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100 Insanely Awesome Fonts From Envato Elements

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This post is part of a series called Best Fonts to Download.
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Are you a font lover with an appetite for serifs and sans-serifs? Sink your teeth into this amazing collection of 100 cool Envato Elements fonts.

The right font can transform your creative designs from drab and dreary to sophisticated and marvellous. And with Envato Elements, you can satisfy your love for fonts with unlimited downloads, all for one monthly price!

The Envato Elements fonts are a fantastic library of over 25,000 fonts. That's right! And this isn't the only asset you can download in the unlimited subscription service. You also have access to graphic templates, add-ons, photos, graphics, and more.

Before we jump into that, I'd like to share some popular fonts from the Envato Elements library. From script and handwritten fonts to sans-serif typefaces, check them out and discover why these awesome fonts were some of the most downloaded.

1. Goodwyn Retro Fonts (OTF, WOFF)

This bold serif font is inspired by vintage font designs. Goodwyn is a complete set of fonts that comes in seven different styles. This font is great for retro labels and logos.

Goodwyn - Retro Fonts Goodwyn - Retro Fonts Goodwyn - Retro Fonts

2. Handstand Font (OTF, WOFF)

Handstand is a script and handwritten font family, perfect for branding projects. The brush font also includes several ligatures and swashes, initial and terminal letters, and international support for most Western languages.

Handstand FontHandstand FontHandstand Font

3. Malficent Script Font (OTF)

Malficent is another nice script and handwritten font that's especially good for wedding invitations and graphic design. This script font also includes international glyphs, stylistic sets, and ligatures.

Malficent - Script FontMalficent - Script FontMalficent - Script Font

4. Davidas Condensed Sans Serif (OTF, WOFF)

Lastly, we've got this elegant and stunning sans-serif font. Davidas is great for editorial design, branding projects, stationery creations, and more. Have fun with this bold, eye-catching font.

Davidas - Condensed Sans SerifDavidas - Condensed Sans SerifDavidas - Condensed Sans Serif

20+ Best Serif Fonts

Love the classic vintage allure of a serif font? What makes a great serif font are those extra finishing details, usually in the form of a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter.

Perfect for a variety of applications, this selection of serif font examples will have you ready to dive into your next design project. 

1. Herbert Lemuel Font (OTF, TTF)

Let's kick off this list with the Herbert Lemuel font, a vintage-style serif font that comes with six different versions for that old school look. This serif family comes sectioned in three different sets and is the perfect font for your vintage wedding invitations or designs.

Herbert Lemuel FontHerbert Lemuel FontHerbert Lemuel Font

2. New York Font (OTF, TTF)

If you love that old New York look, then this is one of the best serif fonts for you. The New York font comes packed with eight font files, featuring everything from regular styles to grunge and so much more.

New York FontNew York FontNew York Font

3. Flexiletto Font (OTF, TTF)

Need more vintage serif font examples? Perfect for the hipster designer, this serif font has a cool vintage vibe with elegant details. It's suitable for many design applications, so enjoy the classic feel of this retro font.

Flexiletto FontFlexiletto FontFlexiletto Font

4. Hagen Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Update your font collection with modern serif fonts like this avant-garde-inspired font. Hagen comes with two different weights and is the perfect addition to your collection as a font for electronic festivals or other fashion-forward posters.

Hagen FontHagen FontHagen Font

5. Haste: 3 Handmade Fonts (OTF, TTF)

Included in this font pack are three handmade fonts with a classic vintage vibe. You can access the alternative characters for this font using Adobe Illustrator, making this the perfect font for your next lettering project.

Haste - 3 Handmade FontsHaste - 3 Handmade FontsHaste - 3 Handmade Fonts

6. Megeon Font (TTF)

If you're looking for something bold with a dash of retro design, then consider this unique serif font example. Megeon is a vintage-style font with wonderful grunge qualities and is perfect for logos, advertising, and so much more.

Megeon FontMegeon FontMegeon Font

7. LUNA Slab Serif Font (OTF, TTF)

Suitable for many design applications, Luna is a slab serif font that comes available in two different versions. Also included is a stencil version for additional style.


