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26 Creative Microsoft Word Brochure Templates (Best for 2020!)

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Get your business off the ground floor with a stunning brochure! Check out this list of awesome brochure templates below.

26 Creative Microsoft Word Brochure Templates

2020 is sure to be the year for your budding business. So make the most out of your proposals with incredible brochure templates.

Today, we're bringing you a wonderful collection of brochures created by a community of professionals. And now you can design the business of your dreams with high-quality brochure templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

From creative trifold brochures to minimalist proposal templates, you'll be able to find a design that fits your brand.

Or follow your gut and make one instead! Dive into this essential checklist of design tips from instructor Grace Fussell:

Barbershop Brochure Trifold

While this template features barbershop imagery, it's highly adaptable. The pop of color and the clean, geometric inspiration are an excellent choice for a variety of projects! Easily swap the imagery and adjust the colors to match your objectives.

Barbershop Brochure TrifoldBarbershop Brochure TrifoldBarbershop Brochure Trifold

Media/Press Kit Template Brochure

This two-page template is clean, trendy, and easy to customize—in either Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. This template comes with both file types and two sizes too: both A4 and US letter. It's both beginner friendly and a great foundation for the software savvy!

Solutions – Brochure Template

Looking for a larger brochure template with a whole host of pages to choose from? This one comes with a generous 20 pages to mix and match, in both US Letter and A4. Customize this in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or InDesign! This is a versatile design too, with so many possibilities to work for a variety of projects!

Solutions  Brochure TemplateSolutions  Brochure TemplateSolutions  Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure Template

Perhaps a trifold approach is a better fit for your project—look no further! Whether you're looking for a solid foundation to heavily customize or a complete composition ready for your content, this versatile layout is a great addition to any collection of professional assets.

Trifold Brochure TemplateTrifold Brochure TemplateTrifold Brochure Template

Company Profile Brochure Template

This stylish, professionally designed template is compatible with both Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. It's ready to go, in two different sizes: both A4 and US letter. It also comes in red, yellow, and green—it's easy to customize this one for your project's goals.

Company Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure TemplateCompany Profile Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure Template

Every entrepreneur should have at least one solid trifold brochure template. These professional brochures make it possible for future clients to get to know more about your company and its services. Clean and multipurpose, this template features a corporate design that does just the trick for new businesses!

Trifold Brochure TemplateTrifold Brochure TemplateTrifold Brochure Template

Business Profile Brochure

Design the business you want with this amazing brochure template. Easy to edit, this download comes with several editable templates made with 22 custom pages. Need a new font? No problem, just update the template at your pace with any new details you need.

Business Profile BrochureBusiness Profile BrochureBusiness Profile Brochure

Corporate Brochure Template

Need a creative corporate brochure for your business? Then check out this next print template created in Adobe InDesign. A special Microsoft Word file has also been included for quick updates. Get 36 custom pages and a premade cover layout. 

Corporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure TemplateCorporate Brochure Template

The Annual Report 18 Pages

Track the findings of your business dealings with this annual report template. Create your company's documentation quickly and easily with A4 sized templates and 18 unique layouts. Great for beginners, this template can also be edited with Microsoft Word. 

The Annual Report 18 PagesThe Annual Report 18 PagesThe Annual Report 18 Pages

Creative Brochure Template

Create your own opportunities with this awesome brochure template. Originally designed with Adobe InDesign, this template also comes in the latest versions available for Microsoft Word. Enjoy this sleek blue and green color scheme or update it fast with your own brand colors. 

Creative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure TemplateCreative Brochure Template

Annual Report Brochure Template

Print ready and fully editable, this brochure template includes 28 pages of extraordinary design. It's Microsoft Word-friendly and completely layered to make your work life a lot easier. So kick-start 2020 with this efficient corporate brochure template. 

Annual Report Brochure TemplateAnnual Report Brochure TemplateAnnual Report Brochure Template

Minimal Proposal/Brochure Template

Get started on your next creative project with this minimalist proposal template. Designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals, this template features 24 fully layered pages in high-resolution formats. Easily access text and paragraph styles for a custom look!

Minimal ProposalBrochure TemplateMinimal ProposalBrochure TemplateMinimal ProposalBrochure Template

Brochure & Proposal Template

Tackling a new design project can be quite overwhelming! So take the headache out of proposals with this sleek and professional template. This download includes a stylish set of print-ready templates available in PDF, InDesign, and Word formats. Try it out!

