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How to Make a Hotel Brochure

Read Time: 11 mins
Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a hotel brochure in InDesign. I will demonstrate in detail how to create a door hanger shape, apply a pattern overlay, and place print-ready photos into your hotel pamphlet design. Make sure you scroll to the end, where I will feature the best hotel brochure ideas available on Envato Elements.

Don’t have enough time to follow this tutorial? Grab this Luxury Historia Resort Trifold Brochure on Envato Elements, where you can find thousands of other hotel brochure examples.

Luxury Historia Resort Trifold BrochureLuxury Historia Resort Trifold BrochureLuxury Historia Resort Trifold Brochure

What You Will Learn in This Hotel Brochure Tutorial

  • How to set up guides
  • How to create a hotel door hanger
  • How to apply a pattern overlay
  • How to place print-ready photos
  • How to format text

What You’ll Need

To recreate the hotel brochure above, you will need the following resources:

1. How to Create a Simple Hotel Brochure

First, create a new file in Adobe InDesign. Go to File > New > Document and set the width to 11 inches (in) and the height to 8.5 in. Set the number of Pages to two. Make sure the Facing Pages box is unchecked. Set the Margins to 0.125 in and the Bleed to 0.125 in on each side. With the new document box still open, name your hotel brochure. For this example, I will name it HotelBrochure. Click Create.

Create a new documentCreate a new documentCreate a new document

2. How Set Guides in InDesign

To keep everything organized, we will now add guides. Adding guides will help you see where your brochure will fold. It will also help you keep all the important information like your text from getting cut off by the fold. 

Step 1 

Make sure your document rulers are showing. If not, go to View > Show Rulers. On the first page of your brochure, click and drag your mouse from the left ruler onto the document so that a blue vertical guide appears. With the blue guide still selected, select the X Location in the top left toolbar and change it to 7.3125 in. Press Enter.

Apply guidesApply guidesApply guides

Step 2 

Repeat the same step above, but change the X Location to 3.625 in.

apply guidesapply guidesapply guides

Step 3 

Set the guides for page 2 of the hotel brochure. Set the first guide's X Location to 7.375 in and the second guide's X Location to 3.6875 in. You should now have four guides like the image below.

Applied guides resultApplied guides resultApplied guides result

3. How to Create a Door Hanger

Step 1 

Grab your Rectangle Tool (M) from the left toolbar and create the shape of a door hanger on the cover.

rectangle toolrectangle toolrectangle tool

Step 2 

Now we will apply a curve to the top corners. Select the rectangle you just created, and go to Object > Corner Options. Make sure the chain link icon is not selected. This is so that the settings won’t be applied to all four corners. Change the top right and left corner to Rounded by selecting the dropdown next to that corner. Change the size to 3 in and select OK.

door hanger shapedoor hanger shapedoor hanger shape

Step 3 

Let’s create the hole for the door hanger. Press L on your keyboard to bring up the Ellipse Tool or right-click the Rectangle Tool and select the Ellipse Tool. While holding down the Shift key and your mouse, make a circle. Change the color of this circle in the Swatches panel. Make the circle 2.6" in diameter.

door hanger cutout

Step 4 

Make sure your Smart Guides are turned on. If not, go to View > Grids & Guides > Smart Guides. This will snap our circle to the center of our door hanger. Place your circle where you want your cutout to appear. Select both the rectangle and the circle, and then select the Pathfinder from the toolbar on the right. Select Subtract.

door hanger shapedoor hanger shapedoor hanger shape

Step 5 

Let’s change the gradient of our door hanger to green. Select the Swatches panel. Let’s make it a dark shade of green. Double-click the green swatch that’s already there and change the color to C 75, M 52, Y 62, K 59. Change the blue swatch to lighter green (C 75, M 52, Y 62, K 36).

gradient swatchgradient swatchgradient swatch

Step 6 

Apply the gradient. Select the door hanger, open the Gradient panel, and click the black/white gradient box so the gradient is applied to the door hanger. Drag and drop the shades of green we just created from the Swatches panel to the gradient slider so that they replace the black and white. Change the Angle to 90°. Copy and paste this door hanger to the back cover.

green door hangersgreen door hangersgreen door hangers

4. How to Apply a Background Color in InDesign

Change the red swatch to C 0, M 13, Y 51, K 25. Grab the Rectangle Tool and apply the gold color to the document. Right-click the gold background and Arrange > Send to Back.

apply gold backgroundapply gold backgroundapply gold background

5. How to Apply a Pattern From Illustrator to InDesign

Step 1

Open the Land & Flower Patterns Collection in Adobe Illustrator. For this example, we’re going to use the third pattern on the first row. Above the patterns, grab the Rectangle Tool and make a box that has a similar size to the brochure. Make sure the pattern you want is selected in the Swatches panel.