8. Western Grit Font (OTF, TTF)

Love the look of old westerns? Then you're sure to love one of the best serif fonts with a vintage design. This distressed typeface is a little beat up, but oozes character and style. Enjoy this 100% handmade design with characters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation included.

Western Grit FontWestern Grit FontWestern Grit Font

9. Troupe Font (OTF, TTF)

Inspired by retro hand-drawn lettering, the Troupe Font comes with six different weights and four different styles. It's the perfect font family ready to be used for your next flyer or poster design.

Troupe FontTroupe FontTroupe Font

10. Parlour Font (OTF)

There's nothing quite like the style of an old Brooklyn barber shop, and you can enjoy the great urban aesthetic with this Parlour Font. A display typeface inspired by Movember, this versatile font comes complete with the entire alphabet, numbers, and punctuation.

Parlour FontParlour FontParlour Font

11. Bartolomew Font (OTF, TTF)

With both a regular and printed style to choose from, the Bartolomew Font is a classy alternative to the fonts you're most familiar with. Add that extra personal touch to your wedding invites and more with this elegant hand lettering typeface.

Bartolomew FontBartolomew FontBartolomew Font

12. Marema Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Inspired by modern vintage posters, this Marema Typeface features stylistic alternatives, contextual alternatives, and ligatures. Show off this font and use it for headlines and more for that beautiful vintage look.

Marema TypefaceMarema TypefaceMarema Typeface

13. The Salvador Font (OTF, TTF)

Inspired by the lettering artist who created this unique style, The Salvador Font is a trio combination that includes serif, script, and condensed variations. Additional options allow you to choose different colors on every layer of the font without needing special effects.

The Salvador FontThe Salvador FontThe Salvador Font

14. Esther Handmade Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

The ultimate version of the serif font, this classy design is not constructed out of modules but instead drawn by hand and optimized for the best legibility. It's ideal for cookbooks, menus, and more, so enjoy the beautiful style of this handmade serif font.

Esther Handmade FontEsther Handmade FontEsther Handmade Font

15. Burford Rustic Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

A rustic alternative to the Burford Font Family, this font includes new style variations and layering options. Enjoy even more from the ornamental package to cover the basic keyboard characters and more.

Burford Rustic FontBurford Rustic FontBurford Rustic Font

16. Lunchbox Slab Regular Font (OTF, TTF)

A part of the Lunchbox Font Family, this hand-drawn typeface features a unique style with numerous customization options available. Included in this package is a custom set of small caps, contextual alternatives, and access to over 1,500 different characters.

Lunchbox Slab Regular FontLunchbox Slab Regular FontLunchbox Slab Regular Font

17. Zelda Art Deco Font (OTF, TTF)

Enjoy this amazing font full of style and flair that is originally inspired by that wonderful age of Art Deco design. Great for modern and vintage projects alike, this font includes four font styles with regular, bold, and grunge alternatives.

Zelda - ArtDeco FontZelda - ArtDeco FontZelda - ArtDeco Font

18. Star Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Shine bright like a star with this unique typeface. This retro font features a vintage Art Deco aesthetic perfect for a variety of design projects. Download this font to get access to its eight incredible font files.

Star TypefaceStar TypefaceStar Typeface

19. Bureno Font (OTF, TTF)

A display font with incredible style, this Bureno Font features a vintage design with four creative fonts included. Enjoy both the regular and grunge styles for more design alternatives, and ultimately upgrade the look of your print materials.

Bureno FontBureno FontBureno Font

20. Lawless Font (OTF, TTF)

Resurrected from a once scrapped file, this Lawless Font has been re-birthed to fulfill the needs of the design masses. Included in this complete package are four different styles, the entire alphabet, and letters and punctuation.

Lawless fontLawless fontLawless font

21. Euphoria Font Family (OTF, TTF)

Introducing the illustrious Euphoria Font Family. This vintage serif font example is beautifully crafted and makes for an instant vintage design. Included in this download is access to several alternative styles as well as a few fun extras.

