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Icon Design

  • Halloween
    How to Create a Bat Icon in Adobe Illustrator Using Just Simple Ellipse Shapes400
    Do you want to became an icon designer? Let's create an easy and clear bat icon using just one shape—an ellipse!Read More…
  • Halloween
    How to Create a Dark Gravestone Illustration in Adobe IllustratorGravestonepreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a dark gravestone illustration in Adobe Illustrator. We'll take you through the process step by step, showing you how to create your own spooky Halloween gravestone. Read More…
  • Illustration
    How to Create a Water Pistol Illustration in Adobe IllustratorWaterpistolpreview
    In the following steps you will learn how to create a detailed water pistol illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Read More…
  • Pixel Art
    How to Create a Pixel Game UI in Adobe Photoshop026
    There's a lot you can do when creating a menu or one f the numerous interfaces that exist within a video game. In the case of this tutorial, we'll take the time to play with pixel art once again to make something RPG-inspired that harkens back to 16-bit menu screens.Read More…
  • Pixel Art
    Create Pixel Art with a Limited Palette in 10 Steps with PhotoshopPreview
    Render two sets of icons with limited palettes inspired by 8-bit graphics in Adobe PhotoshopRead More…
  • Icon Design
    Create a Travel Bag Illustration in Adobe IllustratorTravelbagpreview
    In the following steps you will learn how to create a simple travel bag illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Read More…
  • Icon Design
    Create Sticker-like Music Icons in Adobe Illustrator020
    Update the look of your desktop icon set with these new sticker-like music icons you can design in IllustratorRead More…
  • Vector
    Create a Propeller Pinwheel Illustration in Adobe IllustratorPropellerpinwheelpreview
    In the following steps you will learn how to create a colorful propeller pinwheel illustration in Adobe Illustrator.Read More…
  • Icon Design
    Create a Diskette and Walkman with New Live Shapes in Adobe IllustratorCassette
    One of the many updated features Adobe unveiled with Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 was the inclusion of Live Shapes. Like Live Corners before them, Live Shapes brings greater control over closed path objects, speeding up workflow. Put your memory to the test with this simple shapes tutorial making use of this fantastic new feature.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Create a Series of Breakfast Pixel Art Icons in Adobe Photoshop020
    Start your day off great with some breakfast themed pixel art! Drawn in Adobe Photoshop, these sweet creations serve as desktop icons, avatars, or game icons. Learn the basics of shape creation, anti-aliasing, and choosing colors.Read More…
  • Vector
    Quick Tip: Create a Simple Seashell in Adobe IllustratorDiana seashells qt preview
    Learn how to create a simple seashell using basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator.Read More…
  • Adobe InDesign
    Create a Die-Cut Business Card for a Local Client in Adobe InDesignPreview image 400
    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create die-cut cards with simple shapes that stray from the usual sharp-cornered rectangular shape. Design touches like this can transform your business card into something that will be treasured, not discarded, by a customer. After all, if the business cared this much about the look of their cards, they must be a business worth contacting!Read More…
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