Brochure  Proposal TemplateBrochure  Proposal TemplateBrochure  Proposal Template

Proposal Template

Our next print template includes a flexible design that's great for proposals, invoices, and company details. The beautiful pastel color scheme is right on trend, but you can always swap out the colors to align it better with your brand. Master pages and automatic numbering are also included!

Proposal TemplateProposal TemplateProposal Template

Business Plan Brochure

Land the contract of your dreams with this incredible brochure template. This business template collection features 32 custom pages available in InDesign and Word formats. It was made entirely with free fonts and is a great deal for just $10!

Business Plan BrochureBusiness Plan BrochureBusiness Plan Brochure

Product Proposal Template

Develop your brand and business strategy with this clean, minimalist design. This product proposal template features 28 overall pages that are all easy to edit. Get started with the helpful PDF guide, which will walk you through the steps of the proposal from start to finish.

Product Proposal TemplateProduct Proposal TemplateProduct Proposal Template

Company Profile Brochure

Made with Adobe InDesign, this company profile brochure also comes in a handy Microsoft Word file! Enjoy the stylish, modern design with stunning pastel colors and 22 custom pages. Featuring a grid-based layout, this template also includes master pages and so much more!

Company Profile BrochureCompany Profile BrochureCompany Profile Brochure

Event Proposal Template

Color match this proposal to suit your style with ease! This event proposal template may even help you land funding for your new business. It's fully editable and print ready, but you'll need to update it with new pictures. So pick and use your favorites from PhotoDune

Event Proposal TemplateEvent Proposal TemplateEvent Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template

This clean and professional template will help you craft amazing opportunities for your business. Enjoy the stylish design which features a grid-based layout and only free fonts. Invoice and letterhead templates are also included for a well-rounded brand package. 

Business Proposal TemplateBusiness Proposal TemplateBusiness Proposal Template

Corporate Business Brochure

Take control of your business dreams with this professional corporate brochure. Available in both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word formats, this brochure features A4 and US Letter sizes with 16 custom pages. Just drag and drop your photos and information to get started.

Corporate Business BrochureCorporate Business BrochureCorporate Business Brochure

Facebook Advertising Proposal

Enter 2020 with the best advertising strategy possible. This Facebook ads proposal template is a smart resource for budding entrepreneurs and designers. It includes A4 and US Letter sizes, along with stylish page layouts for more inspiration. Add it to your collection!

Facebook Advertising ProposalFacebook Advertising ProposalFacebook Advertising Proposal

Corporate Business Proposal

Enjoy three stunning yet simple color schemes with this next proposal template. This no-hassle design includes a minimalist theme perfect for beginners. Break down your expense reports, project descriptions and more with one helpful set. 

Corporate Business ProposalCorporate Business ProposalCorporate Business Proposal

Business Proposal Template

Writing your business proposals takes up enough time and energy. So cut your worries in half with a professionally designed template you can customize to your needs. This helpful resource comes with fully layered documents and a custom cover design for a fast turnaround. 

Business Proposal TemplateBusiness Proposal TemplateBusiness Proposal Template

Company Profile Brochure

Highlight your company's services with this extraordinary brochure. This template features 22 custom pages designed with intriguing layout options. Enjoy the trendy geometric-based design with beautiful colors you can update yourself. Check it out!

Company Profile BrochureCompany Profile BrochureCompany Profile Brochure

Funeral Program Template

Honor your loved one's life through a special memorial. This memorial template not only allows you to customize it in Microsoft Word but it also gives you a helpful instructional guide for more assistance. Update it with pictures of your loved ones and their special memories.

Funeral Program TemplateFuneral Program TemplateFuneral Program Template

Business Project Proposal Template

The final resource in this collection is this inspiring Microsoft Word project proposal. This professional template includes 16 pages originally designed with Adobe InDesign. Describe your company's strategy, projections and services with an effective template available in seven color samples. 

Business Project Proposal TemplateBusiness Project Proposal TemplateBusiness Project Proposal Template

More Brochure Templates

Build the next business that will make an impact on the world. Brochure templates are just one essential resource for all creatives and designers alike. So how will you use these templates to tackle your dreams and aspirations?

Want more brochure templates? Check out these tutorials and articles for inspiration:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid creator. For more creative brochure templates, check out Envato Market, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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