Euphoria Font FamilyEuphoria Font FamilyEuphoria Font Family

22. Stiquez Font (OTF)

Achieve that classic retro look with this elegant typeface. Perfect for logos, advertising, and so much more, this unique font is suitable for a variety of software applications.

Stiquez FontStiquez FontStiquez Font

23. 806 Typography Font (TTF)

Inspired by that retro design of old signs, this font works with Illustrator, Photoshop, and even more software applications. Download this file to get complete access to this wonderful vintage font.

806 Typography Font806 Typography Font806 Typography Font

24. Magnifika Font (OTF)

The age-old appeal of vintage lettering will never go out of style. And with the Magnifika Font, you can create that old Victorian look in a matter of seconds. Enjoy a variety of elements included in this complete font file.

Magnifika FontMagnifika FontMagnifika Font

20+ Best Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-serif, or fonts without those extra little stroke details, feature clean, modern designs that transform any graphic design into a sophisticated dream. Their sleek style allows for the utmost versatility in almost any design application.

Enjoy this next collection of popular sans-serif fonts, for we already know there will definitely be a handful you'll want to download.

25. Transyl: Elegant Display Headline Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

This is one of the best sans-serif fonts if you're looking for an elegant and minimalist design. The font features a unique all-caps display inspired by medieval design patterns. Sans-serif font examples are great for headlines, branding, and logos.

Transyl - Elegant Display Headline TypefaceTransyl - Elegant Display Headline TypefaceTransyl - Elegant Display Headline Typeface

26. CornerOne Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Make this simple, round sans-serif font a staple in your next font collection. The CornerOne Typeface package includes all the letters, numbers, and glyphs you could ask for in one simple download.

CornerOne TypefaceCornerOne TypefaceCornerOne Typeface

27. Reiju Typeface Duo (OTF, TTF)

Divinely unique with its own modern flair, this clean, modern sans-serif fonts will make any graphic design truly stand out. Incorporate this type into a variety of design projects, from branding to fashion and even stationery.

Reiju - Typeface DuoReiju - Typeface DuoReiju - Typeface Duo

28. Frank Sans-Serif Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Inspired by the classic DIN, Eurostile, and Futura fonts, Frank is the perfect sans-serif font example for that clean, bold look. Included in this file are five different weights, Latin support, and even 300+ glyphs.

Frank FontFrank FontFrank Font

29. The Great Outdoors Font (OTF, TTF)

Take a great big gulp of fresh air with The Great Outdoors. Available in two different styles, clean and rough, this modern sans-serif font brings the warm nature of the wild to you. It's a great addition to your growing collection, and you can incorporate this font into almost any art project.

The Great Outdoors FontThe Great Outdoors FontThe Great Outdoors Font

30. Hitchcut Font (OTF, TTF)

Looking for the best sans-serif fonts for movie posters? Inspired by the classic Hitchcock movies, Hitchcut is a fun play on words and an even greater play on font styles. Included with this unique sans-serif are contextual alternatives for the full alphabet and all the normal characters you desire.

Hitchcut FontHitchcut FontHitchcut Font

31. Graun Sans-Serif Font (OTF, TTF)

Need a little grunge in your life? Then feast your eyes on Graun, a unique handmade modern sans-serif font with bonus elements included. Dress up your album covers or t-shirts with this grungy look.

Graun FontGraun FontGraun Font

32. Cormier Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

The beauty of Art Deco design is that it instantly elevates your work. So next up we have Cormier, an Art Deco themed typeface that comes in three different styles. Incorporate this sleek font into your corporate or business designs for more drama and flair. It's one of the popular sans-serif fonts from the Envato Elements fonts library.

Cormier FontCormier FontCormier Font

33. Sovereign Typeface (TTF)

Every great designer needs a slew of clean, modern sans-serif fonts in their design arsenal. So we present you with Sovereign, a bold and modern typeface that is perfect for branding, advertising, and so much more.

Sovereign TypefaceSovereign TypefaceSovereign Typeface

34. Laguna7 Font (OTF, WOFF)

The simple elegance of the Laguna7 Font means that you can incorporate this typeface into a variety of designs. Complete with letters, numbers, and glyphs, this font is created in the OpenType format.

