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25+ Best InDesign Calendar Templates (New for 2021)

What do you have in store for 2021? Create a productive year with these trending InDesign calendar templates.

Nature Inspired Calendar 2021 Template
This bold and trendy InDesign calendar template is available on Envato Elements

Add a little creativity and efficiency to your life with a stunning InDesign calendar template. Not only are they great for decor overall, but they also help remind you of important dates and times.

And now you can display amazing calendars for your home or business using impressive InDesign calendar templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

Today, we're bringing you another wonderful selection of premium resources hand-crafted by a community of creative professionals. So check out these InDesign templates to help get you started on the right foot!

Not familiar with InDesign? Learn how to edit templates quickly with this tutorial from Laura Keung.

Best InDesign Calendar Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

The premium InDesign calendar templates on Envato Elements offer you the highest quality designs on the market. They also give you the greatest level of control over the editing process.

newest indesign calendar templates from Envato Elements
Enjoy unlimited downloads of the newest InDesign calendar templates from Envato Elements

Best of all, with an Envato Elements subscription, you get unlimited downloads of all the best graphic templates, print templates, stock images, and thousands of design assets.

10 Best InDesign Calendar Templates for 2021 (From Envato Elements)

Next, we'll go over the newest InDesign calendar templates from Envato Elements.

1. Hand-Made Plants Wall Calendar 2021 (INDD)

Hand Made Plants Wall Calendar 2021

This InDesign calendar template is one of our newest additions. If you like minimalist designs with trendy elements, you'll love this template. This wall Indesign calendar is beautiful and ready to print. See more cool features:

  • Print dimensions: Tabloid (11x17)
  • Print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI, bleeds
  • Master pages
  • Grid layout
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Edit brand colors through palette
  • Images, text, and graphics on separate layers

2. Minimalist Wall Calendar 2021 Template (INDD)

Minimalist Wall Calendar 2021 Template

One big trend of 2021 is minimalism. This InDesign calendar template is a perfect example. It features a clean and minimal design, excellent use of white space, and strong fonts.

  • Print dimensions: Tabloid (11x17)
  • Print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI, bleeds
  • Master pages
  • Grid layout
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Edit brand colors through palette

3. Desk Calendar Template 2021 (INDD)

Desk Calendar Template 2021

A desk calendar is always handy. Get an InDesign calendar template like this one for your office. 

This InDesign calendar stands out with its clean design and room for your own images. If you don't like the layout or colors, you can edit them to your heart's content. This template features: 

  • Print dimensions: Half Letter (8.5x5.5)
  • Print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI, bleeds
  • Master pages
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Photos aren't included

4. Watercolor InDesign Calendar Template 2021 (INDD)

2021 Watercolor Calendar

Need a calendar that's fun and stylish? Check out this next template. Featuring 12 pages in standard sizes, this template is simple and easy to use. Edit the colors fast using the color palette, and then update it with new fonts. Check it out!

5. Minimal Calendar Template (INDD)

Minimal Calendar InDesign Template

Build a calendar around your business! This modern InDesign calendar template was specially made for entrepreneurs and business owners. It includes 14 pages with two cover options and details you can easily adjust. Add it to your collection!

6. A3 Wall Calendar Template (INDD)

A3 InDesign Wall Calendar

Many designers are also creating these stunning wall calendars to add to your home. Update your walls with this eclectic design. Inspired by the Kaleidoscope City Project, this lovely abstract design is one we're sure you'll love.

7. InDesign Calendar Template (INDD)

InDesign Calendar Template

Want a simple calendar instead? This InDesign calendar pairs bold, vibrant colors with minimalist fonts for amazing results. It includes 12 unique pages with each month featured on one page. All the vectors and graphics are also included!

8. Calendar InDesign Template (INDD)

Calendar Template InDesign

Made in Adobe InDesign, this next creative template can be updated to fit any year. It features an attractive and professional appearance along with fully editable elements in structured files. A handy documentation file is also included for more information.

9. InDesign Calendar Template 2021 (INDD)

InDesign Calendar Template 202

This simple yet colorful InDesign calendar is what you need for your home and office. The best thing? You can customize it with your own text, logos, and images. This InDesign calendar template features:

  • A4 & US Letter size
  • Print ready 
  • Master pages
  • Automatic page numbering
  • 15 pages

10. Nature Inspired Calendar 2021 Template (INDD)

Nature Inspired Calendar 2021 Template

Do you have bold images you want to use in an InDesign calendar template? This could be great for you. 

The InDesign wall calendar has a trendy, minimalist design and will look great in your home or office. Other features include:

  • Print dimensions: Tabloid (11x17)
  • Print ready, CMYK, 300 DPI, bleeds
  • Master pages
  • Grid layout
  • Photos aren't included 

The Best InDesign Calendar Templates on GraphicRiver (Buy One at a Time)

On the other hand, if a subscription isn't your thing, we've got you covered. In the GraphicRiver marketplace, you can choose from hundreds of modern and professional InDesign calendar templates. And you can buy them one at a time.

best InDesign calendar templates from GraphicRiver
Get the best InDesign calendar templates from GraphicRiver for 2021

Just like the templates offered in Envato Elements, these designs are a must-have to create modern calendars.