illustrator patternillustrator patternillustrator pattern

Step 2 

With the floral box selected, go to Object > Pattern > Edit Pattern. We need to get rid of the background color since we already have a background color in InDesign. Select the tan background (highlighted red box area). Select the None box in the Swatches panel (white box with a red slash) to get rid of the background. It should now look like the image below. Select Done to apply your changes.

delete pattern backgrounddelete pattern backgrounddelete pattern background

Step 3 

Create a New Document in Illustrator, the same size as our InDesign brochure. Copy and paste this pattern into the new Illustrator document and save it to your brochure folder. Note: You may have to adjust the pattern so that it fits the document. Save it as an EPS file.

new illustrator documentnew illustrator documentnew illustrator document
pattern new documentpattern new documentpattern new document
save eps filesave eps filesave eps file

Step 4 

Go back to your hotel brochure file in InDesign and File > Place (make sure nothing on your document is selected). Locate the pattern we just saved and open it. Select anywhere on the dark grey area (artboard) to place the file. Change the Opacity to 12%.

place patternplace patternplace pattern

6. How to Add a Logo and Text in InDesign

Step 1

Grab your Type Tool or press T on your keyboard. Click and drag to create a text box. For the cursive type, I’m using Queensytrix. Change the size to 60 pt and the color to gold from the Swatches panel. Type out the name of your hotel—for this example, I’m using "Tropical Oasis". For the word "Hotel", I’m using Addington CF Light 12 pt with a Tracking of 375.

Place logo on coverPlace logo on coverPlace logo on cover

Step 2

Add the rest of your text using the Addington CF Light font. Use the guide below to see how to size your text.

  • Hello, We’ve Been Expecting You - 20 pt
  • Ready. Set. Relax. - 20 pt
  • Address/Contact Information - 9 pt
text back covertext back covertext back cover

Step 3 

Now we will create the About header. Grab your Text Tool and type out your text. Change the font to Queensytrix at 130 pt. Change the font color to the darker green we used earlier. With the text box selected, change the Angle to -90°.

transition paneltransition paneltransition panel

Step 4 

Create another text box and type out your About description. I’m using Addington CF Light 9 pt, the same color swatch as the About text. Repeat these same steps for the Founder section. I’m using Addington CF Light Italic for the quote (9 pt) and Queensytrix for the founder’s name (19 pt). Also, I’m using Addington CF Light 9pt with a Tracking of 170 for the "Founder and CEO" text.

founder quotefounder quotefounder quote

Step 5 

Now we will add the quotation marks. Add your open quotes and change the size to Addington CF Extra Bold Italic 24 pt. Change the Baseline Shift to -10pt.

quotation marksquotation marksquotation marks

Step 6 

Do the same for the closed quotes and change the Baseline Shift to -6. Now we’re going to indent the paragraph. Highlight the quote, switch over to the Paragraph panel, and apply these settings. 

  • Indent paragraph: 0.25in
  • First line indent: 0.22in
Paragraph indentParagraph indentParagraph indent

7. How to Prep Photos for InDesign

Step 1

Grab the Luxury Umbrella and Chair Outdoor Swimming Pool Photo and open it in Adobe Photoshop. The reason why we’re bringing it into Photoshop is so that we can convert the color mode to CMYK (ideal for printing) and save it as a TIFF instead of a JPG.

Once you have the file open in Photoshop, go to Image > Mode > CMYK Color. The image resolution was already set to 300 dpi, so there's no need to change anything there. File > Save As, change the Format to TIFF and save your file.

save photo tiffsave photo tiffsave photo tiff

Step 2 

Jump back into InDesign and File > Place the resort photo we just saved as a TIFF. Place the photo below the About section, and then grab your Rectangle Tool and add a green box below your photo.

place stock transitionplace stock transitionplace stock transition

8. How to Design the Inside of a Brochure

Step 1

Use the previous steps to format the inside of your brochure with photos and text. Take the Hotel Room Luxury Resort Photo and Hotel & Spa Interior Photo and place them on the inside of your hotel brochure. Make sure you convert them to CMYK in Photoshop. We’re getting close to the finish line. At the end of this tutorial, I’ve included several hotel brochure examples that you can purchase here on Envato Elements.

brochure inside textbrochure inside textbrochure inside text

Step 2

For the Perks section, I used the same door hanger from the cover and changed the color to white, rotated the door hanger -20°, and made it smaller. After you do this, copy and paste it into your text box.

door hanger bulletsdoor hanger bulletsdoor hanger bullets

Step 3

Add a green background to the center panel. Finish this section by adding information that would be important to your guests. The gold font that I’m using is Addington CF Extra Bold (12 pt), and the white font below is Addington CF Extra Bold Italic (9 pt).

by the numbersby the numbersby the numbers

All Done!

Congratulations, you’ve completed the How to Make a Hotel Brochure tutorial. Now, you can create your simple hotel brochure using this design or you can purchase this brochure on Envato Elements.

Tropical Oasis Door HangerTropical Oasis Door HangerTropical Oasis Door Hanger

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