• Animal Anatomy
    How to Draw Animals: Big Rodents and Their AnatomyDraw big rodents prev
    Learn how to draw big rodents like capybara, beaver, porcupine, nutria, groundhog, and muskrat. Get to know every important aspect of their anatomy to draw them accurately without any reference, or even create a new species based on them.Read More…
  • Animation
    Create a Flight Animation From Scratch in Adobe PhotoshopFlight animation prev
    Learn how to create flight animations without a reference by understanding the mechanism of wing movement, and get to know fast methods of shading multiple frames.Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: Scripts, Swirls, & FlourishesTutsplus scriptlettering thumb
    This tutorial will provide you with a deep understanding of informal and formal scripts as well as basic flourishing practices. Some techniques and characteristics you will further understand are: color, contrast, kerning, rhythm, flourishing, speed, angle, and many more.Read More…
  • Interviews
    To the Point: Interview With Daniel Alexander002
    This interview is an absolute pleasure. From drag queens to pop culture icons, Daniel Alexander mixes fashion, gender expression, and comic book illustration in a skillful and utterly fabulous manner. Sit for a spell and read about his influences, inspiration, stories about his present work, and where it's all going. Read More…
  • Arabic Calligraphy
    Creative Arabic Calligraphy: Anatomy of the LetterformsPrev
    In this original study, we look in detail at the characteristics of each letter and at the range of forms it can take.Read More…
  • Geometric
    Geometric Design: The BasicsPrev
    Geometry may be a bad high school memory for some of us, but it is the key to a very old, fascinating and endlessly creative art form, that requires no other skill than patience. This introduction lays down the very basics of this discipline, as a warm-up for bigger things.Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Live Perspective: Draw Animals in 3D SpaceLive perspective prev
    Learn how to draw simple shapes in perspective and build complicated animal skeletons out of them. Add depth to your animal drawings and create interesting, dynamic poses—all without vanishing points!Read More…
  • Animal Anatomy
    How to Draw Animals: Small Rodents and Their AnatomyHow to draw rodents prev
    Learn how to draw small, cute rodents accurately. Starring: mice, rats, gray and red squirrels, chipmunks, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and chinchillas!Read More…
  • Arabic Calligraphy
    Creative Arabic Calligraphy for Beginners: IntroductionPrev
    An exclusive course in the seldom-taught Kufic style, with a contemporary approach straddling calligraphy and typography.Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: Understanding Types of TypeTypes of type thumbnail
    This tutorial will provide you with a basic understanding of the wide variety of typography that exists all around us. By the end, you'll have a grasp on all types of type, from sans serif to serif, slab serif, script, decorative, and more.Read More…
  • Human Anatomy
    Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Drawing Characters ConsistentlyPrev
    As part of our series on drawing human anatomy, here are some final notes so that you can not only design and draw a character fully, but draw this same character repeatedly.Read More…
  • Interviews
    To the Point: An Interview With Robert IzaPreview1
    Interview with artist and animator, Robert Iza. Readers may know his work from the webcomic "The Eternally Injured Ninja" or as a storyboard artist for the Nickelodeon series "Breadwinners". In this interview, Iza discusses his artwork, inspiration, working for Nickelodeon, art shows in galleries, and more.Read More…