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50+ Best Film Grain Overlays and Grain Photo Effects (Pro Textures to Download)


Film grain or noise can infuse your projects with depth, nostalgia, and emotion, but it can be time-consuming and complicated to recreate. 

Noise Texture Photoshop
Check out these stunning collection of Grain Photo Effects at Envato Elements

If you're wondering how to add grain to an image in Photoshop or how to how to add noise in Photoshop, here are over 50 terrific film grain overlays, noise filters, etc. from Envato Elements that will make your work a whole lot easier. 

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Let's take a look at some of the terrific grain textures for Photoshop available today. 

Film Grain Textures

Cinematic Film Grain Photoshop (PSD)

Cinematic Film Grain Photoshop

This Cinematic Film Grain Photoshop pack is one way to add a film grain effect to your projects. The pack contains ten different textures which are fully customisable, allowing you to easily adjust the hue and saturation to create the exact effect you need. 

Vector Film Grain Textures (PSD, AI)

Vector Film Grain Textures

This pack delivers a whopping 15 stunning film grain textures that you can open in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Each element is fully editable so you can change the colours, combine elements, delete elements, and make any changes you need to create unique effects.  

Vintage Grit Textures (AI, EPS, PNG)

Vintage Grit Textures

Looking for a more creative approach to adding grain to your work? Check out this collection, which recreates that old-time vintage feel you're after with a collection of textures ranging from very subtle grit to heavier grit. Drop these finely detailed textures onto your design and layer multiple textures on one design for an even heavier distressed look.

Film Grain Overlays

Photo Grain Textures & Light Leaks (PSD, PNG)

Photo Grain Textures  Light Leaks

Adding film grain in Photoshop has never been so easy. All you need is this fabulous collection of ten photo grain textures. These beautiful hand-crafted photo grain texture overlays range from coarse to fine and include film grain, noise, dust, scratches, and more.

30 Noise, Grunge, Grain Texture Overlays (PSD)

30 Noise Grunge Grain Texture Overlays

These Photoshop texture overlays are easy to apply to your photographs, backgrounds, logos, text, etc. Just apply the texture on the layer above, set the layer blend mode to screen, and you have your result in seconds. You can play with the contrast or levels to make the effect work better on your image.

Sand Grain Texture Overlays (JPEG)

Sand Grain Texture Overlays

Need a grainy filter? Wondering how to add grain to a photo? This pack of sand grain texture overlays is the answer. The set contains ten high-resolution sand grain filters that you can apply to your projects to enhance those qualities of vintage and nostalgia you're after.  

Grain Textures for Photoshop

Black Dark Grain Texture Photoshop (PSD)

Black Dark Grain Texture Photoshop

The black dark grain texture for Photoshop is a slightly different take on adding a grain effect. The pack contains 12 grain texture overlays that you can use for your web or print projects. 

Dark Grain Effect Textures  (PSD)

Dark Grain Effect Textures

This is how to add grain to Photoshop images. Just download this fabulous pack of four grain effect textures that you can add to any project in a jiffy and customise to suit your taste.  

Vintage Grain Textures & Noise Filter Photoshop (JPEG)

Vintage Grain Textures  Noise Filter Photoshop

Looking for film grain effects or noise filters for Photoshop? This collection contains 50 different filters to help you create that vintage look you're after without overpowering your image.

12 Spray Textures (PNG)

12 Spray Textures

How can you add grain in Photoshop? Let me count the ways. If a noise or grain photo effect is what you're after, this pack of spray paint textures is for you. The pack offers 12 unique spray paint abstractions that can be used creatively to mimic the effects of noise, grain, and ageing.

Rough Grain Effect Photoshop (PSD)

Rough Grain Effect Photoshop

Rough Grain Effect Photoshop is yet another grain filter you can use to create a distressed and vintage look in your images. This pack contains four hi-res rough grain texture overlays, ready to be used in any of your projects. 

Vector Grainy Filter Textures (EPS, PNG)

Vector Grainy Filter Textures

Looking for grainy filters? Here are 12 gorgeous grain effects that will bring a stunning vintage and retro style to your projects. The fill offers individual textures in both vector EPS and PNG format, both of which have transparent backgrounds with the isolated texture itself coloured black.

Grain Texture Pattern  (EPS, PSD)

Grain Texture Pattern

Here's how to add grain to Photoshop and Illustrator files. Download this set of 60 grain patterns. Each design is supplied in vector EPS and high-resolution JPG formats for easy customisation. They offer a wide array of grain and noise patterns to complement any project you have in mind, from fabric prints to postcards, websites, wrapping paper, and more. 

Antimatter Textures (PSD)

Antimatter Textures

These antimatter textures offer just the type of noise and grain effect you've been looking for. The pack contains five hi-res textures for use in every conceivable project. 

Noise Filters for Photoshop

Noise Texture Photoshop (JPEG)

Noise Texture Photoshop

Don't get stuck wondering how to add noise in Photoshop when you can download this set of 10 blurred noise backgrounds and bring a beautiful, dreamy, nostalgic quality to your projects. 

Noise Seamless Vector Patterns (AI, EPS, JPG, PNG)

Noise Seamless Vector Patterns

This set of 20 noisy filled tiles is perfect for simulating a grainy photo filter. If it's that vintage distressed look of old film stock you're after, try this set. With its subtle background noise patterns ranging from drops to fabric, speckles, grains, and abstract textures, this is just what you need.

Glitch Noise Backgrounds (PSD)

Glitch Noise Backgrounds

Glitches go along with noise and grain in the language of vintage film effects, so be sure to check out these glitch textures that you can combine when adding film grain in Photoshop to bring an even more authentic vintage look to your projects. 

30 Dust & Scratch Noise Filter Photoshop (PSD)

30 Dust  Scratch Noise Filter Photoshop

These dust and scratch overlay textures are a great way to make a film grain effect in Photoshop to make your project feel more authentically vintage. The pack includes 30 hi-res files and one Photoshop action file for adjustments.

Noise Textures Background | Patterns Seamless (PSD)

Noise Textures Background  Patterns Seamless

This set offers a bonanza of grain texture overlays and grainy photo filters that are great for bringing depth and atmosphere to your projects. The set contains 20 different hi-res files, one PAT file with 10 patterns, and 1 PSD file with overlay layer mode. Happy experimenting!

Noise Background (PSD)

Noise Background

Noise, beautiful noise. That's what this background is all about. So if you need to add noise to your website, prints, wallpaper, book cover, etc., then download this hi-res file and get to work. 

Choose Your Favourite Grain Effect Today

With the filters, textures, and overlays featured here, you no longer have to wonder how to add grain in Photoshop. Just choose your favourite noise or grain filter and have fun.

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