• Watercolor
    Introduction to Traditional Media: Watercolour400x277
    In this tutorial I will introduce you to watercolour paints. Watercolours are very transportable, and can be used in the comfort of your own home (and easily cleared away) or in front of your favourite view.Read More…
  • Tattoo Design
    How to Draw a Vintage Pin-Up Portrait Tattoo IllustrationTattoopinpupreview
    You will be creating a quirky, stylised pin-up portrait, using classical tattoo drawing and painting methods.Read More…
  • For Kids
    Drawing for Kids: Draw a PonyDraw pony prev
    Drawing is fun! Join me in this very simple tutorial to create a cute pony step by step. You may also learn something for the future!Read More…
  • For Kids
    Drawing for Kids: Draw a Cute Baby FoxDraw fox baby prev
    When we really want to draw well, we often forget to have fun. In this tutorial we'll come back to basics, to learn very simple things while drawing a cute character. This is directed towards younger readers, but also those of you not confident in your skills.Read More…
  • Affinity Designer
    Create an Autumn Girl Illustration in Affinity DesignerGilr umbrella tuts400
    Every season of the year has its own enchanting beauty! Autumn is one of my favorites: red and golden leaves, blue sky reflecting in the puddles, people walking in the rain with colorful umbrellas. Let’s get inspired and create a cozy autumn illustration with a cute girl in gumboots, holding an umbrella. We’ll be using various drawing tools of Affinity Designer and decorating our image with custom patterns. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Cartoon
    How to Draw, Ink and Colour a Cartoon Car in Adobe PhotoshopCar tutorial preview
    Creating cartoon versions of real-life objects can allow people to do the craziest things with perhaps the most basic designs and explore their creativity to no end! Cars are no exception to this way of working, and many zany ideas have been concocted over the years. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple cartoon car so you too can create your own twisted rendition of your favourite auto!Read More…
  • Textures
    How to Draw Different Kinds of Texture With Ink and NibPreview image
    This tutorial shows the process of drawing different organic textures. The artwork represents a snail on a mossy surface and a twig with leaves. The whole variety of textures in this composition is created with only one nib and black ink.Read More…
  • Geometric
    Geometric Design: A Celtic GridPrev
    In this tutorial we'll use circles, circles and more circles to create motifs different from anything we've done so far.Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    "Can I Draw?"—How to Tell If You're Good EnoughGood enough to draw prev
    The most popular reason not to draw is "I'm not good enough". But how is it that you can be not good at many other things and be fine with it? Why does drawing require perfection from the start? Is it true that only talented people should draw?Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Think With Forms, Not Lines: Take Your Drawing to the Next LevelThink with forms prev
    Although we associate drawing with lines, they should be the end product of the process, not the base of it. The base of every well-drawn object is the form—a parent to all sets of lines you can picture the object with. Understanding the concept of form is the key to artistic freedom. Are you ready to learn it?Read More…
  • Painting
    Introduction to Traditional Media: Oil PaintsTexture 3
    In this article, I will introduce you to the basics of oil paints; where to start and what to buy, allowing you to experiment and develop your own style.Read More…
  • Community Projects
    Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, August EditionPreview
    Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by you, the Tuts+ community! Every day visitors like you take the time not only to read our tutorials but also to try them out. This is an assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design & Illustration section. Check out this set of results and join in for the next roundup, published next month!Read More…