled images.

Monochromatic Photoshop Actions

9. Vector Art Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR, PAT)

Intimated by vector artwork? Make the process a lot easier with this simple Photoshop action. In just a few clicks, you can leverage the power of vector graphics with a Photoshop action preloaded with cool presets and more. Check out additional goodies like 15 vector backgrounds for even more creative fun.

Vector Art Photoshop Action

10. Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Enjoy the look of an oil painting combined with clever comic styles for one brilliant effect! This Photoshop action provides a non-destructive way to edit your photos without any quality loss. Choose from ten different comic-inspired filters to try out on all of your own pictures.

Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions

11. Analog Camera Actions for Adobe Photoshop (ATN, PDF)

No matter how much our tech improves, we still love analog pictures. This Photoshop action set proves just that and includes 24 analog effects for any budding creative. You won't need a special camera to achieve these results, just patience and a nifty handbook that's already included!

Analog Camera Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Best Photo Effects From GraphicRiver for 2021

1. Animated Real Paint FX - Photoshop Add-On (PAT, ATN, PSD, PNG, JSX)

With this Photoshop action, your photos will look as if they belong in a museum. In a matter of clicks, you can have a real paint effect applied. It works great for portraits and other types of photos. It includes mockups for different scenes and textures. You can also get the results animated!

Animated Real Paint FX Premium Paint Effect Photoshop

2. Gif Animated Allure Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN)

Animated photos will definitely be a huge trend in 2021. So if you're worried you'll be behind, take advantage of helpful Photoshop actions like this creative allure set. Just open your image right in Adobe Photoshop and brush over the area you'd like for an alluring, magical effect in no time at all.

Gif Animated Allure Photoshop Action

3. Old Photo Effect Overlays Actions (ATN, JPG)

Step into the past with a stunning old photo effect. This set of overlays comes with a helpful Photoshop action to turn your photos into vintage pictures. Get realistic effects like blurred edges and blown-out bright spots with this high-quality pack of photo effects.

Old Photo Effect Overlays Actions

4. 45 Glitch Effect Photo Template (PSD)

Pay homage to VHS film with this creative set of photo templates. Developed for Adobe Photoshop, these easy-to-use templates include 45 glitch effects you can customize fast. Enjoy two Photoshop files with a helpful documentation file to walk you through this effect.

45 Glitch Effect Photo Template

5. Instalight Photoshop Action (ATN)

Do you need your photos to look crisp and clean for Instagram? This next Photoshop action lets you play out a stunning light effect that will instantly improve the appearance of your portraits or landscape photos. Just open your photo and play the action to enjoy an effect like the one below.

Instalight Photoshop Action

6. Cartoon Sketch Photo Effect (ATN)

Turn your lifestyle pictures into fun cartoons with this quick Photoshop action. This nifty plugin lets you create amazing cartoon effects with just the click of a button. It's very easy to use, so you'll be able to master it right away, no matter your experience level.

Cartoon Sketch Photo Effect

7. Divide Photoshop Action (ABR, ATN, PAT)

Divide your photos with linear art with this creative Photoshop action. Simply paint over your face or any area where you'd like the effect to occur, before pressing play. Instantly, you'll get a colorful linear effect you can customize with any color. Check it out!

Divide Photoshop Action

8. Chalk Drawing PS Action (ATN)

People pay a lot of money to get professionally drawn chalk drawings, and now you can have the same high-quality look for only a few dollars! This next Photoshop action is quick and efficient for a stunning chalk effect you'll definitely want. Add it to your collection today!

Chalk Drawing PS Action

9. Thriller Lights Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Create a thrilling spotlight photo effect with this brilliant set of Photoshop actions. Designed to make your photos look more cinematic and professional, these Photoshop actions do just the trick in only a matter of moments! Featuring a non-destructive workflow and helpful PDF guide, this pack is one you'll definitely love.

Thriller Lights Photoshop Actions

10. Pure Art Hand Drawing Vector Art (ATN)

Easily transform your photos into a work of art! This next impressive action creates high-quality vector art from any photo. You won't need prior knowledge of any software since it handles all the hard work for you. Just open your photo and play the action to enjoy this drawing design.

Pure Art Hand Drawing Vector Art

11. Magic Bokeh - Animated Photoshop Action (ATN)

Usually, you'd create the look of sparkling bokeh with a high-quality camera. But now, Photoshop actions let you achieve the same effect without all the extra hassle. This magical bokeh Photoshop action, for instance, even lets you animate the bokeh for an extra cool animated GIF. Try it out!

Magic Bokeh - Animated Photoshop Action

More Photo Effect Inspiration

Make 2021 your year with exciting professional photography. Create exceptional timelines and improve the styling of your brand with these phenomenal Photoshop actions and filters. Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium photo editing resources perfect for the avid designer. For more cool photo effects for 2021, head on over to Envato Elements and Envato Market, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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