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How to Create Photo Album Templates From Scratch in Photoshop

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What You'll Be Creating

Do you want to know how to create photo album templates from scratch in Photoshop? In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a wedding photo album template using standard Photoshop tools. We'll also discover a list of the best marriage photo album design templates available at Envato Elements.

Tutorial Assets

Before learning how to create a photo album template in Photoshop, I want to show you the assets which I used during the production of this tutorial:

What You'll Learn in This Photo Album Photoshop Tutorial

  • How to create photo book cover templates in Photoshop
  • How to create photo album page layouts in Photoshop

If you want to learn how to create a photo album template in Photoshop via video, check out our lesson on the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

1. How to Create Photo Book Cover Templates in Photoshop

Step 1

Let's get started by by pressing Control-N to create a new document. Set the document size to 24 by 12 in and the Color Mode to CMYK.

setting up a new document

Step 2

Hit Control-R to activate the guides and drag a guide to each side and to center of the document. These guides will become a bleed area in the next step. You can hide and reveal the guides by pressing Control-H.

Adding Guides to the document

Step 3

Go to Image > Canvas and add 0.25 in to each side of the document.

adding bleeds to the document

Step 4

Let's create the titles using the Anamortee font with 147 pt size. Change the Tracking to 25 and use the following color code: #363a4e.

creating the first text layer

Step 5

Add the second text layer in Anamortee Sans with 21 pt size and tracking set to 175, and then put this text below the first one.

creating the second text layer

Step 6

Add two more guides from the left side and move them to 6.125 in and 18.125 in. Select both text layers and put them in the center of the front cover.

creating the cover of the photoalbum

Step 7

Now, let's create the back cover of the document. Create a rectangle and hit Control-T, and then resize it to the bleed guides.

creating a placeholder for the first photo

Step 8

Go to File > Place and put the first photo above the rectangle layer, resize it using Control-T, and then Right-Click > Create a Clipping Mask.

creating a clipping mask

This is how our front and back cover layout will look on the photobook template:

front and back covers layout

2. How to Create a Photo Album Page Layout in Photoshop

Step 1

Now let's create the layout of the first page of our photo album template. Select all the layers and Group them, naming this new group "Front/Back Covers".

Creating the first group

Step 2

Make the cover group invisible and create a new rectangle with a size of 10 by 10 in, and then place it in the center of the left page.

creating the first placeholder

Step 3

Create two more rectangles with a size of 8 by 5.3 in and put both of these shapes in the center of the right page.

creating two rectangular placeholders

Step 4

Snap the top side of the first shape to the horizontal line, and then snap the bottom side of the second shape to the same guide.

snapping the shapes to the horizontal guide

Step 5

Move the first shape 0.05 in up and move the second shape 0.05 in down from the horizontal guide.

moving the shapes from the central guide

Step 6

Now, go to File > Place and put the third photo above the first shape, adding a clipping mask as we did before.

adding the photo to the first placeholder

Step 7

In the same way, add two more photos to the placeholders on the right.

adding the photos to the placeholders

This is how our layout will look on our photo album mockup:

First page layout preview

Step 8

Create a group for the first page, and let's make another page layout. Create a 10.8 by 7.2 in rectangle and put this shape in the center of the left page.

creating the first placeholder for the second page layout

Step 9

Create another rectangle with a size of 8 by 9.3 in, and move it to the center of the right page.

creating the second shape for the second page layout

Step 10

And finally, just place the photos and create clipping masks, as we did before.

adding the photos to the placeholder layers

And here is the preview of our new layout on the photo album mockup:

second layout preview

Now I want to show you some other variations of the layout, which you could easily create using the same techniques.

This one could be a great choice, if you want to combine one wide photo with two vertical ones.

variation of the layout

If you want to combine large text with a horizontal photo, try this layout:

Layout variation 2

And here's a final variation with three photos:

layout variation with three photos

Awesome Work, You're Now Done!

As you can see, using these simple methods, we can create PSD wedding photo album design templates or make photobook templates for any other purpose. Now that you know how to create photo album templates from scratch in Photoshop, you can use these techniques to make your own! 

wedding photo template

Let's take a look at the best PSD wedding photo album design templates available on Envato Elements:

Elegant Jardin Wedding Photobook (PSD)

elegant jardin wedding photobook

Are you a fan of leaves and flowers? This modern photo album template contains 22 different pages that you can mix and match to create your own unique wedding photobook and keep your best photos and memories. All the hi-res flower illustrations and gold textures are included in the main archive, so all you need to do is paste your text and photos.

DIY Peonies Wedding Album (PSD)

DIY peonies wedding album

Out of all the photo album templates, I especially love this one! You get 24 beautifully-designed, editable PSD files with amazing illustrations of peonies and a cool vintage feel. This photo book template will not disappoint you—it will help you tell your memorable wedding story in a simple but amazing way. This photo book Photoshop template also contains documentation to help you adjust the colors and place your photos with no effort.

Wedding Photo Album (PSD, INDD, PDF)

wedding photo album

Unlike many other marriage photo album design templates, this one gives you not only a beautiful combination of colors and layouts, but a great variety of file formats: from PSD to PDF. So you could use this wedding photobook template in almost any software. The total number of pages in this template is 30, and all the fonts used here are free.

Wedding Photo Album (PSD, INDD)

wedding album template

Do you prefer a minimalist design and square shapes? This modern photo album template is extremely easy to use, and it contains 30 well-designed pages in a minimalist style. In this photo book template, you will find different file formats compatible with both Photoshop and InDesign. Everything is print-ready, so you just need to place your photos and voila! 

Vintage Floral Wedding Photobook/Album (PSD)

vintage floral wedding photobook

Last but not least, we have the Vintage Floral Wedding photo book Photoshop template. Its combination of vintage design and floral elements will help you to create an elegant and stylish wedding photobook template. The total number of pages is 11, all the pages are print-ready, and you can easily adjust the colors and any other elements. Don't forget to check out the other photo book cover templates available on Envato Elements!

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