Laguna7 FontLaguna7 FontLaguna7 Font

35. Lunchbox Bold Font (OTF, WOFF)

Need different sans-serif font examples? This unique sans-serif design features a font with lots of character and additional elements to boot! Enjoy the four different font styles per letter and the wide range of alternatives for this creative hand-drawn type.

Lunchbox Bold FontLunchbox Bold FontLunchbox Bold Font

36. Maxwell Sans Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Bold and condensed for that sexy solid look, the Maxwell font is the perfect addition to your font collection. Inspired by the retro font aesthetic of the 1950s, Maxwell comes complete with all the necessary characters and elements you desire.

Maxwell Sans FontMaxwell Sans FontMaxwell Sans Font

37. Blocklyn Font Family (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

A fun play on words, this font is big, bold, and bad ass. Intimidate or simply impress your viewers and inspire a strong masculine design with this bold typeface. Included are four font styles, numbers and symbols, and standard Latin characters.

Blocklyn Font FamilyBlocklyn Font FamilyBlocklyn Font Family

38. Fast Track Font (OTF, TTF)

Next up is Fast Track, a speedy display font inspired by vintage racing. This unique type features a design with lots of character, as it shows the letters moving in a fast motion. Included in this font file are example mockups for added inspiration, making this one of the best sans-serif fonts out there.

Fast Track FontFast Track FontFast Track Font

39. Friday's Font (OTF)

Thank god it's Friday, and thankfully you'll have this font to celebrate. The Friday's Font is a lazy but clean font style that is ideal for any standard marketing material. Incorporate this font into your business cards, blog photos, or scrapbooks for added style.

Fridays FontFridays FontFridays Font

40. Bob Font (OTF, WOFF)

A huge typeface, Bob is going to need a little space to fit into your growing collection. Complete with a bold, solid, and angular look, this one lets you show off your love for huge fonts.

Bob FontBob FontBob Font

41. Abeja Font Duo (OTF, TTF)

Perfect for the design professional with minimalist tendencies, Abeja is a uniquely modern typeface that features letters with a slightly pixelized appeal. Enjoy this font alone or incorporate it into your designs to amplify their style.

Abeja - Font DuoAbeja - Font DuoAbeja - Font Duo

42. Ichiji Typeface Duo (OTF, TTF)

Introducing Ichiji, a modern sans-serif typeface that is sure to impress all your viewers. This strong yet elegant font features a unique design that distorts the average letter. Highlight this eclectic font with a variety of fun design projects.

Ichiji - Typeface DuoIchiji - Typeface DuoIchiji - Typeface Duo

43. Fantai Font (OTF, TTF)

Fantai is a simple, hand-painted font. Its classic style makes it very versatile to use for web or print materials. Included in this package are two font formats that are simple and easy to use.

Fantai FontFantai FontFantai Font

44. Wilder Font (OTF, TTF)

Get lost in the wild with this natural handwritten font. Wilder is a condensed, sans-serif typeface inspired by an old wooden sign outside a crazy man's log cabin. Enjoy the simple nature of this font and take advantage of a lifetime of free updates.

Wilder FontWilder FontWilder Font

45. Gutenberg Font Family (OTF, TTF)

A tribute to Johannes Gutenberg, the man who introduced printing to Europe, this sans-serif font presents sketchy edges with irregular imperfections. Its grungy vibe is the result of simulating the look of transferred ink, and we think the creator has succeeded greatly in his inventive design.

Gutenberg - Font FamilyGutenberg - Font FamilyGutenberg - Font Family

46. Sailors Font (OTF, TTF)

Last but not least in this collection of sans-serif fonts is Sailors, a clean typeface available in two different styles. Perfect for branding, labeling, and more, this classic vintage font is a great way to showcase your love for boats. 

Sailors FontSailors FontSailors Font

20+ Gorgeous Script & Handwritten Fonts

Nothing can beat the charm of freehand writing. Long gone are the days when we were taught script in school, but luckily we still have amazing script and handwritten fonts to turn to.

In this next collection of the best script fonts and cute handwritten fonts, enjoy an array of styles, from the dainty and pleasant to the abstract and messy.

