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25+ Best (Free) Super-Cute Fonts With Pretty Design Styles

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Love pretty fonts? Check out this list of super cute styles from our favorite free and premium sites!

A cute free font features the best of both worlds: high-quality design and an affordable price tag everyone will love.

ORange Mango Cute Serif FontORange Mango Cute Serif FontORange Mango Cute Serif Font
This cute font to download from Envato Elements is fun and bright!

And since these free fonts can instantly change the vibe of any design, they easily become important assets that every designer should own.

Ready to add some beautiful typefaces to your growing font packs? Today, we're bringing you a wonderful selection of free and premium cute letter fonts to inspire your next creative project. From bubble letters to flirty scripts, these super cute fonts are a definite must-have for any typography lover.  

Get Cute Font Styles in Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're wondering how to get cute fonts with lots of benefits, Envato Elements is the perfect place to visit.

Our subscription-based marketplace has hundreds of cute bold fonts. A premium font from Envato Elements means you'll get a clear and understandable license, no grey areas for commercial use, and best of all: you can download as many pretty fonts as you wish.

Premium cute fonts from Envato Elements Premium cute fonts from Envato Elements Premium cute fonts from Envato Elements
Get unlimited cute fonts to write from Envato Elements

But that’s not the only reason why you should start your search for cute easy fonts there. In Envato Elements, you can also find thousands of graphic templates and creative digital assets. You'll get unlimited use of our libraries, all for a low monthly fee

10+ Premium Pretty Fonts From Envato Elements

Now, let's dive into some of the amazing premium cute letter fonts we've got for you. These professional type designs include high-quality font files that are easy to use and ready to download.

Check out our favorite cute easy fonts!

1. Charlemon Cute Font (TTF)

Charlemon Cute FontCharlemon Cute FontCharlemon Cute Font

Charlemon is a really cute font to download from our marketplace. This cute bold font is suitable for branding, and it'll make your designs pop! Try it on T-shirts, book covers, cards, invitations, or on any project you've got in mind!

2. Sookie Cute Handwritten Font (TTF)

Sookie Cute Handwritten FontSookie Cute Handwritten FontSookie Cute Handwritten Font

Download this cute font to write cards and invitations with a touch of style. This pretty font includes standard characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation, and international characters.

3. Shaly Cute Font (OTF, TTF, EOT)

Shaly Cute FontShaly Cute FontShaly Cute Font

Get this cute bold font to transform any creative project you have. This pretty font is multipurpose and would look good in children's books, logos, or invitations, for example.

4. Green Natural Cute Font (TTF)

Green Natural Cute FontGreen Natural Cute FontGreen Natural Cute Font

Green is one of the cute font styles we've got for you. This cute easy font includes upper and lowercase characters, numerals, and more symbols, along with multilingual support for various languages.

5. Priscillia Script Pretty Font (OTF, TTF)

Priscillia Script Pretty FontPriscillia Script Pretty FontPriscillia Script Pretty Font

Priscillia is a really cute font to download. It was designed to look like hand letters done with a brush pen, and it's suitable for holiday cards, postcards, brochures, invitations, and many other projects.

6. Jacklos - The Cute Comic Font (TTF)

Jacklos - The Cute Comic FontJacklos - The Cute Comic FontJacklos - The Cute Comic Font

Jacklos is a cute bold font for comic lovers. Every single letter has been carefully crafted to make your text look beautiful and funny. This pretty font is perfect for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, invitations, headers, or even large-scale artwork.

7. Great Times Pretty Font (OTF, TTF, EOT)

Great Times Pretty FontGreat Times Pretty FontGreat Times Pretty Font

This cute letter font is adorable and perfect for children's books or kids' projects. This cute easy font has a typewriter feel, perfect for any creative project. 

8. Apple Juice Font (TTF, EOT)

Apple Juice FontApple Juice FontApple Juice Font

Some sans-serif fonts seem a little rigid in style, but not the super-cute Apple Juice font. This cute letter font with a fresh design features a fun, playful appearance that can easily be integrated into children's books and more. Combine it with your favorite colors to take your work to the next level. 

9. Pixie Ring Font (TTF, EOT)

Pixie Ring FontPixie Ring FontPixie Ring Font

One of the many benefits of font packs is the extra fun bonuses you get with each download. Take the Pixie Ring font, for instance. This cute font to download was created with flirty, cute letters, and it features extra details like hearts and diamonds to decorate your work. 

10. The Slowbird Typeface (TTF)

The Slowbird TypefaceThe Slowbird TypefaceThe Slowbird Typeface

Perhaps your next book cover should feature a stunning script font like the Slowbird typeface. This cute font style features elegant script details and sweet letterforms, and it pairs well with lovely illustrations. Add that special touch to your invites and more with the Slowbird typeface.

11. Periwinkle Typeface (TTF)

Periwinkle TypefacePeriwinkle TypefacePeriwinkle Typeface

Next up is Periwinkle, an adorable handmade font that is stretched tall for lots of character. Enjoy this selection of a full set of upper and lowercase characters you can easily combine for a fun new look—it's a really cute font to write with! Also included in this pack are alternate characters for more options.

