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How to Make a Halloween Twitch Overlay

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What You'll Be Creating

Want to learn how to make your own Twitch overlay for Halloween? In this tutorial, we'll walk through designing a Twitch overlay, step by step, with a fun Halloween Twitch overlay theme. Take these ideas and create a horror twitch overlay for the season, or try a cute gothic Twitch overlay with a fun aesthetic. What would you create?

To Create This Twitch Stream Overlay, You'll Need: 

We're going to create our Halloween Twitch overlay in Adobe Photoshop. Here is a list of the assets we'll use as we walk through how to make a Twitch overlay: 

You're welcome to use these assets, or you could use any artwork or photos of your choice. The concepts covered in this tutorial will work with any content you prefer.

Looking for an Easy Twitch Overlay Creator?

Designing a Twitch overlay can be a little intimidating, especially if you're new to design software (or you don't have software at all!). A Twitch overlay template can be a great choice, but what if you want something custom?

Placeit is an awesome choice for an online Twitch overlay creator. Choose from a number of design aesthetics, from Twitch horror overlay designs to retro inspiration and much more. The best Twitch overlays are the ones that match the channel's content and vibe, so why not customize one of your own?

placeit twitch overlay maker
Create and customize a Twitch stream overlay online with Placeit, no software required.

All you need to do is choose a design, and then start customizing. This is a lot more than just changing colors, too. You can click and drag to move design elements, upload and import assets, add text, and more. To top it off, this content is licensed for commercial use. 

Choose from a large selection of cool Twitch overlays that you can customize, all from the comfort and convenience of your browser. Check it out sometime; it's free to try Placeit.

Now, let's dig into how to make your own Twitch overlay in Adobe Photoshop, from scratch.

1. How to Make a Twitch Overlay Design

Step 1

Let's begin with a new document in Adobe Photoshop.

Go to File > New to create a new document. In this demonstration, we're going to work with a document size of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. If you'd like your overlay to be a different size, use those dimensions instead.

Once you're happy with your settings, click Create to continue.

photoshop new document

Step 2

Now that we're in our new document, let's start by creating a new layer.

Open your Layers panel. To do so, go to Window > Layers

Create a new layer by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the Layers panel, as shown below.

Optionally, you can also name your layers, for organizational purposes. To do so, double-click on the name and type in the new name you would like. Otherwise, your new layers will be called "Layer 1", "Layer 2", and so on. This tutorial will have named layers, to make things easier to understand. This first layer has been called Black Bars.

photoshop selection tool

Step 3

With our new layer selected, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool

Then, draw a large rectangle on the right side of the canvas by clicking and dragging. This space is where our main footage will be in our custom Twitch overlay.

Once you've drawn that selection, go to Select > Inverse. This will select the opposite of our rectangular selection.

photoshop selection

Step 4

Next, with our selection still active, select the Paint Bucket Tool

Make sure your Fill Color is black. Then, use the Paint Bucket Tool on our selection. The result should look like the example, below: the top, left, and bottom all have a black bar.

photoshop fill

Step 5

Next, create a new layer, just like we did before. In this demo, we'll call our new layer "Purple Stripes", and we'll use the same process again.

Use your Rectangular Marquee Tool to select a long, rectangular shape. Then, use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill this shape with a dark purple color.

rectangular marquee

Step 6

Then, select the layer and right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac and select Duplicate Layer. This will create a copy of the layer we just drew a purple rectangle on.

Using the Move Tool, click and drag to move this second rectangle over, so we can see them both.

Then, we're going to repeat this process, multiple times.

duplicate layer

Step 7

Copy and move your layers, as we did in the steps above, until you have a full row of purple rectangles, as shown below.

Rather than having a large collection of layers, we can merge them down into one layer. Hold down Shift while selecting your layers, to select more than one. Then, type Control-E on PC or Command-E on Mac to merge your layers.

photoshop new layer

Step 8

Next, let's rotate and resize our work.

With the Move Tool active, toggle Show Transform Controls on. This is an easy way to Free Transform our work. 

Using the resize handles, click and drag to scale and rotate the purple rectangles. Below is an example, but you could position your rectangles any way you prefer.

photoshop transform controls

Step 9

With our layer selected, right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac, and select Create Clipping Mask. This confines our purple rectangles to the black area we created earlier.

You can also lower the opacity of this layer, in your Layers panel. In the example below, the opacity has been lowered to 46%, so they have a more subtle appearance.

photoshop clipping mask

Step 10

Next, let's use this process again. Start with another new layer. I called mine "Bottom Purple Bar", but any description you prefer will do.

This time, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Click to create points that will draw your selection. Our goal is a selection similar to the example one, below.

Once you've made your selection, fill it with a purple color, using the Paint Bucket Tool.

photoshop polygonal lasso tool

Step 11

Let's also try this in the upper left-hand corner. Again, the process is the same. 

  • Start with a new layer. 
  • Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to make a triangular selection.
  • Then use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill this selection with a purple color. 

