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How to Use Instagram Templates

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In today's tutorial, you will learn all about Instagram templates. You'll learn how to create your own blank Instagram template and how to use an Instagram story template to boost your brand and gain new followers!

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Instagram TemplateInstagram TemplateInstagram Template

What You'll Learn

  • What is an Instagram post template?
  • How to make a blank Instagram template
  • How to use Instagram story templates
  • How to use templates on Instagram
  • Why Instagram templates are good

What You'll Need

1. How to Create an Instagram Post Template

So, what is an Instagram post template, and why would you want to use one? An Instagram post template is a premade template into which you can easily plug images and text to create a well-formatted and designed Instagram post.  

Using a template will not only keep your branding consistent, but it will also make creating content much quicker! Let's make one ourselves in just five steps. 

Step 1

First, make sure your document is set up correctly, with a size of at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, though it can be larger. However, Instagram posts should always be a ratio of 1:1! A perfect square. 

Create a Color Fill layer and set it to a light cream #f4f0ed color.  

create canvas create canvas create canvas

Step 2

Next, create a rectangle using the Shape tool. The color doesn't matter. 

Have it covering up most of the bottom left of the canvas, similar to what you see below. 

Clip your post's main image into the rectangle. 

add images add images add images

Step 3

Type out your post's title and subtitle using the Type Tool. I'm using the font Carolin in its Thin and Regular style Font Weight. Keep the font color black for now. 

add textadd textadd text

Step 4

Next, take the Shape Tool and create two rectangles below the main text, setting the color to one of the colors in your post's image. Here it's a deep green #14483c color. 

add rectangles behind text add rectangles behind text add rectangles behind text

Step 5

Change the title color to the color of the background and the subtitle to the color of the rectangle shapes. And you are done!

change text color change text color change text color

I created a second design below using the same font, colors, and shapes. 

Instagram template Instagram template Instagram template

2. How to Use Instagram Templates

The idea of a template is to allow you to use all of the same layers to create multiple consistent designs. You'll want at least nine different designs! And that's not including Instagram story template designs. 

So, while making your own is easy, using a premium template is even easier! Let's take a look at how to use Instagram story templates.

Step 1

Download your template, and drop the files onto your computer. Open the PSD file(s). 

download template download template download template

Step 2

Sometimes the files will be in multiple different PSDs, or they may be in just one. 

If they are located in just one PSD, then they will either be separated into Groups or Artboards. Below we have Artboards. 

Select the Move Tool and make sure both Show Transform Controls and Auto Select are Checked. These options are located in the upper Options bar. Use this to select the different elements easily!

select move toolselect move toolselect move tool

Step 3

Drag, drop, and Clip your images into the gray squares. 

Double-click any shapes to change their color, and change any text using the Type Tool.

Now, I have nine instant Instagram posts, as well as nine matching Instagram story Templates! That's how to use templates on Instagram efficiently! 

custom Instagram Template custom Instagram Template custom Instagram Template

And You're Done! 

That is how to use an Instagram story template quickly and easily, keeping your Instagram feed branding consistent and your followers engaged!  

Top 10 Premium Instagram Templates 

Looking for the perfect design for your brand? Get easy-to-use premium Instagram post templates on Envato Elements! Quick, professional results every time, in half the time. 

Blue Gradient Instagram Stories

Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories

This set of blue Instagram story templates is professional and clean. It contains six easy-to-edit Instagram stories. Change the font, color, and gradients easily to match your brand!

Gray Elegant Carousel Instagram

Carousel InstagramCarousel InstagramCarousel Instagram

And Instagram Carousel is a ten-image-long Instagram post that creates engaging content every time! Take the guesswork out of formatting and use this super elegant and classy grey carousel Instagram template.   

Fashion Instagram


Get a set of professionally designed Instagram ads without the professional price! Use these modern and fashionable designs to let your followers know about sales, promotions, and more. 

Monochrome Instagram Post & Instagram Story

Monochrome Instagram Post & Instagram StoryMonochrome Instagram Post & Instagram StoryMonochrome Instagram Post & Instagram Story

The Monochrome Instagram template pack is a modern design that will fit perfectly with any brand with just a few minor tweaks. It comes in both square posts and Instagram story templates to keep your branding consistent! 

Neon Tattoo Theme

Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories

Neon Tattoo Theme is an Instagram story template that's perfect for anyone with a darker or edgier brand! Grab your followers' attention with the vivid neon glowing borders and accents.  

Instagram Puzzle: Orisha

Instagram Puzzle - OrishaInstagram Puzzle - OrishaInstagram Puzzle - Orisha

Instagram Puzzle Template is modern and minimalist, while still boasting bright, bold colors. The perfect solution for when you need a beautiful Instagram feed in a hurry! 

Vibrent: Post & Story Instagram

Vibrent - Post & Story InstagramVibrent - Post & Story InstagramVibrent - Post & Story Instagram

Vibrent lives up to its name! It contains 18 different vibrant Instagram post designs, all featuring bold designs and rainbow gradients.  

Beige Instagram Puzzle

Instagram PuzzleInstagram PuzzleInstagram Puzzle

If you want to step up your Instagram game, then maybe it’s time to check out this classy Instagram puzzle template! You can quickly add your own images, select your desired color palette, and adjust all of the text. 

Orange and Black Instagram Story

Instagram StoryInstagram StoryInstagram Story

This minimalistic and modern design will help you create an Instagram feed full of ultra-trendy content! A fiery hot orange is the template's default color, but it can be changed to a different bold color to fit your brand. 

Blue Gradient Instagram Templates

Instagram TemplatesInstagram TemplatesInstagram Templates

This Instagram template contains nine fully editable Instagram posts that were designed to stand out! All of the posts are fully editable, including the colors and text! You can also change the color grade by adding your own gradients to mimic the monochrome look.  

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