47. Flanders Script (OTF, TTF)

Flanders is a script and handwritten font. This bold cursive script font is perfect for baseball and sport logos. Flanders Script font has OpenType features and supports many languages. 

Flanders ScriptFlanders ScriptFlanders Script

48. Ray Signature Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Next up is Ray Signature, an excellent handwritten calligraphy font. This nice typeface is very versatile, and you can use it for many projects, such as invitations, logos, T-shirts, posters, or anything else you've got in mind. If you want a typeface that captures the aesthetic of handwritten fonts, this is a great option.

Ray Signature FontRay Signature FontRay Signature Font

49. Rockys Brush Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Or try Rockys, a brush script font that can also be a decorative font. This hand brush font features a bold and natural style that makes it perfect for branding projects, advertisements, product design, stationery, or any other idea you've got.

Rockys Handbrush FontRockys Handbrush FontRockys Handbrush Font

50. Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font (OTF, TTF)

Need cute handwritten fonts? We've got Art Plot, a handwritten font that you can use to give your designs a unique look with a hand-drawn finish.

Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn FontArt Plot Bold Hand Drawn FontArt Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font

51. Cherie Bomb Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Cherie Bomb is a fun tattoo script font with a punk rock feeling to it. It's screaming with personality and heart and allows you to create stunning hand-lettering quickly and easily. This is one of the best script fonts you can get if you want to stand out.

Cherie Bomb FontCherie Bomb FontCherie Bomb Font

52. Midnight Rider Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Written with a dry marker, Midnight Rider is a unique handwritten script font. It's perfect for branding projects and is a great addition to your growing collection of hand-drawn typefaces. This is one of the best handwritten fonts if you need a true handwritten feel.

Midnight Rider FontMidnight Rider FontMidnight Rider Font

53. Little Wonder Brush Script Font (OTF)

You'll wonder why you didn't have this font sooner with Little Wonder. Created with a single watercolor brush and painstakingly digitized for your convenience, this handwritten script font is a mix of chaotically brushed lettering with this elegant script.

Little Wonder fontLittle Wonder fontLittle Wonder font

54. Briella Cursive Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

There's no hiding the beauty behind this feminine, cursive script font. Briella is a font based on a unique hand-lettering style. Use this handwritten calligraphy font for wedding invites and every design that could use an extra pinch of pretty.

Briella FontBriella FontBriella Font

55. Rainy Days Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Make sure you have an umbrella before going out with one of the best handwritten fonts out there! Rainy Days is a fun typeface that was made by hand with black Indian ink. Add it to your collection to add splashes of personality to your next design project.

Rainy Days TypefaceRainy Days TypefaceRainy Days Typeface

56. Heiger Font (OTF, TTF)

Carefully crafted with you in mind, Heiger is a gorgeous cursive script font with bonus elements included. Enjoy the additional vector swirls to classy up your next fashion or bridal invitation.

Heiger FontHeiger FontHeiger Font

57. Fjord Brush Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Made by the hands of the painter Krisjanis Mezulis, Fjord was inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the fjords in Norway. Incorporate this natural yet unique brushwork into your designs for that messy look, or use it as a tattoo script font for a truly unique piece.

Fjord Brush FontFjord Brush FontFjord Brush Font

58. Mallow Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Need a font that exemplifies the aesthetic of handwritten fonts? Recently updated with 15 mockups for your inspiration, Mallow is an imperfect hand-painted typeface with an irregular baseline. Featured in this complete package are letters, numbers, punctuation, and more.

Mallow TypefaceMallow TypefaceMallow Typeface

59. Amorie Modella Font Family (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Tall and skinny with the charm of vintage style, the Amorie Modella Font Family comes in various weights and styles. Built to look completely handcrafted, this is an OpenType font that includes a great set of design extras as a bonus.

Amorie Modella Font FamilyAmorie Modella Font FamilyAmorie Modella Font Family

60. Drustic Dialy Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Drustic Dialy is the birthchild of its creator Adamfathony. In collaboration with another designer, they created this unique script font with rustic charm and incredible detail. Download this font to gain access to several font styles and more.

