• Drawing
    Introduction to Traditional Media: Pencils, Charcoal, Erasers and MorePreview
    In this tutorial I will introduce you to the types of drawing materials you can use to set you on the path to sketching and doodling, wherever and whenever the mood takes you.Read More…
  • Fan Art
    Create Your Own Star Wars Fan Art With PencilsDarth vader preview
    Fancy seeing how to draw and render an awesome piece of fan art? Come with me to a galaxy far, far away and I will show you the steps!Read More…
  • Geometric
    Geometric Design: Knots and WeavesPrev%20
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to give an interlaced appearance to motifs and patterns created on paper, a method that can also be used to turn separating lines into full shapes to be coloured or illuminated.Read More…
  • Journal Project
    Join the Tuts+ Community Journal Project: Pixel Art Character!Pixelart face small
    At some point in our lives, every artist keeps a sketchbook. Whether you're more of a doodler or have a knack for fabulous detail, journals are a great resource to get out all your creative energy!Read More…
  • Digital Painting
    Digital Painting 101: A Beginner's Guide to Photo ReferencesPhotoref preview
    Photographs are an important tool for any artist because they show you how things actually appear in nature. In today's continuation of Digital Painting 101, we'll go over a small guide to working with photo references. Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Quick Tip: Create Dynamic Poses Using Gesture DrawingDynamic preview
    Improving your characters' poses is easier than you think with these gesture drawing tips and tricks!Read More…
  • Character Design
    Design and Draw a Mascot for Team AwesomeDesign mascot 4 8
    Learn how to create a symbolic creature for a brand with very simple steps. The brand it'll be created for will be... us!Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Digital Drawing vs. Digital Painting: What the Difference Is and Why You Should Know ItDigitail drawing vs painting prev
    You can draw with a pencil, but when you grab a graphics tablet pen this skill seems to evaporate. Why does it happen? Why is digital drawing so much harder than "normal" drawing? There may be many reasons, and one of them comes from a misunderstanding of the definitions.Read More…
  • Arabic Calligraphy
    Creative Arabic Calligraphy: Ornamentation and SymmetryPrev
    In this tutorial we'll look at a few of the many possible ways to add layers of beauty and intricacy to an inscription.Read More…
  • Journal Project
    Tuts+ Community Journal Project: Mustache DoodlesPreview1
    Gather up some markers, pens, and your journal or sketchbook of choice for this silly mustache-filled drawing challenge. We'll draw a variety of mustache shapes, fill them in with bright colors, and transform them into a pattern of characters. Join in on the fun in the comment section with your own silly mustache friends.Read More…
  • Drawing
    Use Ink Liners to Create a Skull and Roses DrawingPreview
    In today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a skull with a flower crown using ink liners. Drawing with liners is similar to drawing with ink and nib, but there are some important differences, such as the impossibility of thickening the liner's line using more pressure as you can with a nib. However, one considerable advantage of using liners is their convenience.Read More…
  • Pencil
    How to Draw and Render Realistic Fur With Pencils and CharcoalPuppy preview pic
    Come and join me as we look into the process of creating cute and cuddly animals using only pencils and charcoal.Read More…