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How to Create Sale Price Tags and Decorative Bows in Adobe Illustrator

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful set of labels with red gift bows!

If you want to skip the tutorial and just use these labels in your work, you can purchase the Big Set of Sales Tags with Red Gift Bows item from GraphicRiver!

Big Set of Sales Tags
Big Set of Sales Tags with Red Gift Bows

1. How to Draw the Bow

Step 1

We will begin by drawing the first part of the bow with Mesh.

Draw a rectangle and fill it with #FC221D color. Grab the Mesh Tool (U) and create a Mesh Grid in the rectangle by clicking where you want to place your nodes. Next, drag the outer edges of the shape to create the right part of the bow.

Try to mimic the Mesh Grid in the screenshot.

Next, select the indicated nodes and recolor them all to #BE1819. Continue similarly, by creating more nodes and recoloring the selected ones.

Use these colors:

  1. #FC221D
  2. #BE1819
  3. #EABE57
  4. #ED483A
draw bow with mesh

Step 2

It's time for the second part! Recolor the selected nodes.

  1. #FC221D
  2. #C81100
  3. #F77F6B
use mesh tool

Step 3

Finish the second piece using these colors:

  1. #8C0703
  2. #CA1505
finish bow

Step 4

Draw the third piece in a similar fashion.

  1. #E52722
  2. #BE1920
  3. #EA6B56
  4. #B70811
draw bow with mesh

Step 5

Draw the fourth piece with Mesh.

  1. #E52722
  2. #B70A0C
  3. #FD907A
  4. #6C0205
draw right part of bow

Step 6

Draw a simple fifth piece from an ellipse.

  1. #940000
  2. #BA0000
draw with mesh

Step 7

Add the fifth piece under the fourth part.

assemble pieces

Step 8

Draw the sixth part.

  1. #C81313
  2. #F06E5F
  3. #9D0709
  4. #830303
draw middle piece of bow

Step 9

Use Mesh to complete the seventh piece.

  1. #DC0E00
  2. #FF9073
  3. #B20E01
  4. #820A00
draw mesh bow

Step 10

Draw the eighth part of the bow.

  1. #E02B1F
  2. #FF8D76
  3. #AA0900
  4. #CB1E13
  5. #7A0900
draw last part of bow

Step 11

Assemble the bow!

assemble mesh bow

Step 12

Draw a shadow for the bow with a Radial Gradient from #A76969 to white.

draw gradient

Step 13

Place the shadow under the bow.

place shadow

2. How to Draw the Rope

Step 1

Let's draw the rope for the label!

First, using the Pen Tool (P), draw a simple outline of a rope section.

Move it next to its original position while holding down Alt to create a copy. It should overlap a little bit, but make sure you place the copy in one move only; otherwise, the next step will not work.

Next, press Control-D to repeat your last action. It should create another section of the rope next to the last copy. Repeat this about 100 times—the rope should be long.

draw rope

Step 2

Select the whole length of the rope and create an Art Brush out of it by dragging it into the Brushes panel.

add brush

Step 3

Next, draw an outline with the Pen Tool (P) and apply the brush to it.

Tweak the size of the Stroke until the rope is thin enough.

apply brush

Step 4

For this step, first go to Object > Expand Appearance to expand the brush.

Next, select all of the sections and apply a Radial, white to #F5DEDE to #BC2725 gradient.

apply gradient

Step 5

To draw a ring for our rope, first draw a circle with a Radial Gradient (#835114 - #8D5A1D - #FECD23 - #79460F).

gradient ring

Step 6

Draw a smaller circle in the middle, and then select both shapes and use Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel.

minus front

Step 7

Select the bottom left sections of the rope and Send them to Back (Shift-Control-[), to create an illusion of the rope going through the ring.

send rope to back

3. How to Draw Labels

Step 1

Begin by drawing our first label!

Combine a circle and a rectangle with rounded edges by pressing Unite (first icon on the top left) in the Pathfinder panel.

draw label

Step 2

'Punch' a hole in our label using the Minus Front option in the Pathfinder panel.

cut out hole

Step 3

Add a Gradient on top of the label (Multiply, 50% Opacity).

add gradient

Step 4

Place the hole with the ring on top of the label.

add rope

Step 5

You can write something on the label—I chose 'SALE'.

write sale

Step 6

Add the bow.

add bow

Step 7

You can also create ellipse-, triangle-, rectangle- and circle-shaped labels.

ellipse label
triangle label
rectangle label
circle label

Step 8

The finished collection!

final collection

Congratulations, You're Now Done!

Thank you for following along, and please feel welcome to post your result in the comments. I'll be looking forward to seeing it!

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a set of sale labels using the Mesh Tool.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and learned how to use Gradient Mesh for the future! Check out some of my other vector tutorials on my instructor profile.

You can purchase the Big set of sales tags with red gift bows as well as other similar designs in my portfolio on GraphicRiver.

Set of sales tags
Big set of sales tags
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