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How to Make Instagram Bingo Templates


Today we will be learning how to make a bingo game for Instagram! Bingo templates on Instagram are a great way not only to increase engagement but also to let you and your followers get to know each other. The best part? Instagram story bingo templates are incredibly simple to make! 

And making an Instagram bingo template can become even easier with Placeit! Placeit has thousands of ready-to-use design templates that you can edit, all within your very own browser!   

how to make instagram bingo templates

What You Will Learn in This Bingo Template Instagram Tutorial

  • What is a bingo meme template?
  • How to make a bingo game for Instagram
  • How to use an Instagram bingo maker
  • How to reuse a blank bingo template for Instagram
  • How to create a music bingo Instagram template

What You Will Need 

1. How to Make Instagram Bingo Templates in Photoshop 

First, we are going to look at creating our own blank bingo template for Instagram from scratch in Photoshop! We will be making a music bingo Instagram story template to start with, but feel free to change the subject matter. 

Easily change the text to create a "have you ever" bingo template for Instagram, or a "tag a friend" bingo meme template. 

Step 1

Create a 1080 x 1920 canvas. This is the Instagram story image size, with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

instagram bingo template blank

Step 2

Drag and drop a pattern or illustration onto the canvas. I will be using pattern "035" from this pack. 

add pattern

Step 3

Place a title at the top of the Instagram music bingo template. I'm using the Carolin font.

add title

Step 4

Next, create a white circle using the Shape Tool. The size will depend on how many spaces you want. As I am only doing six, I made them nice and big at 330 px. 

create circle

Step 5

Now, duplicate the circle, and increase its size.

Place the circle copy so that it is centered with the original. 

Below I have lowered the Opacity of the duplicated circle to 50% so that you can better see the size and placement of the copied circle. Keep your circle's Opacity at 100%. 

duplicate circle

Step 6

With the copied circle selected, lower the Fill to 0%. 

remove fill color

Step 7

Select the Type Tool and click on the center of the circle copy's layer path. Type out your text! 

add text

Step 8

Select your circle and text layers, and then Copy and Paste them however many times you need. Again, I did six. Make sure they are centered and aligned equally.  

Change all of the text to different options, and you're done! 

duplicate circles and text

I made a second one using the first as a base!

instagram bingo template blank

2. How to Use an Instagram Bingo Maker

While it may be simple to create a music bingo Instagram story template, it can be slow and frustrating getting everything aligned, finding fonts, and matching colors. 

That's why I recommend using a cute bingo template maker! Placeit has both free and premium designs that you edit all within your own browser. Quick and easy! 

Step 1

Find a cute bingo template! It doesn't have to be exactly what you want, as we can edit everything! We just need a good starting point. 

fine a instagram bingo template blank

Step 2

Change the text and font to fit both your Instagram aesthetic and the subject of the bingo template. I'm going to change this one into another music bingo Instagram template.

music bingo template instagram

Step 3

Finally, change the look of your new Instagram music bingo template! Graphics, fonts, colors—just click to select and change. You can even move things around by clicking and dragging. 

 instagram music bingo template
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placeit instagram bingo template blank

Top 5 Instagram Bingo Templates

Check out these five easy-to-use Instagram bingo blank templates, all from Placeit! 

Have You Ever Bingo Template for Instagram

have you ever Instagram template

Let your followers get to know you, and you get to know your followers with this classic "Have you ever" Instagram bingo game! Or change it up and make a "Have you ever" music bingo template for Instagram.

Music Bingo Template Instagram

music Instagram template

This Instagram bingo template is blank and ready to be filled in! Let your friends know what songs describe your life, and then tag them so they can fill it out as well! 

Instagram Tag Meme Template

tag meme Instagram template

Let your friends know who is who and what they mean to you with this simple "tag a friend" Instagram bingo template. Show love or throw some shade—with easy-to-edit text, it's up to you what they say! 

Stay At Home Instagram Bingo Template 

stay at home Instagram template

Home for the day? Let your followers know what you've been up to by filling out and then passing on this Stay at Home Instagram bingo card. If you were wondering how to make Instagram bingo templates, then this is the perfect starting point!

Never Have I Ever Instagram Bingo Template 

never have I ever meme Instagram template

Pass the time with a classic game of "Never have I ever!" Reveal interesting facts, embarrassing secrets, or surprising events. Make sure to share a blank copy in your stories so your followers can join in!  

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