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How to Warp Text in Adobe Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

Today we will be learning how to warp text in Adobe Photoshop using three different Photoshop type effects! One will use Photoshop's Warped Text feature, another will use the Warp mode found within the Move Tool, and last but not least, we can also warp text using the Pen Tool. 

Let's get started! 

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Resources Used

You will need the following resources to complete this project:

Find more resources and fonts on Envato Elements!

1. How to Use Photoshop's Warped Text

Step 1

First, you'll want to set up your logo or whatever graphic you want the text to wrap around; this is optional of course! 

I will be using the owl logo found in the Geometric Animal logo pack. 

place logo

Step 2

Next, use the Type Tool to type out your phrase—in this case, "Let's Warp!"

I am using the Zenzero Grotesk Font if you were curious.

type phrase

Step 3

With your text layer selected and the Type Tool active, look towards the top-right of the Type Tool's toolbar. You will see an icon of a "T" with a curved line underneath.

 Hit that icon! 

type icon

Step 4

From here, you can choose from many different styles, but they will all have the same three setting options.

  • Bend: This will control the curve of your text. You can create both an "under" and "over" curve.
  • Horizontal Distortion: This will cause either the left or right side of the text to be pulled forward towards the screen, and the opposite side to appear further. 
  • Vertical Distortion: This will do the same as Horizontal Distortion, only it will affect the top and bottom of the text, pulling one forward and the other back. 

Today, we will be using the Arc style with a Bend of +50%


Step 5

To reverse the curve's direction, all you have to do is change the Bend from +50 to -50%.

That's how to bend text in Photoshop! I encourage you to play with all of the different styles and experiment with their settings! 

bottom curved text

2. How to Use Photoshop's Warp Mode

Step 1

First, you want to type out the letter you want to warp. You only want to warp one letter at a time in most cases.

Then, you want to rasterize your text with Right Click > Rasterize Layer, clicking on your text layer. 

type letter

Step 2

Now, to access Photoshop's Warp Mode, you first want to make sure the Move Tool is active and the layer you want to warp is selected.

Make sure Show Transform Controls is checked, found in the upper-left hand corner of the Move Tool toolbar. 

check show controls

Step 3

Next, enter Free Transform Mode by clicking on one of the Transform Control points that will appear around the rasterized text layer. 

Finally, click on the icon of four curved squares found in the upper-right hand corner of the transform toolbar. 

enter warp mode

Step 4

Pull, push, and drag the Warp Mode's transform points to shape the text to your liking! It's that easy to warp Photoshop letters!

warp letter

Step 5

Repeat this with any letters that you need warped! 

warp all letters

3. How to Warp Text Using the Pen Tool

Let's finish up our Photoshop font effects by taking a look at our text paths, and not just the letters! This is my personal favorite way to curve text in Photoshop.

Step 1

Create a New Layer and select the right Pen Tool for the job, in this case, we will use the Curvature Pen Tool. 

Create a Path using the Pen Tool.

create path

Step 2

Select the Type Tool and click towards the beginning of the curve path. 

Type out your phrase! The text will follow the curve of the path, as opposed to going in a straight line! 

type text

You can also do this with Shape Paths. Below I created a circle shape path to curve text into a circle shape! 

shape paths

There You Have It!

Here we have three simple ways to morph and warp text, and their paths, into whatever shape you might need! 

So, as always, keep experimenting with different techniques, and don't forget to post your version below, along with any questions, comments, or critiques!

Final Results

Looking to learn more Photoshop text effects and editing techniques? Why not check out the following excellent photo manipulation tutorials:

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