12. Little Summer Font (TTF, EOT)

Little Summer FontLittle Summer FontLittle Summer Font

Take a little bit of summer with you with the amazing Little Summer font. This is a cute font to download for any animated project or children's book, and it has a pretty, light quality to it that is simply endearing. Included in this download are basic Latin characters, along with numbers and symbols.

13. Sweet Belly Font (OTF)

Sweet Belly FontSweet Belly FontSweet Belly Font

Want a new logo with a pretty sweet design? Then check out this font duo pack, Sweet Belly. Sweet Belly features a script and sans-serif typeface along with plenty of bonus vectors to decorate your work. Use them for flyers, invites, and more!

14. Quartz Script (TTF, EOT) 

Quartz ScriptQuartz ScriptQuartz Script

Our last premium font is the stunning Quartz script. This unique typeface features simple, bold line letterforms that mimic realistic handwriting or doodling. Add a little pizazz to your pieces with a casual script font like this one. Just check out the cute font style previews for inspiration. 

25+ Super-Cute Free Fonts With Pretty Designs

If you'd like to know how to get cute fonts for free, we've got you covered! You can also find cute free fonts to download from a variety of sites like Behance and more. Check out these incredible free pretty fonts, from cute scripts to decorative styles.

Here are our favorite cute free fonts!

1. Lemonade Script Font

You'll want a tall glass of the Lemonade script font to quench your design thirst. Featuring stylistic, handmade letterforms, this free pretty font also includes many alternate characters. Use it to create amazing typography pieces featuring your favorite words or quotes. 

Lemonade Script FontLemonade Script FontLemonade Script Font

2. Bavro Font

You don't have to over-design to create a beautiful typeface. Take the classic Bavro cute free font, for instance. A clean typeface perfect for headlines and posters, this font download also includes multilingual support to use with many international languages. Give it a shot!

Bavro FontBavro FontBavro Font

3. Lavanda Typeface

Add some character to your package design with this fresh, handwritten font. Lavanda is a free pretty font that can be used with many creative projects. Update your blogs with exciting images or use it to create a new logo. The opportunities are limitless!

Lavanda TypefaceLavanda TypefaceLavanda Typeface

4. West Side Font

Inspired by the handmade posters of the 1980s, West Side is a cute free font with cool, angular details. Try it out with a cute animal silhouette like the bird in the example below. Or make it stand alone for a one-of-a-kind poster. Free for personal and commercial use, this font is definitely a must-have resource!

West Side FontWest Side FontWest Side Font

5. Debby Font

Getting that natural handmade look is sometimes hard to achieve by yourself. That's why the incredible Debby font pack comes in handy, and it's one of our favorite free pretty fonts. Featuring loopy script letters and a rough, paper-like texture, this font is both pretty and multipurpose. Use it on greeting cards, wedding invites, or logos!

Debby FontDebby FontDebby Font

6. New Dawn Font

Are you feeling very creative today? Then try your hand at the super-wild New Dawn font. Featuring interesting geometric forms inspired by retro styles, this cute free font is truly unique and a showstopper! Easily move and rotate your letters to create exciting typographic pieces.

New Dawn FontNew Dawn FontNew Dawn Font

7. Lilly Mae Font

Not many fonts are available for commercial use, so that's why it's great to grab up a freebie like the stunning Lilly Mae font. A swirly modern typeface with a delicate calligraphy style, this font is great for handmade crafts or digital designs. Just use this free pretty font with the software you prefer!

Lilly Mae FontLilly Mae FontLilly Mae Font

8. Xplor Typeface

Or explore your fun side with this next free typeface, Xplor. This font pack features a full set of letters, numbers, and symbols, all created in a cool, bold letter style. Customize your comics with expressive cute bold fonts, or animate them for an awesome effect. Check it out!

Xplor TypefaceXplor TypefaceXplor Typeface

9. Mangaba Font

Don't over-complicate your font collection with fussy typefaces! The new Mangaba font is simple and effortless! This cute easy font features a handmade design specifically made for writing text in tight spaces. Created by designer Eliezer Grawe, this cute free font includes international characters as well!

Mangaba FontMangaba FontMangaba Font

10. FatFrank Typeface

Love vector art? Add a little humor and wit to your minimalist designs with this awesome typeface, FatFrank. From our free pretty fonts selection, this is available in several font line weights and is a great way to make your logos stand out. Use negative space concepts like the design below to get the most out of this pack!

FatFrank TypefaceFatFrank TypefaceFatFrank Typeface

11. Springfield Font

Embody the energy of one of the sweetest seasons all year round with the Springfield font. This handwritten font duo pack contains upper and lowercase characters, as well as fun doodle illustrations to spice up your designs. Enjoy this cute font to write on packaging and more.

 Springfield Font Springfield Font Springfield Font

12. Horizon Hand Lettered Font

Invite your friends and family to the gathering of the year using cute letter fonts! Decorate your invites with a beautiful font like the Horizon hand-lettered script. A fresh, handmade script from TJ Creative Shop, this font features natural strokes suitable for greetings cards or branding material!