DrusticDialy FontDrusticDialy FontDrusticDialy Font

61. Asphalts Typeface (OTF, TTF)

A mixture of heavy and rough brush strokes makes for an incredible brush script font. Asphalts is inspired by a rolling downhill passion and is sure to uplift your brand name, identity, or presentation.

Asphalts TypefaceAsphalts TypefaceAsphalts Typeface

62. The Painter Font (OTF, TTF)

Created with the look of traditional sign and brush lettering in mind, the Painter Font is a font family that includes two styles along with several OpenType features. Script fonts like this are perfect for logos, flyers, and more, and this unique typeface lets you get the most out of your designs.

The Painter FontThe Painter FontThe Painter Font

63. Every Summer Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

If you're looking for a dynamic font to fulfill your spontaneous design projects then look no further. The Every Summer Font is a great way to add personality to your brand with its unique brush look and charming marker imperfections.

Every Summer FontEvery Summer FontEvery Summer Font

64. Banaue Handwritten Brush Font (OTF, WOFF)

A handwritten font for that homemade look, Banaue features 104 characters and all the basic glyphs you need. You'll definitely want to add this one to your collection to get started on your next project right away.

Banaue Handwritten Brush FontBanaue Handwritten Brush FontBanaue Handwritten Brush Font

65. Himalaya Set Type (OTF, TTF)

We never get tired of that beautiful vintage look. The Himalaya Set Type is a vintage-inspired font duo that includes one script and one sans-serif font. Both are hand-drawn with rough edges, and we know you'll find a great way to incorporate this font into your designs.

Himalaya Set TypeHimalaya Set TypeHimalaya Set Type

66. Shallom Font (OTF, TTF)

A cute typeface that is both modern and unique, Shallom is a handcrafted font created with a brush and ink. Its calligraphic style will win over any design client, and it even includes a bonus graphic pack with fun fashion elements.

Shallom FontShallom FontShallom Font

67. Ornette Font (OTF, TTF)

Casual yet cursive, this sans-serif font is ideal for branding and graphic design work. Created with a love of hand lettering, this font includes all the characters you need, with several different styles to choose from.

Ornette FontOrnette FontOrnette Font

68. Harmonie Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

With a combination of copperplate and contemporary typeface design, the Harmonie handwritten script font is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. Use this handwritten calligraphy font for your wedding invitations, or any design that would work well with calligraphy. It's one of the best handwritten fonts from Envato Elements.

Harmonie Script FontHarmonie Script FontHarmonie Script Font

69. My Dear Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Though the art of writing letters by hand is dying out, the beautiful script style remains with the My Dear Script Font. This classic style has a touch of elegance inspired by the lettering on vintage postcards. Download this font to gain access to this stunning typeface and its features.

My Dear Script FontMy Dear Script FontMy Dear Script Font

70. Brandine Font (OTF, TTF)

Made with a thin brush and watercolors, the Brandine Font is handcrafted with a beautiful feminine appeal in mind. Use this font for your invitations or celebrate its uniqueness across the board in your next design projects.

Brandine FontBrandine FontBrandine Font

71. Emellie Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

A unique calligraphic typeface with feminine touches, Emellie is the perfect font for any designer. Use this font to make your designs instantly pretty or even elevate your home projects.

Emellie Script FontEmellie Script FontEmellie Script Font

72. Maloishe Brush Script Font (OTF, WOFF)

Handmade and oozing with character, you'll definitely want to add Maloishe to your collection. This font stands out from the rest and includes all your basic characters with additional elements for even more style. No need for customization or editing—this font is instantly ready to use.

Maloishe Brush Script FontMaloishe Brush Script FontMaloishe Brush Script Font

73. Cosmodrome Monoline Script Font (OTF, WOFF)

Love the cosmos? Explore the wonder of space with this fun Cosmodrome Monoline Script Font. This type features a cool aesthetic that is sure to upgrade all your web and print designs.

Cosmodrome Monoline Script FontCosmodrome Monoline Script FontCosmodrome Monoline Script Font

74. Novitha Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Developed by hand using a brush pen, the Novitha Script Font is everything you want in a script font. Scanned in at a very high resolution, it's designed with a strong personality for any typography lover.

