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15 Top Adobe Photoshop Actions for Photography on Envato Elements

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Actions are great. They allow you to try new styles, learn what looks good with your photographs and best of all they can cut down the time you need to take when post-processing. Here, we've put together our top 15 Adobe Photoshop actions from Envato Elements.

1. HDR Stock

This set of Photoshop actions can achieve an HDR look, without multiple exposures. The download contains a ‘play all’ action, which will run through each option – then simply turn on and off to test them out.

HDR Stock Photoshop ActionsHDR Stock Photoshop ActionsHDR Stock Photoshop Actions
HDR Stock by Contrastly

2. Vibrant Landscape

Editing landscapes can be time-consuming, so take some of the effort out of it with this set of 10 Photoshop actions. Each action works with adjustment layers, meaning they’re completely non-destructive.

Vibrant LandscapeVibrant LandscapeVibrant Landscape
Vibrant Landscape by Contrastly

3. Food Photography

28 variations and a bonus 6 pack of overlay textures will give you everything you need to make your food photography look good enough to eat.

Food PhotographyFood PhotographyFood Photography
Food Photography by Micromove

4. FilterGrade Retro Series I

Add subtle vintage and retro effects with the FilterGrade Retro Series. The download includes 20 effects, including an Advanced Vintage Filter and Crisp Effects.

FilterGrade Retro Series IFilterGrade Retro Series IFilterGrade Retro Series I
FilterGrade Retro Series I by Filtergrade

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon includes 6 create fantasy toning actions. Give your images a mysterious air; perfect for portrait, fashion, and fine-art photographers.

Cinnamon by Presetrain

6. Soft Focus 3

Simply fill your subject with a colour and play the action, to give you a beautifully soft look with your subject still clearly visible.

Soft Focus 3Soft Focus 3Soft Focus 3
Soft Focus 3 by Sevenstyles

7. CineStock

Simulate the popular cinema and television look with this set of 18 Photoshop actions. From tonal changes, to saturation and contrast adjustments, your photos will look intense, desaturated and be packed full of drama.

CineStock by Contrastly

8. Tallgrass

Tallgrass provides a natural, fresh toning for portrait, wedding, fashion and fine-art photographs. One click will add volume, colour and depth.

Tallgrass by Presetrain  

9. Winter

Simply play an action to add effects including snow, rain and day to night. The download also includes 21 colour actions, 44 cloud, fog and mist brushes, and a rain splash brush.

Winter by Sevenstyles

10. Autumn

Autuum is a set of 4 photoshop actions designed to give your photographs a seasonal effect. Change vivid greens into the warm, dry tones of autumn. The set includes a bonus set of sharpening and noise reduction actions.

Autumn Autumn Autumn
Autumn by Beto

11. Universal Photoshop Panel

Universal Photoshop Panel is a comprehensive set of presets for colour correction, and for achieving VSCO and Instagram looks. This suite of scripts will improve your processing workflow, allowing you to quickly and easily add a professional finish to your images.

Universal Photoshop PanelUniversal Photoshop PanelUniversal Photoshop Panel
Universal Photoshop Panel by Willa_Willa

12. Carbonium

This pack consists of 16 black and white actions, from vintage to contemporary. Up your colour grading game in style.

Carbonium by Micromove

13. Infrared

Step into the fantastical world of infrared, without the expense of filters or camera conversion. This set includes 12 infrared actions and 12 Film Noire style actions, to give your photographs style and whimsy.

 Infrared Infrared Infrared
Infrared by Micromove

14. Poetry

Poetry includes 4 landscape actions to add atmosphere and richness to your photographs. From a warm, sepia effect to vibrant, saturated colours, you’re bound to find something you love.

Poetry by Presetrain

15. Soul Chasing

The Soul Chasing set will help bring out the artist in you. The download consists of 27 Photoshop actions, 22 creative tones, and 5 black and white conversions, each designed to enhance fine art images, whilst still giving you complete, creative control.

Soul ChasingSoul ChasingSoul Chasing
Soul Chasing by Seasaltcompany

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