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In my course, Mastering Script Lettering, I showed you how to create beautiful script lettering by hand. But what if you want to convert your hand lettering into vector format?

In this video from the course, I show you exactly how to do that in Adobe Illustrator. Watch the video above to see the full vectoring process, and here's a summary of the main steps:

  • Start by scanning your lettering and opening the image in Photoshop.
  • Adjust the levels and contrast so that you can see your lettering more clearly.
  • Bring it into Illustrator and make it 10% Opacity so that you can trace over it.
  • Vector each letter separately, so that you can later move the shapes around if need be.
  • Use the Pen Tool to trace each letter, placing anchor points on the "extrema", the furthest points on each letter. You can see a full timelapse of my vectoring process in the video to get a clearer idea of how this works.
  • Also use the shape tools wherever possible—for example, I used the Ellipse Tool to create a circle for the "g" and then altered it to fit the letterform.
  • Go back through at the end, correcting any inconsistencies and making adjustments.
Vectoring script letteringVectoring script letteringVectoring script lettering

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