The difference here is: notice where this layer is positioned, in our Layers panel. This time, it's behind our black bars, instead of in front of them. To reorganize your layers, click and drag them in the Layers panel. If, for example, we put this layer on top, it would display on top of our black bars.

photoshop polygonal lasso

Step 12

We can also use these concepts to create other parts of our Halloween Twitch overlay. As an example, let's create some boxes at the top of our Twitch stream overlay that we can use to display information like the latest subscriber, donation, and more. 

Create a new layer. Then, use your Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a rectangular shape. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill this shape with a purple color. Sound familiar? We can use these same techniques in so many different ways.

Repeat this process until you have as many rectangles as you prefer. I kept the purple rectangles on a layer below the black rectangles, so they have a stroke-like appearance. Remember, you can also copy and paste your layers, as we did above, to speed up the process!

photoshop shapes

2. How to Design a Halloween Twitch Overlay

Step 1

So far, we've done a lot of creating selections and shapes to start our overlay design. Let's move on to some other parts of the design now.

Select the Type Tool in your Tools panel. Then, click on your canvas. Photoshop will create a new text layer for you. Simply type as you would in most word-processing software to begin adding text to your Twitch overlay design.

We'll add text for each of these boxes, one for each notification we plan to display in our overlay.

To change the font, size, color, and other attributes, go to your Character panel. You can open it up by going to Window > Character. This example uses the Lost Village font and an orange color. 

photoshop text tool

Step 2

Next, let's add a Layer Style to our text. At the bottom of the Layers panel, click on the FX button and select Drop Shadow.

Here is a look at our Layer Style options. Toggle Preview on to get a look at the effect as you change the values. Here are some suggested values you could try:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Color: Black
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Distance: 0
  • Spread: 100
  • Size: 3 px

Experiment with these values. Once you're happy with the outcome, click OK to apply this style.

photoshop drop shadow

Step 3

Rather than repeating that process multiple times, we can copy and paste our newly created Layer Style onto our other text layers.

To do so, select the layer that has the Layer Style applied. Then, right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac, and select Copy Layer Style.

Then, select the layers where you would like the Layer Style applied. Right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac, and select Paste Layer Style

Here is an example of the result: the Layer Style has been applied to all of our text.

photoshop paste layer sty;e

Step 4

Next, let's add some imagery to our Halloween Twitch overlay. In this demo, we'll use some of the cute Halloween artwork from this Halloween icon pack

Open your image by going to File > Open. With your image open in Photoshop, select the image by going to Select > All. When it is selected, copy it by going to Edit > Copy.

Now, we can return to our Twitch overlay design. Go to Edit > Paste to paste the image into your design. Note that Photoshop pastes it onto a new layer, as shown in the example below.

photoshop paste image

Step 5

Let's resize the image, just as we resized our content before. Use the Move Tool to move and adjust the image placement, as shown below.

Toggle Show Transform Controls on, and you can click and drag the visible resize handles to scale and rotate the image.

Here is a suggested size and position for this little spider in our design. 

photoshop resize image

Step 6

Repeat this process for as many images as you like. This collection of Halloween icons has a whole host of fun images you can try. 

Tip: Remember, the order of your layers matters! If you want an image on top of a different one, make sure the layer is on top.

photoshop image adjustments

Step 7

Let's try adding more text to our design. Again, turn to the Type Tool in your Tools panel.

Just as we did before, click to add some type to your design. In your Character panel, try the Haluween font. It's a drippy, Halloween-themed font that works great for our Halloween Twitch overlay.

photoshop type tool

Step 8

Let's try adding a drop shadow again, just like before. Select your Text layer. Then, click on the FX button at the bottom of your Layers panel, and choose Drop Shadow.

Here are some suggested settings you can try for this text:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply, Color: Black
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Distance: 0 px
  • Spread: 100%
  • Size: 10px

Remember, you can toggle Preview on to see these effects in action. This is perfect for adjusting values and seeing how they affect your work in real time. Click OK once you're happy with your chosen values.

photoshop text drop shadow

Step 9

This Halloween font is really cool, because it comes with a special drip overlay style that we can place right on top of our text. If you'd like to try it out, just use the Type Tool. Add your text to say the same words.

Then choose the "Haluween Blood" style in a different color, using the Character panel. Here is an example of what this looks like. 

photoshop text effects

Step 10

We can also use these concepts to add social media information to our Twitch stream overlay. This can be a great idea because your information is right there on the screen with you.

We'll use these social media icons, in this example. It's the same process as before: open your image in Photoshop. Select the image by going to Select > All. Then copy the image, by going to Edit > Copy.

Return to your Twitch overlay design, and go to Edit > Paste. Remember, you can move and resize your content using the Move Tool.

