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How to Design a Bingo Flyer

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Read Time: 8 min
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What You'll Be Creating

Looking for a great way to promote your next bingo night? With this bingo night flyer tutorial, you can have a professional-looking bingo flyer in no time. No InDesign experience? No problem. This step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to design and customize your bingo flyer. Be the envy of your friends and colleagues with this easy-to-follow tutorial that will help you create beautiful bingo flyers in just minutes.

Before we get started, check out this bingo night flyer. You can create a stunning virtual bingo flyer design in just minutes and get everyone excited for your event. No matter what type of event you're planning, this easy-to-use template will help you quickly get the word out in style. Try it today and make sure your bingo events are a hit!

Blue bingo night flyerBlue bingo night flyerBlue bingo night flyer

What You'll Learn

  • What is a bingo flyer?
  • How to make a bingo card
  • How to make a bingo flyer template

What You'll Need

1. What Is a Bingo Flyer?

A bingo flyer is a piece of promotional material used to advertise an upcoming bingo event. It typically includes the event name, date, time, location, rules, and prizes that will be offered.

It is usually distributed through print or digital media such as email, social media, and websites. The flyer can also include images and graphics to make it more attractive to potential players. The purpose of a bingo flyer is to generate interest in the event and encourage people to attend.

2. How to Make a Bingo Card

Step 1

Create a new InDesign document, File > New > Document. Set the Width to 5 in and Height to 7 in. Margins should be 0.25 in on each side, with a 0.125 in Bleed.

Create a new documentCreate a new documentCreate a new document

Step 2

Make a New Color Swatch in the Swatches panel. Change the CMYK values to 100, 85, 0, and 61. Name this swatch "Dark Blue." Click Add.

Dark Blue swatchDark Blue swatchDark Blue swatch

Step 3

Add another Swatch using the values 0, 8, 36, and 0. Name this swatch "Light Yellow."

Light yellow swatchLight yellow swatchLight yellow swatch

Step 4

Grab the Rectangle Tool (M) and make a shape that's 2.437 in Width and 2.62 in Height. Fill this shape with the Dark Blue swatch.

Bingo flyer squareBingo flyer squareBingo flyer square

Step 5

Go to Object > Corner Options and change the Corner Shape to Rounded and the Size to 0.0625 in.

Corner shapeCorner shapeCorner shape

Step 6

Select the Type Tool (T) and type out the word "BINGO" at the top of the card. Use the font Nicko 43 pt and change the Fill to Light Yellow in the Swatches panel.

Bingo flyer headerBingo flyer headerBingo flyer header

Step 7

Make a table by going to Table > Create Table. Change the Body Rows to 5 and the Columns to 5. Place your table underneath the BINGO header.

Create a tableCreate a tableCreate a table

Step 8

Select the Table Frame and change the Fill to Paper and the Stroke to Dark Blue.

Fill tableFill tableFill table

Step 9

Type out the numbers for your bingo card, and don't forget to type the word "Free" in the center. Use the fonts Nicko and Goster.

Text fill tableText fill tableText fill table

Step 10

Duplicate (Command-C then Command V) this bingo card and rotate it . Apply a Drop Shadow (Object > Effects > Drop Shadow) to the second bingo card.

Apply a drop shadowApply a drop shadowApply a drop shadow

Step 11

Place the bingo cards in the lower right corner.

Place bingo cards in lower rightPlace bingo cards in lower rightPlace bingo cards in lower right

3. How to Make a Bingo Flyer Template

Step 1

Create a New Color Swatch using the values 99, 71, 0, and 28. Rename the swatch Blue. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and Fill the background with Blue.

Blue backgroundBlue backgroundBlue background

Step 2

Create a Circle using the Ellipse Tool (L). Fill the circle with the Blue swatch. Open the Effects panel and change the Transparency to Screen. Apply a Basic Feather with a Feather Width of 1.5722 in.

Soft glow circleSoft glow circleSoft glow circle

Step 3

Open the Paper Confetti 9.png file in Adobe Photoshop. Change the color mode to CMYK by going to Image > Mode > CMYK Color. Next, go to Image > Image Size and change the Resolution to 300. Save the file as a Tiff to your desktop.

Bingo confettiBingo confettiBingo confetti

Step 4

File > Place the confetti on your document. Change the Opacity to 60%. Apply a Gradient Feather to the confetti layer from the Effects panel.

Feather gradientFeather gradientFeather gradient

Step 5 

Type the word "Bingo" at the top of your flyer. Make a second copy of this layer by duplicating it (Command-C then Command-V). Place the second copy to the side; we will use it later. Use the Nicko font at 80 pt. Add three more swatches:

  • Gold: 0, 14, 88, 22
  • Dark Brown: 54, 56, 72, 29
  • Light Brown: 31, 35, 59, 2

Fill the font with a Linear Gradient using the Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Light Yellow swatches. Change the Stroke to Gold.

Gold gradientGold gradientGold gradient

Step 6

Apply a Drop Shadow effect to the Bingo text.

Drop shadowDrop shadowDrop shadow

Step 7

Add an Inner Shadow.

Add a inner shadowAdd a inner shadowAdd a inner shadow

Step 8 

Add an Inner Glow using the C100 M0 Y0 K0 swatch.

