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How to Draw a Monkey Step by Step

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Do you want to draw your own monkey? In this tutorial I will show you how to draw one step by step from scratch. We'll sketch the pose, and then we'll add body volume, the details of the face, and all the fur. No special skills required—the instructions will be very simple!

1. How to Draw a Monkey's Pose

Step 1

Draw two circles, one smaller and one bigger, connected with a curve. This will be a base for the shape of the main body.

monkey drawing body sketch

Step 2

Connect both circles with curves following the rhythm of the middle curve.

monkey drawing body rhythm

Step 3

Sketch the branch under the monkey. Put it low enough to leave space for long monkey limbs.

monkey drawing branch

Step 4

Add some guide lines in the front of the body: a line showing that the front is turned slightly towards us, and a line for the clavicles.

monkey drawing clavicles

Step 5

Draw the forelimbs with very long forearms and hands.

monkey drawing forelimbs

Step 6

Draw the hind limbs with long calves and feet.

monkey drawing hind limbs

Step 7

Add a circle for the head.

monkey drawing head shape

Step 8

Put a cross on this spherical surface to find the direction of the head.

monkey drawing head direction

Step 9

Sketch the long tail.

monkey drawing tail shape

2. How to Draw a Monkey's Body

Step 1

Add volume to the thighs by drawing ovals around the "bone".

monkey drawing thighs shape

Step 2

Add volume to the arms as well.

monkey drawing arms shape

Step 3

Draw ovals on the wrists and ankles to make them thicker.

monkey drawing joints shape

Step 4

Connect the lower parts of the limbs with the upper parts.

monkey drawing calves shape
monkey drawing forearms shape

Step 5

Draw simple planes for the flat parts of the hands and feet.

monkey drawing palms

Step 6

Draw the long fingers and toes for the hands and feet. They both have thumbs!

monkey drawing toes fingers

Step 7

Draw a circle on the base of each finger/toe.

monkey drawing hands feet detail

Step 8

Draw three ovals along each finger/toe. This will give them volume and shape.

monkey drawing toes fingers details

3. How to Draw a Monkey's Head

Step 1

Draw a "mask" to create a space for eyes.

monkey drawing eyes mask

Step 2

Draw a teardrop-shaped mouth below.

monkey drawing muzzle

Step 3

Add two circles inside the "mask".

monkey drawing eyes shape

Step 4

Draw a smile in the lower part of the muzzle.

monkey drawing smile

Step 5

Draw two nose holes.

monkey drawing nose holes

Step 6

The nose is flat, but it still has an outline. Draw it.

monkey drawing nose shape

Step 7

Draw the rounded ears.

monkey drawing ears
monkey drawing ears detail

Step 8

Create a neck behind the head, and outline the tail to make it thicker.

monkey drawing tail

4. How to Finish Your Drawing of a Monkey

We're going to finish the drawing now. If you've been drawing traditionally, use a darker medium for these final outlines, or put a new sheet of paper over the sketch.

Step 1

Draw the curve of the flat nose.

monkey drawing nose detailed

Step 2

Draw the mouth.

monkey drawing mouth detailed
monkey drawing lower lip

Step 3

Outline the details of the face.

monkey drawing face detailed
monkey drawing smile detailed

Step 4

Outline the eyes.

monkey drawing eyes details

Step 5

Draw the eyelids around the eyes.

monkey drawing eyelids

Step 6

Darken the eyes, leaving some white for shine dots.

monkey drawing eyes shine dots
monkey drawing eyes darkened

Step 7

Outline the ears.

monkey drawing ears done

Step 8

Add fur to the head, first around the face...

monkey drawing face fur

... then on the back of the head.

monkey drawing head fur

Step 9

Outline the fingers and toes.

monkey drawing toes outlined

Step 10

Add some fur to the top of the hands/feet.

monkey drawing furry hands

Step 11

Add fur to the lower parts of the limbs. Keep one side smooth, and one furry.

monkey drawing limbs fur

Step 12

Add fur to the upper parts of the limbs.

monkey drawing shoudler fur
monkey drawing thigh fur

Step 13

Add fur to the rest of the body.

monkey drawing body fur

Step 14

Outline the branch.

monkey drawing branch outlined

Step 15

Finally, make some lines thicker to make the drawing look complete without any shading.

monkey drawing full outline

Good Job!

Now you know how to draw a cute monkey! If you want to try other simple tutorials like this, check these out:

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