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How to Draw an Abstract Gold Background in Adobe Illustrator Using Gradient Mesh

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful abstract background!

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Elegant Gold Abstract Background

1. How to Draw the Background

Step 1

We will begin by drawing the biggest two background pieces with Mesh. Piece 1 is the simplest, so let's start with it!

Draw a rectangle and fill it with #FFFCFA color. Grab the Mesh Tool (U) and create a Mesh Grid in the rectangle by clicking where you want to place your nodes.

Try to mimic the Mesh Grid in the screenshot.

Next, select the bottom edge nodes and recolor them all to #FF7220. Continue similarly, by creating more nodes and recoloring the selected ones.

Use these colors:

  1. #FFFCFA
  2. #FF7220
  3. #FFF5BB
  4. #FFA045
draw the background with mesh

Step 2

Finish the background piece in a similar fashion. You will need these colors:

  1. #FF641C
  2. #FF631C
  3. #FF460A
  4. #FEE5CD
finish with mesh

Step 3

Let's begin drawing background piece number 2! This one will be quite a bit trickier.

Continue using the Mesh Tool to create Mesh Nodes and recoloring them as in the screenshot below.

  1. #FFDDA2
  2. #F18D32
  3. #923300
  4. #FFF1B8
use mesh to draw curve

Step 4

Finish the second background piece.

  1. #DF7B29
  2. #220D00
  3. #F5A24D
  4. #FFEBD3
finish curve

2. How to Draw the Curves

Step 1

Now that we have drawn both big background pieces, let's start on the curves in the foreground!

Begin drawing the first curve just as we did before.

  1. #F3B26E
  2. #FFDB9B
  3. #D67A2A
draw curve with mesh

Step 2

Finish the curve with these colors:

  1. #4B2206
  2. #642401
  3. #AF5A17
finish using mesh

Step 3

Start drawing the second, smaller curve.

  1. #CD6816
  2. #521C00
  3. #010000
draw abstract piece with mesh

Step 4

Finish it with three more recolorizations.

  1. #170800
  2. #F7CA79
  3. #612503
finish curve

Step 5

Move the curves together and make sure they fit one another. Change the shapes a bit if they don't.

add both pieces together

3. How to Draw the Foreground Piece

Step 1

On to the final piece of this background!

Draw a #FFD28C rectangle, modify its shape by dragging the nodes around with the Mesh Tool, and then add some #BA5507 streaks to the shape.

draw final piece with mesh

Step 2

Continue recoloring the final piece.

  1. #D6701F
  2. #FFEEBC
  3. #210C00
use mesh to draw final element

Step 3

Finally, add some finishing touches!

  1. #9B3F05
  2. #FFF3DF
  3. #ECA153
add finishing touches

Step 4

Now, add all the pieces together!

Pieces 1 and 2 are in the background, 3 and 4 are on top of piece 2, and piece 5 is in the front.

assemble background

Step 5

Let's 'crop' our background!

Draw a rectangle outline over the shapes that would contain everything you want to show. Then, select all elements, right-click, and choose Make Clipping Mask.

make clipping mask

Step 6

This is how your background should look after applying the Clipping Mask!

final result

Congratulations, You're Now Done!

Thank you for following along, and please feel welcome to post your result in the comments. I'll be looking forward to seeing it!

In this tutorial, you learned how to create a modern and abstract gold background using the Mesh Tool.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and learned how to use Gradient Mesh for the future! Check out some of my other vector tutorials on my instructor profile.

You can purchase this background as well as other similar designs in my portfolio on GraphicRiver.

Elegant Gold Abstract Background
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