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  • Collage
    Learn How to Give Ephemera a New Life Ephemera%20painting%20 %20preview
    Some people love to collect and save ephemera; I prefer to give it a new life via painting over it. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to prep your ephemera (telegrams, maps, letters, etc.) and paint the subject matter of your choice on top. In the end, we'll have a nice mix of old and new.Read More…
  • Animal Anatomy
    How to Draw Animals: Kangaroos and KoalasDraw marsupials prev
    Today you're going to learn about two species of an extraordinary family of marsupials, kangaroos and koalas. Prepare for weird stuff like 2-in-1 toes, tail-legs, double thumbs, and foot-thumbs!Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    Why Is It So Hard to Draw From Imagination? Here's How to Do It!Drawing from imagination prev
    Can you draw from a reference, but not from imagination? Are you constantly frustrated because of that? In this article I'll show you the reason for it and, most importantly, how to overcome it.Read More…
  • Patterns
    Create a Tea Party Seamless Pattern From a Sketch in Adobe IllustratorTea pattern trace yuzach pattern400
    In this tutorial you will learn how to make a detailed seamless pattern without using a graphic tablet. Arm yourself with your paper sketchbook and a pen or an ink liner to create a set of elements for your seamless pattern. Then we’ll go through the process of turning our image into vector shapes, coloring them in Adobe Illustrator, and combining them into a colorful and whimsical pattern. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    New Course: Illustrating Personality in Character DesignIllust personality
    In this course you will learn what makes or breaks a good illustrated character, and how to go about crafting the appearance and personality of such a character in practice. You will learn how the use of simple shapes and lines can illustrate who your character is, how to choose the right attributes for your character in relation to its purpose, and how to imbue it with something that all great characters have: a life of its own.Read More…
  • Hand Lettering
    Hand Lettering: Mastering Brush-ScriptTutsplus brushlettering previewimage
    This brush-lettering tutorial will provide you with a deep understanding of proper brush techniques, tips, and editing process to develop your own unique brush-lettered script. Similar to script lettering, some techniques and characteristics you will learn are: color, contrast, kerning, rhythm, speed, angle, and many more.Read More…
  • Arabic Calligraphy
    Creative Arabic Calligraphy: Proportions and SpacingPrev
    In this tutorial you'll learn to create the structural basis for a Kufic script, as well as identifying difficulties you may encounter and discovering how to resolve them. Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    The Top 40 Design & Illustration Posts of 2014Toppostspreview
    2014 has been a very busy year for the Design & Illustration section of Tuts+. We've provided our wonderful community with inspiring and original content, all for free... but did you miss any of the top 40 tutorials from 2014?Read More…
  • Drawing
    Use a Tracing Paper Trick to Create Seamless WallpaperTracing%20paper%20 %20preview
    Ever wanted to have elaborate wallpaper in the background of a drawing? Many people draw out the entire background by hand, but with a simple trick and a piece of tracing paper, you can save a lot of time.Read More…
  • Concept Art
    Design and Draw a Model Sheet of a Werewolf WarriorDesign werewolf character prev
    Let's see the full process for designing a character and creating its model sheet. We'll go through step by step, from the analysis of the commission and research of the topic through to the design and the full execution of the idea.Read More…
  • Geometric
    Geometric Design: Working With 4 and 8Prev
    In this part of our series on geometric design, you'll learn to construct static and dynamic squares and octagons, our first grid, and tiling patterns based on these shapes, all illustrated step by step.Read More…
  • Drawing Theory
    How to Create a Tonal Portrait Using PencilsTonal%20drawing%20 %20preview
    Want to create a stunning black and white portrait while skipping a few steps in the middle? Tonal portraits use the color of the paper as a middle tone, meaning you simply have to draw in the highlights and shadows. Read More…