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18 Fonts Similar to Calibri


Looking for fonts similar to Calibri or a solid Calibri font substitute? How do we find the closest font to Calibri? In this article, we'll check out some fonts like Calibri, as well as a bit of the font's history and what makes it such a popular choice. Check out these fonts and find your new favorite Calibri alternative today.

fonts like Calibri
A number of fonts, like this stylish sans serif typeface, have modern qualities similar to Calibri.

In terms of typographic history, Calibri is a relatively young font. Most users became first acquainted with Calibri in the late 2000s. At this time, Calibri replaced long-standing font defaults Times New Roman and Arial in many widely used Microsoft applications.

Chances are, you might have the Calibri font installed on your computer. This is also why you might see the issue of "Arial vs. Calibri" online; Calibri was its replacement. However, in regards to the better choice of Arial vs. Calibri, the jury may still be out (and highly subjective) on that.

Calibri font
The Calibri font, shown above, originated in the 2000s, coming into predominance when it was used in Microsoft products.

Calibri's influence is visible in many other typefaces. It has a soft, rounded edge that gives it a versatile neutrality. It looks great at a variety of sizes too; try this font for your body copy, but it works great in points of interest too.

So, what font is similar to Calibri? The closest font to Calibri would have clearly modern influences. Here's a great example of some features that Calibri may further have popularized. Notice how it makes for a really classy aesthetic in this package design.

Fonts like Calibri
This package design features Orion Pro, a modern sans serif font with many traits similar to Calibri.

Prefer a font duo? When working with sans serif fonts similar to Calibri, consider pairing them with a bold display font or something with eye-catching flair. 

Sans Serif Font Duo
This stylish font duo pairs a modern sans serif font with a script font.

Fonts Similar to Calibri

Let's take a look at some more fonts similar to Calibri. Remember to consider what aspects of Calibri most resonate with you. There are many different aesthetics when it comes to sans serif fonts. When considering what font is similar to Calibri, keep an eye out for a clean, modern aesthetic, but not necessarily overly geometric.

If you love fonts, give consider giving Envato Elements a look. You can download every font on this list for one low fee—as well as thousands of other fonts, too. Choose from a huge library of fonts, licensed for commercial use. 

Here's a sample of some of the stylish fonts you can download today, including many modern fonts that could work as a Calibri alternative: 

1. Stickler: Modern Typeface + WebFont

Stickler - Modern Typeface + WebFont

This is a nice choice if you're looking for a web font similar to Calibri. It lacks some of the softer roundness, but maintains a clean, modern aesthetic. 

2. Carino: A Modern Elegant Typeface

Carino - A Modern Elegant Typeface

Here's another elegant sans serif with some modern touches. It has some really lovely rounded edges. It's a bold all-caps font, perfect for display type.

3. Clarity Nuvo: Clean & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Clarity Nuvo - Clean & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

This font is a stylish Calibri alternative, with multiple weights to choose from. This is an excellent choice if you're looking for a versatile addition to your font library.

4. Grafic Simple and Clean Sans Serif Typeface

Isn't this font clean and stylish? It's got a timeless feel that could work well for a number of design projects and target aesthetics. Try pairing this one with a display font or let it hold its own.

5. Rockyeah Sans Serif Font

Rockyeah Sans Serif Font

Here's another stylish sans serif that's perfect for display. It's an all-caps font, and it has some interesting and unexpected variation in some of the strokes. Give it a look.

6. Asure All Caps Sans Serif Typeface

Asure All Caps Sans Serif Typeface

The rounded edges in this one give it a bit of softness, but we still have a bold, eye-catching look overall. Give this font a try for headlines, logos, and more.

7. Autogate Sans Serif Font

Autogate Sans Serif Font

Isn't this font stylish? Try it out in your next design project. It would be a great fit for poster design, packaging, headlines, branding, and more. 

8. Gabriella: Modern Typeface + WebFonts

Gabriella - Modern Typeface + WebFonts

This font is similar to Calibri in some ways, but also pushes in a different direction. It could be a great alternative, if you're looking for a web font similar to Calibri.

9. Liber Sans Serif Typeface

Liber Sans Serif Typeface

This font has a rounder look and feel. If you're looking for type with a Calibri font aesthetic, but a mix of other possibilities too, check this one out. 

10. Hando Clean Sans Serif Typeface

Hando Clean Sans Serif Typeface

This one could prove to be a lovely Calibri font substitute. It has a lot of grotesque inspiration, and it's a strong fit for a number of design projects. Try it as body copy or use it for headlines.

11. Abside Sans Serif Font

Abside Sans Serif Font

This font pushes away from the grotesque and more towards the geometric. However, we still have some rounded, modern vibes here. There are four styles included, and it's a versatile addition to any font collection.

12. GROTESKA: Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

GROTESKA - Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Isn't this font family beautifully designed? This font download includes seven different weights, so there's plenty here to work with. Give this font family a download today.

13. EB Corp Clean Sans Serif Font

EB Corp Clean Sans Serif Font

This is such an impressive font family. There are an amazing 18 different weights and styles to choose from, so the possibilities here are almost endless. Use this font for so many different purposes.

14. Boilover Unique & Minimal Typeface

Boilover Unique & Minimal Typeface

This stylish font family also includes web fonts for your website. There are also eight different weights to choose from, so you have plenty of ways to establish hierarchy with this typeface.

15. Ardent Modern Sans Serif Font Family

Ardent Modern Sans Serif Font Family

Here's a modern sans serif typeface with a bit more height. This font family has six different weights and also includes corresponding italics. 

16. Bergen Text Sleek Sans Serif Font

Bergen Text Sleek Sans Serif Font

If you're looking for a stylish sans serif font, check this one out. There are six different weights to try. This one could also pair well with a script font or a display font. 

17. Lynsic Cisnyl: Sans Serif Font YR

Lynsic Cisnyl - Sans Serif Font YR

Isn't this font beautifully designed? It has a modern, stylish look. Use it on its own or pair it with other fonts. It has that kind of versatile neutrality to it. 

18. Ignazio Clean Sans Serif Font

Ignazio Clean Sans Serif Font

This font family is really bold, and it's a great fit when you're looking to command attention. Create emphasis in your next composition with this stylish sans serif font today.

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Which Fonts Like Calibri Are Your Favorites?

So, which sans serif fonts were your favorites? What aspects of Calibri do you find the most visually appealing? Instead of fixating too hard on finding the closest font to Calibri, think about the font's aesthetic qualities and why it appeals to you. There are so many beautifully designed sans serif fonts out there to check out, many of which make use of a similar aesthetic. 

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