Horizon Hand Lettered FontHorizon Hand Lettered FontHorizon Hand Lettered Font

13. Sweet Carissa Font

Another pretty font we have for you today is the Sweet Carissa typeface. This download actually features a helpful font duo that includes both script and sans-serif styles. Pair the fonts together for a great look or feature one on its own for more impact. Try it out!

Sweet Carissa FontSweet Carissa FontSweet Carissa Font

14. Mona Free Hand-Drawn Font

Some of the prettiest fonts around are the ones drawn by hand. Take the free Mona font, for instance. This charming, hand-drawn typeface features all uppercase characters with contrasting bold and thin lines. Add that creative flair to your work with Mona.

Mona Free Hand Drawn FontMona Free Hand Drawn FontMona Free Hand Drawn Font

15. Airfool Free Typeface

Bubble text has always had a way of bringing a smile to people's faces. And the Airfool free typeface is great for designers on a budget. Enjoy the super-cute chunky letters, which you can customize with exciting colors and gradients. Add it to your collection!

Airfool Free TypefaceAirfool Free TypefaceAirfool Free Typeface

16. Beautiful Bloom Font

If only we were all blessed with beautiful handwriting, then typography would be so much easier! If you have the same worries, then try out the pretty Beautiful Bloom font from designer Mats-Peter Forss. It features an authentic handmade design with great alternate letters for more variations. Check it out!

Beautiful Bloom FontBeautiful Bloom FontBeautiful Bloom Font

17. Lena Font

If you haven't found the right font yet, then consider this gorgeous free typeface, Lena. Created by designer Vsevolod Abramov, this font features a combination of straight lines and soft forms for a super-pretty result. Add it to your creative project today!

Lena FontLena FontLena Font

18. Free Neon Font

Whether you're a fan of the 80s or just have a love for bright colors, this neon font is creative and multipurpose. Download the file from designer Aga Magdziak to get access to colorful characters and patterns that will help you think outside the box.

Free Neon FontFree Neon FontFree Neon Font

19. Noelan Font

Calligraphy types like the Noelan font are a definite favorite among many creatives. Featuring a gorgeous modern look with delicate swash details, this font automatically connects the swashes for more efficiency. Pretty and multipurpose, this font is perfect for many projects.

Noelan FontNoelan FontNoelan Font

20. Lovelyn Font

Produce elegant, decorative lettering for your posters or packaging. Lovelyn is our next pretty font, featuring a beautiful and classic serif type design any creative will love. Visit the link to download the full version or just demo it quickly to see if it's the right fit!

Lovelyn Font Lovelyn Font Lovelyn Font

21. Vintage & Eroded Font

Floral design is a popular trend that will never die out. Check out this lovely vintage and eroded flower font, blooming with exquisite flowers. A fresh, new design made for 2018, this font includes a full set of floral letters and numbers you can use in both commercial and personal projects.

Vintage  Eroded Font Vintage  Eroded Font Vintage  Eroded Font

22. Moalang Free Font

It's easy to get lost in the crowd. That's why the Moalang free font is an essential resource for many creative artists and designers. Featuring tons of cool alternates and multilingual characters, this font comes with limitless design possibilities. Check it out!

Moalang Free FontMoalang Free FontMoalang Free Font

23. Anthasic Font

Looking for a stunning script font with lots of character? Check out this incredible elegant script, Anthasic. A flirty script style with large, loopy swashes, this font might just be the perfect match for your wedding stationery. Try it out on postcards, invites, and more.

Anthasic FontAnthasic FontAnthasic Font

24. Tuesday Night Signature Font

Signature fonts give your work that unique, handwritten look. Now you can enjoy the Tuesday Night signature font for logos, apparel, or decorative packaging. Designed by Font Forestry, this font is easy to download and use. Add it to your collection!

Tuesday Night Signature FontTuesday Night Signature FontTuesday Night Signature Font

25. Yolan Unique Font

Another handwritten script that made it onto this list is this lovely handwritten type, Yolan. A unique design offered free by FadeLine, this script features a bouncy baseline and extraordinary characters. You'll just love the way your name looks with its soft, elegant letters.

Yolan Unique FontYolan Unique FontYolan Unique Font

26. Lorena Font

Our last free font is the impeccable Lorena font. Inspired by the feel of vintage typefaces, this font features regular, bold, and medium font styles you can easily mix and match. Get access to a full set of letters, numbers, and symbols in this free download.

Lorena FontLorena FontLorena Font

Discover More Awesome Fonts for Your Projects

The missing element to your artwork might just be a pretty cute font. Don't stress about thinking how to get cute fonts. Make sure to bookmark your favorites from this list or download them today in case they get removed!

Have you downloaded any of these free pretty fonts? Use these resources in your next creative adventure and let us know how much you liked this selection in the comments below.

Head on over to our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel to check out more cute font recommendations:

Want more fonts? Check out these collections for more:

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid designer. Now, you know how to get cute fonts from our premium marketplace! For more pretty fonts, make sure to check out Envato Elements. Happy designing!

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