Repeat this process for as many social media icons as you'd like.

photoshop social media

Step 11

Use the Type Tool to add information beside your social media icons. Remember to turn to your Character panel to change the font, color, and other attributes. In this demo, we'll use the Lost Village font again, so it matches the other supplemental text in our design.

photoshop social media information

3. How to Add a Webcam When Designing a Twitch Overlay

Step 1

At this point, we could use our Twitch overlay design as is. However, a lot of streamers also incorporate a web camera into their streams. Let's create a space for a webcam in our custom Twitch overlay.

Let's repeat the process we did earlier: create a new layer. Then, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to draw a rectangle. Then, use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill this rectangle with an orange color.

Then, repeat this process, but create a smaller rectangle with a black fill. 

photoshop shapes

Step 2

Let's paste some fun Halloween artwork into this part of our layout too. Again, these cute icons are from this Halloween-themed icon pack

Open the images, copy them, and paste them into your Twitch overlay. Resize and position them around this webcam space. 

Tip: Remember, if you want content in front, the layer needs to be on top. Likewise, if you want something behind another element, the layer should be beneath it in your Layers panel.

photoshop paste images

Step 3

It's often a good idea to test out your layout before you prepare it for your streaming software. Let's test out our webcam space with a sample image. This demo uses this stock image from Envato Elements, but you could use a screenshot of your own webcam.

Open, copy, and paste this image into your document, on a new layer. Make sure the layer is positioned above the black rectangle of your webcam placeholder.

Then, right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac, and select Create Clipping Mask. Remember this process from earlier in the tutorial? It has plenty of uses! Now we get a look at what this webcam overlay would look like in action. 

photoshop stock image

Step 4

Let's push that even further with a video game screenshot. This one is from Minecraft (isn't the woodland mansion spooky?).

Like the other images in our layout, simply open it up, copy it, and paste it into your Twitch overlay design. Make sure it's one of your lowest layers, above only your background. This way, we can treat it like a mockup or preview, to see what our Twitch overlay would look like in action.

photoshop twitch overlay

And There You Have It! Happy Halloween!

We've created a Halloween Twitch overlay, step by step, in Adobe Photoshop. This is just an example of what you could do. You could take these steps and ideas in any direction you prefer. The sky's the limit! Would you create something spooky cute or push more towards a haunted Twitch overlay for your Halloween stream?

twitch overlay design

How to Use Your Custom Twitch Overlay

Now that we've created a Twitch overlay, how do you use it? If you've never prepared your artwork for OBS or other streaming software before, check out this free walkthrough. It will help you take your design, prepare it, and get it into OBS. 

Looking for a Twitch Overlay Creator?

Creating your own Twitch overlay from scratch can be a lot of work, a lot of steps, and a lot of layers. It's worth it, because you can really create anything you'd like! However, we don't always have that kind of time, and sometimes we don't have the resources either.

Ever considered a Twitch overlay creator? It can be a great choice for beginners, especially if you're just getting started and you need an overlay fast. Curious about how it works? Check out this free walkthrough to get a taste of how Placeit, an online browser-based tool, works. 

Want to see a sample of some of the designs you can customize right now, in your browser? Here are some of the cool Twitch overlays you can customize on Placeit. 

1. Horror Themed Twitch Overlay

twitch horror overlay

Looking for something like a horror Twitch overlay, perfect for scarier games? Check out this design. Open it in your browser and customize the colors, click and drag to rearrange content, and create the perfect Twitch horror overlay for your stream. 

2. Free Twitch Overlay Template

vibrant twitch overlay maker

This Twitch stream overlay uses colors that could easily work for your Halloween-themed stream. Keep it simple or import extra imagery into this design. You can click and drag to rearrange items, use different backgrounds, and more. 

3. Custom Twitch Overlay

Twitch overlay webcam

Here is a more neutral theme that you could push in any direction you want. There's a place to show your online chat log, your webcam, and your game footage too. Try this out with different colors, import imagery, and more. 

4. Haunted Twitch Overlay

haunted twitch overlay

Playing horror games on your stream this Halloween? How about trying out a horror-themed Twitch overlay? Adjust the colors, import your own content, and create a haunted Twitch overlay that will add to your stream's ambiance.

5. Gothic Twitch Overlay

gothic twitch overlay

Looking for a goth Twitch overlay? Try a layout like this one. Try different shades of gray or maybe work in other colors, like red or purple, to make this gothic Twitch overlay right for your stream.

6. Free Colorful Halloween Twitch Overlay

colorful twitch overlay

How about a cute goth Twitch overlay? If you fancy pastels or vibrant colors, try an overlay like this one. It's a bit more cutesy and whimsical, but the dripping aesthetic could work for a Halloween look too. How would you customize this one?

Learn More About How to Create Twitch Overlays, Emotes, and More!

The best Twitch overlays tend to match the stream's content and tone. Do your panels, emotes, and banners all match your overlay's aesthetic? Consistent branding can help make your stream look more professional.

Want to learn more about designing and creating content for Twitch? Learn how to create Twitch overlays, emotes, panels, banners, and much more, here on Envato Tuts+. Check out these free tutorials today:

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