15+ Best InDesign Calendar Templates for 2021 (From GraphicRiver)

Here are some of the best-selling and newest InDesign calendar templates for 2021:

1. Calendar Poster (INDD, AI)

2020 Calendar Poster

This versatile InDesign calendar poster template could be a great addition to anyone's personal or professional space. It's great for keeping an eye on the year at a glance and already has considerations for your branding and professional info. 

2. InDesign Calendar (INDD)

InDesign Calendar 2020

This A3 calendar is stylish, clean, and ready for your favorite photos. It's all fully editable, including the planner in each month! This could be a great fit for organizing projects for your new year and your new goals. 

3. InDesign Wall Calendar (INDD)

2020 InDesign Wall Calendar

Check out these beautiful calendar designs! The previews look great, but wow, imagine your work on a beautiful 17" x 11" canvas. It's a perfect fit for showing off artwork, photos, and other inspiring imagery. But if you prefer portrait, those dimensions are included too!

4. Desk Calendar (INDD)

Desk Calendar 2020

Check out this lovely desk calendar, perfect for keeping in your workspace. Add your photos and branding for a professional calendar design, perfect for both personal and business projects. 

5. Wall Tabloid Calendar Template (INDD)

Wall Tabloid Calendar 2020

Showcase your stunning artwork with an InDesign calendar like this. This fantastic design is modern and minimal. It's very easy to customize and includes 12 pages along with an additional cover. Check it out!

6. Wall Calendar Template (INDD)

Wall Calendar Template 2020

Are the walls in your office looking a little bare? Add more color to the room with a beautiful wall calendar. This InDesign template is set up for 2021 and includes two months on each page. Edit the colors, swatches and more to fit your needs.

7. Creative InDesign Calendar Template (INDD)

Creative Calendar 2020

Or get creative with an abstract design! This InDesign calendar template is smart and simple. It includes an abstract photo effect that frames your photos with a cool paper cut-out effect. Just swap out the images for one of your own to get started!

8. Landscape Calendar (INDD)

Landscape Calendar InDesign

This next InDesign template is great for beginners. Featuring an easy-to-use calendar made in landscape orientation, this template includes 13 pages along with the cover. It's fully editable and ready to use, so you can print it right away!

9. InDesign Desk Calendar (INDD)

Desk Calendar InDesign

Looking for a desk calendar instead? This blue design is a great choice! This InDesign template features a creative popup design. The calendar sits comfortably on any desk, and you can easily update the files in minutes. Add your photos or art for an amazing result!

10. Desk Calendar Planner (INDD)

Desk Calendar 2020 Planner

Desk calendars can help you keep track of appointments and so much more. This next InDesign template is perfect for travel and nature photography. Just drag and drop your favorite mountains or seascapes for a beautiful calendar all year round.

11. InDesign Desk Calendar (INDD)

InDesign Desk Calendar

Turn your desk calendars into creative branding tools. This next InDesign template is corporate and professional. It allows you to update the year, logo, and contents, and even includes room for your company details. Add it to your design arsenal today!

12. Calendar Template Bundle (INDD)

Calendar 2020 Bundle

Need a wall calendar for your office or workspace? Here's another fantastic design. This awesome bundle includes several InDesign calendar templates that are easy to update and customize. Enjoy fully editable pages and more for only $12. Check it out!

13. InDesign Minimal Desk Calendar (INDD)

Minimal Desk Calendar InDesign

Love black-and-white photography? Here's another incredible color scheme for the ultimate impact! Boost your branding or interior decor with this next InDesign template. This download features 13 pages, including a calendar cover you can easily adjust.

14. InDesign Wall Calendar (INDD)

Wall Calendar InDesign

How will you decorate your walls this year? Aspire to incredible things this year with this InDesign calendar template. This download features three pre-made color variations along with helpful tools for unlimited color options. It's ready to print and only $7!

15. Multi-Platform Desk Calendar (PSD, EPS, AI, INDD)

Multi Platform Desk Calendar

Any high-resolution photography will look phenomenal in this next InDesign template. This desk calendar was made for 2019, but you can also keep it for future years. You'll get three different industry formats along with many options for customization. Check it out!

16. Wall Calendar Template (INDD)

Wall Calendar 2020

Begin your year with clear plans! This wall calendar will help you do the trick with a creative premium template. You can start the weeks on Sundays or Mondays and even include your company logo! Add more photos and details for more creative results.

Discover More InDesign Templates

Turn your calendar into an inspiring vision board or use it for more style. No matter which route you choose, these InDesign templates can help you achieve many amazing results.

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Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

Create Your 2021 Calendar Today!

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more unlimited InDesign calendar templates, check out Envato Elements. If you need just one new InDesign calendar, go to Envato Market or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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