Inner glowInner glowInner glow

Step 9

Add a Bevel and Emboss.

Bevel and embossBevel and embossBevel and emboss

Step 10

Add a Satin effect.

Satin effectSatin effectSatin effect

Step 11

Take the second copy of the Bingo text layer, Fill it with Dark Blue, and change the Stoke to Dark Blue. Move it so that it's behind the first Bingo text layer.

Bingo text strokeBingo text strokeBingo text stroke

Step 12

Repeat these same steps for the word "Night." But instead of using a gradient for the Fill, use the Paper swatch. Use the font Goster 86 pt. Change the Bevel and Emboss to these settings. Use C100 M0 Y0 K0 for the Hue swatch.

Bevel and emboss nightBevel and emboss nightBevel and emboss night

Step 13

Change the Rotation Angle and the Shear X Angle to .

Shear textShear textShear text

Step 14

Use the Sonner Bold 10 pt font and type out the subhead, "GAMES. FUN. PRIZES."

Add subheaderAdd subheaderAdd subheader

Step 15

Fill out the rest of the information for your bingo flyer.

Add more informationAdd more informationAdd more information

Step 16

Open the Ball PSD file in Photoshop and change the mode to CMYK Color. Save this file as a Tiff to your desktop.

Gold ballGold ballGold ball

Step 17

Open the Ball PSD file in Photoshop again, changing the mode to CMYK Color. Double-click the ball layer in the Layers panel and add a Color Overlay. Use this color red: #ed1c24.

Color overlayColor overlayColor overlay

Step 18

Add Brightness/Contrast and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers, and then Right-Click > Create Clipping Mask. Use these settings:

  • Brightness: -25
  • Contrast: 0
  • Hue: +108
  • Saturation: -100
  • Lightness: -41

Save this file as a Tiff to your desktop.

Red ball Red ball Red ball

Step 19

Make a blue ball using the same adjustment layers, but change the Color Overlay to #4779bd and the Lightness to -8. Save this file as well.

Blue ballBlue ballBlue ball

Step 20

File > Place these gold, blue, and red balls onto your bingo flyer.

Add ballsAdd ballsAdd balls

Step 21

Apply a Drop Shadow to the balls to add depth.

Add Drop shadowAdd Drop shadowAdd Drop shadow

Step 22

Make a circle using the Ellipse Tool (L) on top of one of the red balls, and Fill it with the Paper swatch.

Add white circleAdd white circleAdd white circle

Step 23

Change the Transparency Mode to Overlay with an Opacity of 73%.

Change transparencyChange transparencyChange transparency

Step 24

Duplicate this circle, but make it smaller than the last one. Change the Fill to None and the Stroke to Paper. Add these two circles to the rest of the bingo balls.

Add a strokeAdd a strokeAdd a stroke

Step 25

Add numbers to the bingo balls, but change the Transparency to Color Burn. Use Dark Blue for the font color.

Add numbersAdd numbersAdd numbers

BINGO! You Did It!

Congratulations on creating your very own bingo flyer template. Take this template and try your hand at designing a bingo poster or a bingo fundraiser template. The possibilities are endless. If you need help displaying your creation, try out this Flyer Mockup from Placeit

Bingo flyer mockupBingo flyer mockupBingo flyer mockup

5 Bingo Night Flyer Templates

Get the party started for your next bingo night with a professionally designed flyer! These bingo night flyer templates come with everything you need to create a vibrant and eye-catching flyer that will make your event unforgettable. 

1. Bingo Flyer & Menu Templates (AI, PSD)

Bingo Flyer and Menu TemplatesBingo Flyer and Menu TemplatesBingo Flyer and Menu Templates

Get ready for a fun-filled night! Whether you're hosting a game at home or out and about, this template will help you create the perfect flyer to promote your event. Create an amazing flyer today.

2. Bingo Night Event Flyer (PSD)

Bingo night event flyerBingo night event flyerBingo night event flyer

Add your own text and graphics or mix and match colors and styles—it's up to you. Use this template to start creating the perfect bingo poster.

3. Bingo Fundraiser Template (AI, PSD)

Bingo fundraiser flyerBingo fundraiser flyerBingo fundraiser flyer

Hosting a successful fundraiser can be tricky, but with this bingo flyer fundraiser template you can get everything you need in one convenient package. Download it to get everything you need for a memorable fundraising event.

4. Bingo Night Flyer (PSD)

Bingo night flyerBingo night flyerBingo night flyer

Ready to host a bingo night? Make it even more fun with our bingo night flyer. This easy-to-customize design will help you spread the word and get everyone excited for your special event. Plus, you can edit text, colors, fonts, and more—no design experience necessary. Get ready to call BINGO!

5. Purple City Pop Bingo Night Flyer Set (AI, PSD)

City pop bingo flyerCity pop bingo flyerCity pop bingo flyer

Break the monotony of your weekly schedule with an exciting bingo night. Add your own photos, text, and logo to make it your own. Don't wait any longer—get ready for a fun bingo night today.

Ready to Take Your Flyers to the Next Level?

Get access to step-by-step tutorials and video tutorials crafted by experienced professionals, and watch your flyers become the talk of the town! Invest in yourself and learn more with Envato Tuts+. It's the smart way to take your flyer design skills to the next level.

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