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How to Make a Book Cover Mockup Without Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

If you want to create a book cover mockup quickly, you can use a book mockup generator like Placeit. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to use by creating a couple of unique book cover mockups with it. 

What You’ll Learn in This Book Mockup Tutorial

  • How to create a book mockup design using a book mockup generator.
  • How to create a realistic book cover mockup without Photoshop.
  • How to create a book mockup design online.
  • How to create a cover mockup for hardback and paperback books.
  • How to create book mockups with models, photo backgrounds, or no backgrounds at all.
  • How to create a book mockup that doubles as a promotional image.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

How to Make a Book Cover Mockup Without Photoshop

Step 1

First, go to Placeit.net. Placeit is an online mockup generator created for all your design needs: you can use it to present your design on a T-shirt or iPhone, or to quickly create a Facebook ad or an Instagram post, or even to design logos and album covers. This time, we want to create a book cover mockup, so go to the Mockups tab and navigate to Books.

book mockup generator

Step 2

Now for the hardest part: you need to choose a perfect book mockup from hundreds of templates. Let’s say we want to create a paperback book mockup. This template should work nicely!

choose book mockup

Step 3

Each template can be customized in its own unique way. For example, here you get a chance to upload not only the cover, but also the spine design. Let’s upload the cover first. I’m going to use a fantasy book cover that I’ve created using the Placeit book cover maker.

upload image to mockup
select image

Step 4

Crop your cover by moving the slider. You can also drag the cover and move it within the frame. When you’re done, click Crop.

crop the image

Step 5

Now upload the spine design, if you have one. It will make the whole book mockup more convincing. Crop it the same way.

add spine design

Step 6

Time to choose a background for our book mockup! This template offers a couple of different backgrounds that are both realistic and non-distracting. Pick the one that fits the colors of your cover the best, or upload your own image.

add background to mockup

Step 7

When you’re done, you only need to scroll up and click Download.

download book cover mockup

Other Book Cover Mockups

A Girl Reading a Book

This is a nice mockup, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give the other templates a try as well! Let’s see how the cover will look with a model reading the book. This template is very similar, except here you get to see a part of the book’s back. You don’t have to create a separate design for it—just adjust the color to fit the scheme.

book mockup psd

Hardcover Book Mockup With Back Visible

But what if you want to show the back of the book? This template will work perfectly for this purpose! It’s a hardcover book mockup, and it gives you a nice, realistic effect.

hardcover book mockup

Square Book Mockup Without Background

A lot of the templates have a rectangular shape, but if you need a square book mockup, you can create one too! This template is pretty simple—just a clean background without any model—but this may be exactly what you need. It also doubles as a hardbound book mockup!

square book mockup

Open Book Mockup With Back Visible

Let’s try a template for an open book mockup this time. This one’s designed for a paperback, and it shows all the sides of the book pretty clearly, so it’s perfect if you want to present them all at the same time.

open book mockup

Three Books Mockup

If you want to present a couple of book covers at once, you can also use this book mockup. This scene looks very natural and realistic—you'd have no idea it's a mockup if I didn't tell you!

Three Books Mockup

Book Mockup With Promotional Image

But did you know you can also create promotional materials right on Placeit? You can add graphics and text to your mockups, and some of the templates have them prepared by default—you just need to replace the text with your own.

Book Mockup with Promotional Image

Book Marketing Mockup

And if you want to create full-blown promotional materials for your book, this template will be even better. You can customize the text and colors to add as much information as you need to this mockup.

Book Marketing Mockup

Book on a Bookshelf Mockup

If you're wondering how your book will look on a bookshelf, you can find it out by using this template. It's a hardcover book mockup, and it will make your book look professional with just a couple of clicks!

Book on a Bookshelf Mockup

Hardcover Square Book Mockup

And here's another square book mockup with a beautiful scene. The faded colors of the background will make the colors of the cover pop! Use this book mockup if you want something minimalist, yet realistic.

Hardcover Square Book Mockup

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a book cover mockup without Photoshop.

book cover mockup

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