Novitha Script FontNovitha Script FontNovitha Script Font

75. Eiffell Brush Script Font (OTF, WOFF)

Busting with a unique, French charm, the Eiffel Brush Script Font is stunning with its decorative capitals and elegant curves. Incorporate this font into your designs for that old-world look.

Eiffell Brush Script Font Eiffell Brush Script Font Eiffell Brush Script Font

20+ Modern Decorative Fonts

Last but certainly not least, if you fancy the ornate, then dive into this next collection of decorative fonts. With these decorative font examples, you can fulfill a special theme for your upcoming designs.

76. Spacethink Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Space out with this insanely creative font from Envato Elements. Spacethink features five different types of style options that can make it easy to convey that space look you desire. Download this display font for your posters or flyers or include it on your next album cover.

Spacethink TypefaceSpacethink TypefaceSpacethink Typeface

77. Mighty Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Need to find decorative font examples? The Mighty Typeface is perfect for your adventurous message and comes complete with free vector badges.

Mighty TypefaceMighty TypefaceMighty Typeface

78. Baddest Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Introducing the baddest typeface around. This decorative font has a killer design that features strong, bold letters. Enjoy the full package, complete with letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Baddest typefaceBaddest typefaceBaddest typeface

79. TOXINE Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Imagine the old medicinal bottles from yesteryear. The Toxine typeface is inspired by their decorative vintage design. This display font is suitable for labels, posters, and all your vintage projects, while also including all the necessary elements to complete that entire look.

TOXINE TypefaceTOXINE TypefaceTOXINE Typeface

80. Alpha Rough Font (OTF, TTF)

Adapted from the philosophical Greek language, Alpha presents itself with a nice handwritten element that will work perfectly in your next designs. Download this display font to gain access to the full list of characters and additional stylistic alternates.

Alpha Rough FontAlpha Rough FontAlpha Rough Font

81. Stooges Races Font (OTF)

Drawing inspiration from the old retro posters found at races, Stooges is a fun font bursting with character and speed. Enjoy its unique grunge style complete with OTF font files and an additional vector pack.

Stooges Races FontStooges Races FontStooges Races Font

82. Auther Typeface (OTF, WOFF)

Looking for something vintage with a modern flair? Consider this retro monoline display font, Auther. With its gorgeous curvy lines and rustic texture, there's no way you can resist adding this awesome font to your collection.

Auther TypefaceAuther TypefaceAuther Typeface

83. CA Rusty Nail Font (OTF, TTF)

Looking for a rusty nail? A design by Stefan Claudius, this font is carefully hand crafted and comes complete with a full Central European set in two distinct styles. It's perfect for labeling and more, so download the file to take advantage of that homemade look.

CA Rusty Nail FontCA Rusty Nail FontCA Rusty Nail Font

84. Haext Regular Display Font (OTF)

If you want to see clear decorative font examples, this rustic Neo-Goth font is sure to make you conjure the spirits with its linear uniqueness and abstract style. Make your designs stand out from the crowd and download this font to inspire something different in each project.

Haext Regular FontHaext Regular FontHaext Regular Font

85. Madeline Handsketched Font (OTF, TTF)

Here's a cute, hand-sketched modern font created with care. Madeline features a friendly, charismatic design that is super lovable with each letter. The overall feel is meant to be carefree, so be sure to design with a free spirit in mind.

Madeline Handsketched FontMadeline Handsketched FontMadeline Handsketched Font

86. Ginusto Font Family (OTF)

Made carefully by hand, the Ginusto Font Family is a bold typeface that will inspire you to design with optimal creativity. What you'll get in this package is four family fonts, an ornamental pack, and even access to a comprehensive video tutorial for additional help.

Ginusto Font FamilyGinusto Font FamilyGinusto Font Family

87. Baker Street Rough Font (OTF, WOFF)

Inspired by the creator's trip to London, the Baker Street Rough Font encompasses all the great elements of beautiful, vintage typography. This display font family delivers a multitude of OpenType features and includes additional ornament sets to work specifically with the Baker Street style.

