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How to Draw a Spider, Step by Step

This post is part of a series called Phobia Week!.
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Arachnophobia is probably the most popular phobia: the fear of spiders. In a sense, it's not an irrational fear. After all, many spiders are venomous! However, most of them are not harmful to humans, and they do not actively seek contact with us. A spider sitting on its web poses no danger to you, and if know it but you still feel uneasy about it, desensitization therapy may be good for you. Drawing a spider can be a part of it!

1. How to Draw a Spider

Step 1

Draw a circle. This will be the torso.

spider circle torso

Step 2

Attach a slightly tapered oval to the torso. This will be the abdomen.

spider drawing abdomen

Step 3

Attach the head to the torso.

spider drawing head

Step 4

Draw the mandibles in the front.

spider drawing mandibles

Step 5

Time for the legs. There are eight of them, so prepare space for four of them on each side of the torso.

spider drawing eight legs

Step 6

Draw the base of each leg.

spider drawing leg base

Step 7

Draw the three main segments of the legs and the palps in the front. First, a short section...

spider drawing palps short legs

... then a slightly longer one...

spider drawing middle part of leg

... and a short one again.

spider drawing end of the legs

Step 8

The legs have more sections; they are not as visible though.

spider drawing more leg sections

Step 9

Let's add some thickness to the legs now, segment by segment. First, define the width of the segment with lines...

spider drawing leg width

... then outline it.

spider drawing leg outline

Step 10

Draw the other segments the same way, making each thinner and thinner.

spider drawing middle segment width
spider drawing middle segment outline
spider drawing leg segment
spider drawing leg width
spider drawing spider legs
spider drawing thin leg
spider drawing leg tip

Step 11

Add some details to the body of the spider: eight eyes, spinnerets, torso details, and a pattern on the abdomen.

spider drawing details

Step 12

Finally, outline the whole body and add some hair here and there.

spider drawing finished

Good Job!

You did it! If you want to learn more about spiders, their anatomy and species, check out the tutorial below:

how to draw a spider step by step
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