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Illustrator in 60 Seconds: The Perspective Grid

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Welcome to our Illustrator in 60 Seconds series, in which you can learn an Adobe Illustrator skill, feature, or technique in just a minute!

Illustrator in 60 Seconds: The Perspective Grid

Always wanted to use the Perspective Grid but never knew how? If that's the case then you should definitely check out the video and quick steps which will help you understand all its basic features.

By default, the tool can be accessed from the left toolbar or by using the Shift-P keyboard shortcut. It comes preset to a two-point perspective, which can easily be changed by heading over to View > Perspective Grid and choosing from its three available options.

turning on the perspective grid

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can easily adjust the grid using its different points and handles.

For example, you can adjust the position of its two vanishing points by selecting the outer circles and moving them closer or further away from the center of the grid.

adjusting the position of the vanishing points

You can control the Vertical Grid Extent and the position of the Horizon Level using the outer diamond-shaped handles.

adjusting the position of the horizon level

The center diamond lets you adjust the size of the Grid Cells, while the inner side ones let you adjust the Extent of the grid on the planes.

adjusting the size of the grid cells

No matter the tools you use, the shapes that you create will automatically snap to the Grid Plane, which is currently set as active within the Plane Switching Widget. You can change that by simply clicking on the different sides of the little cube.

example of drawing on the perspective grid

That's it! As long as you play with these settings, you'll be able to create interesting compositions using any of the three perspectives.

A Bit More Detail

Learn more about Adobe Illustrator on Envato Tuts+:

60 Seconds?!

This is part of a series of quick video tutorials on Envato Tuts+ in which we introduce a range of subjects, all in 60 seconds—just enough to whet your appetite. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this video and what else you'd like to see explained in 60 seconds!

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