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How to Make a Pride Flyer Template


Let's create a Pride flyer template together in this tutorial. If you've ever wanted to know how to make a flyer or you're looking for Gay Pride flyer templates for your upcoming event, this might help you out. The concepts here could work for any event template, and we'll keep the concepts in this flyer template easy and beginner-friendly. Happy Pride Month! 

pride flyer template

What You'll Need for This Tutorial

We'll create our Pride flyer template using Adobe InDesign, using the following content:

Note that these are suggested assets. You're welcome to use any photos and fonts of your choice. The concepts in this tutorial will still apply.

We'll theme our Pride Month flyer by using the rainbow flag. However, you could customize this in any way you like, with any flag or representation appropriate for you and your event. You could even repurpose it into a poster, photo collage, or digital scrapbook page to remember your event, parade, or more. 

1. How to Make a Flyer in Adobe InDesign

Step 1

To begin, let's create a new document in Adobe InDesign. We can do so by going File > New.

We'll make our event template 8.5" wide by 11" tall, but you are welcome to work with any dimensions you prefer. We'll use inches in this demonstration.

Once you're happy with your document settings, click Create to create your new document.

indesign new document

Step 2

Next, select the Rectangle Tool from your Tools panel. Click and drag to draw a rectangular shape. In this example, the rectangle has a gray fill color, which is optional. 

Then, look at your Properties panel. You can open it up by going to Window > Properties. In the Properties panel, make sure the Width is set to 2.76 inches and the Height is set to 3.9 inches. Changing these values in the Properties panel will adjust the size of your rectangle for you.

Using the Selection Tool, click and drag to position this rectangle in the upper left corner.

indesign rectangle tool

Step 3

With your rectangle still selected, look further down in the Properties panel. From here, we can add a Stroke of 5 pt to our rectangular shape. Either type in the value or use the arrows to increase the Stroke.

Then, turn to your Tools panel. Change the Stroke Color to white, using the color picker, highlighted below. 

indesign stroke

Step 4

Next, we'll copy and paste our rectangle. With the rectangle still selected, go to Edit > Copy.

Then, go to Edit > Paste. With the Selection Tool active, reposition this copied rectangle by clicking and dragging it. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the rectangle into position.

Our goal is to have the two rectangles beside each other, as seen in the example below.

indesign copy paste

Step 5

Repeat this process until you have as many squares as you'd like. In the case of this layout, we want to end up with seven squares.

copy and paste indesign shapes

Step 6

Next, let's add a large border to our event template flyer. 

Using the Rectangle Tool again, click and drag to draw a large, rectangular shape. 

Make sure this rectangle has a white Stroke color, just like our previous rectangles.

However, we want no Fill color for this shape. To do that, refer to the options below your color pickers. With your Fill color active, select the square with the red line through it. This option removes color.

indesign shape stroke no fill

Step 7

To continue, select the Type Tool. Then, click and drag to create a new text box. Once that box is drawn, type your text.

You can resize the text box using the resize handles. You can also rotate the text box by hovering just outside of these resize handles, and then clicking and dragging.

To change the font, go to the Character panel. Open it up by going to Window > Type & Tables > Character. In this demonstration, we'll use the Bayland font.

indesign type tool

Step 8

Next, let's repeat this process. The Bayland font comes with an extruded style, which acts like a drop shadow. All we need to do is select the new font from the Character panel.

indesign type tool stroke outline

Step 9

Position the extruded text behind the default text.

  • Change the color of the text, as shown below. Select the text, and then turn to your color picker, as we did earlier in this tutorial. Click on the small "T" symbol to toggle between changing the color of frames or the text itself. 
  • Make sure the default text is on top of the extruded text. You can do this by going to Object > Arrange > Bring to Front. This will put the text on top of everything else in your composition. 

Add any additional text you'd like to your template, using the Type Tool, as we did earlier. This example uses the Lorenza font for the supplemental text. Add things like the date and other information that you want to share with the viewer.

indesign type tool body copy

Need some extra help with text in InDesign, like changing colors? Check out this free tutorial. It covers many InDesign Type Tool basics:

2. How to Add Images to Your Flyer Template

Step 1

Now that we've created our Pride flyer template, let's add some content to it.