Baker Street Rough FontBaker Street Rough FontBaker Street Rough Font

88. La Forest Typeface (OTF, TTF)

If you're looking for a dramatic font perfect for that Count Dracula look, consider the La Forest typeface to inspire some gorgeous Gothic style. Add this unique font to your designs and transform the theme easily with these four creative fonts.

La Forest TypefaceLa Forest TypefaceLa Forest Typeface

89. Mars Attack Typeface (OTF, TTF)

We are not alone, and you won't be either once you feast your eyes on this modern font. This eclectic typeface features a bold, spacey design that will easily convey the message you desire for design that is out of this world.

Mars Attack TypefaceMars Attack TypefaceMars Attack Typeface

90. Catalina Clemente Font (OTF, WOFF)

After visiting a bakery in Newport Beach, California, the creator of the Catalina Clemente Font was inspired to create a typeface with all the organic design and stunning typography of that very special place. Download this file to gain access to four font families and more, including additional graphic ornaments for even more style.

Catalina Clemente FontCatalina Clemente FontCatalina Clemente Font

91. Morning Glory (OTF, TTF)

Take a trip back to the Victorian age with this beautiful decorative font designed by Inumocca Type. It comes with just the right amount of creative features, while still being clear and easy to read. Try out this eye-catching font for your next project.

Morning Glory FontMorning Glory FontMorning Glory Font

92. Atebellum Font Family (OTF, TTF)

This vintage-inspired typeface comes in two distinct styles, allowing you more room for versatility in your designs. Download this special package to use for awesome displays, labeling, and more.

Atebellum Font FamilyAtebellum Font FamilyAtebellum Font Family

93. Casual Brush Font (OTF, TTF)

Or you could always just keep things casual. The Casual Brush Font is a lovely handwritten typeface created with fluid brush strokes that are sure to inspire serenity. Download this file to gain access to 600+ ligature pairs and two stylistic alternatives.

Casual Brush FontCasual Brush FontCasual Brush Font

94. Sweetiest Font (OTF, TTF)

The sweetest font around, this adorable typeface comes complete with bubbly thick curves and a lovable romantic style. Combine this font with your favorite hand-brushed look for a design that looks very natural and sweet.

Sweetiest FontSweetiest FontSweetiest Font

95. The Thron Typeface (OTF)

An elegant font family that comes in three different font formats, The Thron Typeface is a static font, which means that it'll look great on almost anything. Inspire elegance in your designs with this unique look.

The Thron TypefaceThe Thron TypefaceThe Thron Typeface

96. River Side Font (OTF)

If you're looking for even more handwritten fonts to add to your design arsenal, then consider the River Side Font for your next designs. Great for inspirational posters and fierce brand identities, you're sure to impress with this rustic hand-painted font.

River Side FontRiver Side FontRiver Side Font

97. The Rupture Font (OTF)

The Rupture Font features an original, rustic look that is handmade with you in mind. Elevate your designs with this creative typeface that is ideal for any poster or graphic design.

The Rupture FontThe Rupture FontThe Rupture Font

98. Story Brush Font (OTF, TTF)

Tell me a story! The Story Brush Font is a surefire way to add a creative story element into your designs. Equipped with OpenType features and over 240 glyphs, this font can make a huge impact for your next Halloween or horror-themed project.

Story Brush FontStory Brush FontStory Brush Font

99. Phillnesia Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Featuring an incredibly gorgeous Victorian design, the Phillnesia Typeface is a great vintage font that will instantly age your print materials for that fun retro look. Download this creative design and incorporate it in your favorite labels, posters, and so much more.

Phillnesia TypefacePhillnesia TypefacePhillnesia Typeface

100. Sea Horse Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Last but not least, let's dive into this elegant water theme with this lovely Sea Horse Typeface. Inspired by old Victorian typography and vintage sign printing, this file includes the original OTF format and a poster sample for inspiration.

Sea Horse TypefaceSea Horse TypefaceSea Horse Typeface

Discover More Envato Elements Fonts and Resources

This list is jam-packed with amazing Envato Elements fonts and resources for the avid collector of serif and sans-serif fonts.

And with hundreds of fonts available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Elements and the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel for more resources like these:

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