With the Selection Tool active, begin by selecting one of our rectangles. Then, go to File > Place, select an image file from your computer, and click Open. 

indesign place image

Step 2

InDesign will then insert your image into the rectangle for you. However, it likely won't fit the space the way you like, by default.

One way we can resize this image is by right-clicking on PC, or Control-clicking on Mac, and then navigating to the Fitting section. Select Fill Frame Proportionately, and the image will be resized to fit the frame in a proportionate way, cropping any extras.

indesign fitting

Step 3

However, we can also manually resize our image. Double-click on the image to toggle between resizing the rectangular frame holding the image and the image itself.

Notice, in the example below, how the frame has turned red and looks much larger than the rectangle. This is the image itself, inside the frame. Now, we can click and drag on the resize handles to adjust the image, rather than the frame.

indesign resize image

Step 4

Now, repeat this process until you've placed images inside all of your rectangles. Here is a sample result.

indesign placing images into layout

Step 5

To finish up our Pride month flyer, let's add some imagery to the drop shadow on our text.

Begin by selecting the extruded drop shadow type with the Selection Tool. If you're having trouble selecting it, Control-click on PC or Command-click on Mac. This will select the content beneath, rather than the text on top.

Then, with the text selected, go to Type > Create Outlines.

indesign place image clipping mask

Step 6

Now, follow the same steps as before to insert an image. With the text still selected, go to File > Place, and select any image from your computer that you would like. We'll use this simple rainbow flag background image.

Remember, you can resize your images the same way too. Jump back to steps 1 through 3 if you need to see it a second time.

indesign resize image in clipping mask

Need extra help with this effect? Check out these helpful free tutorials for additional insights on creating a clipping mask using text.

Step 7

Once you're happy with your work, you can export it by going to File > Export

This is important, because InDesign normally saves as an INDD file, by default. This file type wouldn't be appropriate for sharing online. Also, your INDD file would be dependent on files on your computer; you may prefer exporting to file types like PDF, JPG, or PNG. 

indesign export

Now You Have a Customizable Flyer Template!

And there you have it: a flyer template that you can mix and remix anyway you want, for Pride Month or any other celebration.

Remember, you can customize this Pride Month flyer any way you prefer. You could use it to create different Gay Pride flyer templates, posters for visibility days, or even for Spirit Day, to promote anti-bullying. You could also try different flags for different communities. I hope you take these techniques and design something that brings you both pride and happiness. 

indesign pride flyer template

Want to Download a Flyer Template Instead?

Would you prefer to download a ready-to-go flyer template? Check out these templates from Envato Elements. There's content for a wide variety of software as well. So, if you'd prefer a Pride flyer PSD for Photoshop, rather than working in InDesign, there's content for you too!

1. Illustrated Pride Flyer (PSD)

Pride Parade Flyer Set

This colorful flyer is a great fit for a number of platforms, like print and social media. Edit and customize this template in Adobe Photoshop.

2. LGBT Event Flyer Template (AI)

LGBT Event Flyer Template

Prefer working in Adobe Illustrator? Check out this flyer template. It's colorful, with hand-drawn elements. Customize this one today for your next event. 

3. Pride Flyer Template (PSD)

Pride Flyer Template

Here's another fun, colorful event flyer template for Adobe Photoshop. Download this Pride flyer PSD and add your own text. You can customize it as much or as little as you want. 

4. Hand Drawn Pride Festival Template (PSD)

Hand Drawn Pride Festival Template (PSD, AI)

Isn't this flyer template beautifully illustrated? It's so eye-catching and fun! Download this one today and customize it in Adobe Photoshop.

5. Pride Month Flyer Set (PSD, AI)

Pride Month Flyer Set (PSD, AI)

Love blocky use of color? Then check out this stylish flyer template design. This download comes with files for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, for your convenience.

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